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Rafael Idelfonso Campos's Profile
Age: 77
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, December 1 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

My Testimony

Greetings in Christ Jesus,

My name is Rafael Idelfonso Campos. I am from Las Marias, Puerto Rico. I have been incarcerated for more than ten years for which I have spent most of my time here at Coffield unit, Tennessee Colony, Texas. I would like to share with you a part of my testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ has changed my life ever since my incarceration.

In 1967 I was baptized into the 7th Day Adventist Church in the City of New York. During all of those beautiful years I walked faithfully with the Lord but in the mid 80’s I started to decline spiritually. I turned my back on the Lord Jesus Christ and fell under the ways of Satan (Jeremiah 2:19). As a result of my backsliding condition, I was accused of a crime I did not commit. I was sentenced by a jury to 40 years in prison. It has brought me great anguish and a deep sorrow within, knowing that the suffering my family has had to endure because of my confinement was not their fault of blame.

In the year 2000 I began to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with the sole purpose of remaining by His side until He calls me home. I was finally able to understand that only in Christ I can have Hope, Joy, Peace and Eternal Happiness. I was then interested in being re-baptized because I felt unworthy for departing from the ways of the Lord. So I made the arrangements to be re-baptized through the 7th Day Adventist Church and on August 22nd of 2000 I was.

What a great joy and happiness to be back in the lines of duty of my Lord Jesus Christ! During my re-baptism I made a covenant with my God to which I asked Him to fill me with His Spirit so I could be used by Him. I began to cry and to call upon Him to let me win more souls for His Kingdom. My desire then grew to die serving Him whether within prison or on the outside.

In 2003 something wonderful happened that I thought would never happen. Through the prison ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church then directed by a volunteer in Moreno Valley, California I made contact with that volunteer from Montalba, Texas who made the proper arrangements to come to Coffield and conduct a baptismal service for us. But upon arrival to the unit he was not permitted to come in and conduct the service. His friend a Pastor from Ft. Worth was allowed to come in and perform the baptismal service of two Brothers in Christ who were discipled by myself. They are still persevering in the Lord to this day.

Because of the friendship I was able to have with the Pastor from Ft. Worth following the baptismal service, we were able to meet at the Chapel four or five more times in a Bible study type setting. There were ten Brothers who were hungry for the Word of God and the teachings given by the Pastor. After getting approval from the unit Chaplains we began a weekly service. This was how the Lord opened the doors of this place to the 7th Day Adventist Church Ministry and for the Glory of God. It has been twelve years since we first started to meet every week. The times change and the days also changed but we still meet. Now we meet every Friday from 7:30AM to 10:30AM in the Chapel.

Since this ministry began, thirty-one brothers have been baptized and the group has grown from 10 to 50 people who meet every week on Friday. Many of those who have heard the Gospel through these services have been set free and hundreds more have heard the message of Heaven on this unit. Many more doing a Bible Study course called, “The Voice of Hope” that I was able to help arrange from my connections in Puerto Rico. Very often new converts arrive on this unit who hunger and thirst for the Word of God.

So I am asking for your prayers for this group and for all of those who attend the Coffield unit 7th Day Adventist Church services every week. Our desire is for many more to come to know Christ as the Saviour of the World. We give Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity to be called His children and to serve Him in this place.

In Christ Jesus,

Rafael Idelfonso Campos

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Stephen Sallamme's Profile
Age: 36
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 3
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, December 8 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

My drawings are of course an extension of myself as all our outlets of creativity are. This is a brief explanation of the ones you see as of this post. The character with the flames coming off of his mask is from an anime series that I enjoy. I just wanted to see if I could draw it with a different edge. The portrait of that well-dressed, handsome man is supposed to be of me. It was my first try at drawing reality and it was also an attempt to give you an idea of what I look like. I promise you that I look way less cartoonish than that. I hope someday I can upgrade my drawing skills to real life subjects and objects. My “Welcome” drawing is just a simple greeting for all of you viewers. I thought it would be nice to welcome y’all with a drawing specifically for you. Hope you enjoy it.

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Edwin Acevedo's Profile
Age: 31
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, December 14 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

As the idea of time flies by; things change and people change and so circumstances change. So our job (as people) is to adapt to the changes, however he who doesn’t adapt to the changes, “Will simply get swallowed up and burned out within the chambers of life (Mother Nature)”. Thus meaning, “Life isn’t a game”, there is nothing new up under the sun…the present is the past and our past is “Our present”…I said; The present is the past and “Our past is our present”. So unwrap your “Present”, embrace it, and learn to love it because it is what you got…and that is; “Freedom of Will” and “Freedom of Speech” (the complete power to do as you please), what’s better than that! (smile) You see, your “Thoughts” are your “Present” and your “Words” are your “Life”…which means; that whatever you can “Utter”, you have the power to bring to life! So be mindful of your “Thoughts” and extremely selective with your “Speech”. You are what you consume; so also be mindful of that reality, be wise and select what you eat (Physically and mentally). You are also your “Company”, so select your company precisely and love yourself, “Like nobody else could ever love you”. (I’m just a down to earth individual, looking forward to meeting and corresponding with an open minded, down to earth lady (female). I’m funny, lovable, and a good listener, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me…either way, live life and love who loves you).

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Kody Osco's Profile
Age: 39
Location: OH
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, December 15 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

At 38 I’m a grampa, yeah!! My little grandson in one word “INEFFABLE”, does that make me old? I wanna be a better grandfather than I was a father but I need help, are there erudite grandmothers or grandfathers? I’m accepting all insight on this issue. I spent the summer playing softball left center, batted 3rd in the line up, fun we finished 4th. Also picked up volleyball, soccer, anything to stay busy and really it’s fun. I’ve been reading up on culture, plus a couple of months ago they hooked up cable…so History channel is my favorite, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Ax Men… I’ve met a couple people but all of them from overseas “fine” but I wanna meet some people here in the states!! I’m very effervescent, complaisant, and down 38 months now does leave me prurient and lascivious. I am a man! I was born impavid, which leads to my blunder. I wanna meet a jocose, candid, complaisant kind of woman…but I love enigmatic women between 25-55…I’m eager to learn and explore bridge building emotions. I’m a diamond in the rough, just need a good polishing. Bring out these good things I feel in my heart but have trouble figuring out on my own!! I will accept any woman willing to invest their time, work into polishing me up. QUESTION: What is the only planet in our solar system that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east? Dogs or cats?

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Ernesto Rodriguez's Profile
Age: 35
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, December 15 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

Life is full of surprises, some surprises must be taken with a grain of salt, others can change our lives in a joyous and wonderfully life changing way! The most recent change to my current situation is a perfect example. Recently, a new law was passed called Senate Bill 261. This bill gives youth offenders a second chance at freedom by providing a parole hearing after 15 years served. However, in order to be granted parole one must show growth, maturity and remorse from the immature state of mind all those years back. I was incarcerated at 18 years old. I was hurt mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, family and friends never wavered in their belief in me as a person. They believed in my loving heart that was hidden under layers of hurt, pain and disappointments. Years ago my family and friends helped spark that positive light within me. I started my path towards personal growth by removing negativity from my life and working towards achievements; G.E.D., College and an array of self-help programs to help prepare in what I decided would be my life’s work – to become a youth counselor. My release date used to be 2031, however with SB 261 I can now parole next year! I can only hope I have the blessing of finding someone to share this passion of mine and build a future with – someone to connect with, starting with friendship – the building block to something beautiful that lasts.

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Kahoona Rousseau's Profile
Age: 43
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, December 16 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Poem

(POEM 1) I fall to the side. I guess its fate. All I can do is sit back and wait. Ask for help? Why should I do it? Turned down so much, don’t know how I get through it? They quit me as I tried, and tried to get through! But nothing I was told was ever true. No help, no love, no one to worry. Hope it’s not the end of my story. (POEM 2) I miss you! I wish I was wrapped up in your arms! Safe from all of life’s harms. Laughing and happy around all your charms, looking at your smile all the while, as we cruz mile after mile. Burn one up, and talk about love. How ours was sent from up above. (POEM 3) I don’t want anyone to steal my mind. Don’t say do this you’ll be fine. I make my own decisions, right or wrong. I’m a “real” person, have been all along. Just cause you and all your moves are fake, never had an original thought. All yours are taught! Does not mean I wanna be like you! I’m fine being me. Always True! (POEM 4) Am I dreaming? Or am I awake? Is this real?, or is this fake? Life at stake?, or just untrue? Do I care? How about you? (POEM 5) I’ll catch you if you fall! I’ll protect you if you hit a wall! Real as real can get. Feel as deep as one can feel. Trust me not fake. I’m the real deal.

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Johnathan Cooper's Profile
Age: 30
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 4
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, December 19 2015
Inmate Blog Category:CIRCUMSTANCES

Random Update In March 2015 went back to county jail for a few month after the judge granted my request for DNA testing to prove my innocence (Texas leads the nation in wrongful convictions)…Currently still waiting on results. My retained attorney flew in to see me November 6, 2015 and my freedom is looking very good in the near future and expect to be back in county jail in about a year or less. I have met only two real people here on WAP. Everyone else was playing games, looking for short term friendship, and a lot of people were fake. I got a lot of return to sender from people who emailed via WAP. So I shy away from the email kind of Jpay or physically mailing a letter seemed more real. My family support is amazing and will have no struggles financially once released and moving on with life with no hardships. Just remember not every person in prison is a bad person. Some do not deserve to be here, and some are innocent. Nobody is perfect. I learned a long time ago life is unfair but to make the best out of a bad situation and keep my head up, stay positive and away from the negative atmosphere here. Just wanna keep my mind in the free world because soon I will be home. So what’s up? I promise I don’t bit. LOL

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Tywil Wolfname's Profile
Age: 28
Location: PA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, December 25 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Life

Now, instead of a “blog” I thought I’d paint you a more clearer and vivid picture of who I am internally. The goal behind this extra “dosage” of me is to provide you with an up close and personal glimpse to add more appeal to the product. Obviously, the photo I chose to represent me on my profile leaves plenty to be imagined. In one hand girl, of course, I’m aware of the “different impressions” that my image has the power of sending. To some folks, just by how my steez is portrayed, I’m unconsciously subjecting myself to undeserved judgment and simplistic social categories. However, I’m u unfazed and not concerned by my critic’s skeptics. Because, for one, I can’t control what manifests in a negative mind frame. And two, if I spent my minutes and hours moving mountains to please the masses for their acceptance, then generally & spiritually speaking girl, I wouldn’t be embracing the design that “Our Father” has gifted me with from before birth. So my point, to all my real and superficial friends, is always remember that regardless of the social class that shallow minds label us as, it’s absolutely crucial to your self-esteem and confidence to floss yourself and near your personality proudly, strongly, and humbly, like the example I am setting in my photo. This is an “appetizer”, a tiny taste of the caliber of vibrations and energy that you can expect me to push in your direction if you can find something to like in my invitation for unfiltered and positive conversation. Life is too short to waste on being offended by hateful comments or unappreciative opinions of your true self. Try not to let them humiliate you girl, just us it as fuel to rise and conquer! Let’s move forward to another topic that delivers a warmer feeling when I decided to invest in this pen-pal website. At first, I was naturally suspicious of the results that can be achieved. But the more thought I put into it, I realized that this may be one of those hidden opportunities where The Lord will introduce two complete strangers and drench them in blessings and fly chemistry. So ultimately, it was this line of my faith that convinced me to advertise and put my qualities on display and possibly catch me a dove. Can you relate with this style of decision making? Does my logic make sense to you? I operate with high standards when it comes to building meaningful bridges girl, but at the same time, I will also step into it with realistic expectations. I’m not searching for my soulmate girl, nor do I feel like “setting” for a flavorless experience. I think I’m more curious than anything, throw a grain of doubt on top of that curiosity and you’ll get my meaning. But on the other palm, I also have a genuine interest to put a powerful gust of wind beneath your wings if you feel like establishing a connection. So ideally, I plan on being fair and open-minded on every level we reach together. Hopefully, that is copacetic to you. I’ve been down since 2008 and I’m on the verge of closing this unfortunate chapter of my life forever. Luckily, when I got indicated, I didn’t leave behind any fatherless children. I say “lucky” because I’m grateful for not being a man who chose crime over his family. But to share a shred of what the prospect of getting out has me feeling like right now, I’m ecstatic, thrilled and thankful to be getting a second shot to make a difference in all the lives of my nearest and dearest. My situation reflects how life can be unpredictable and leave you feeling powerless in your moments of crisis. Sometimes girl, God will show himself to you in forms of misfortune to peel your attention away from temptation and destruction. This is his way of telling you that your visions and views are being clouded with darkness and he didn’t intend for us to see blindly. Then, after he manages to sway your thinking, he will begin the process of restoring your strength, renewing your energy and healing your wounds. This is where I am today! Stable, strong, prepared and focused on spreading peace and prosperity. We have until 2017 to impact each other’s perspectives girl, in all the realest and deepest of ways. You don’t have to be wealthy, you don’t have to be cut from the same fabric, and you don’t have to be glamourous for me to notice and appreciate you. The only “requirement” you have to worry about having is the willingness to let me open your eyes to better things. Think about the possibilities for me girl, now weigh out the risks verses the rewards. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? What is there to lose by putting me to the test? Nothing, there is only room for gain and improvement. So with that being said and before I make a serious spectacle of myself, I want to thank you again for pausing on my profile and giving me the opportunity to lace you with a touch of character. Peace & God Bless You

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Milton Lewis's Profile
Age: 64
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, December 30 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Life

I’m hoping those who visit my profile find a good time and that you leave with a favorable impression of me! This is my challenge. Your challenge is to encourage me to dig deeper. My favorite course is to struggle between two popular concepts: 1) evolutionary theories and 2) theological faith. This is I as “complex”. As “simple,” I love music! Everything else is in between. (For complex see For some simple see Luther Vandross or Smokey Robinson.) I’m prepared to discuss. It is believed that the enthusiasm generated by a group helps to spark ideas. As like me, you need increased intellectual stimulation and improved quality of ideas. Something about the magic of collaboration. Mysteriously we find ourselves growing in needed ways. This is what made attractive to me! It presents an opportunity for progress. A way for an upgrade in thought processing. When you’re facing issues of getting old, staying honest, embracing the courage to do the right things, and the missing of family, you need a lot of thought upgrading. There is a lot to be learned about how to share Planet Earth. We are each in different places. We can come here and share ideas. I am here to encourage and be encouraged. ALL LIVES MATTER! Warmly, Flip P.S. I joined the Baptist Faith in 1962 and was baptized. My mother sang in the choir; her mother, my grandmother was one of the missionaries.

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Charles Crump's Profile
Age: 23
Location: LA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, January 1 2016
Inmate Blog Category:

It’s a belief that all men and woman are created free and equal to one another.  Free yes, but equal No!  To say this, someone ups can be someone else’s downs and someone’s downs can be someone else’s ups.  That’s where true friends come in at.  Loyal friends are hard to come by these days here on the inside and out there in the free world.

You’ll be amazed at who’ll leave you at the lowest point in your life. It took a toll on me at first, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me. It opened my eyes and gave me the time I needed to grow and learn about family, friends, myself and most important “God”!  I’ve learned to leave the past mistakes behind and look towards a positive future.

I’ve also grown to be very industrious and optimistic in every situation.  Also a very loyal, patient, and respectful person. Someone who knows what they want and strives to get it.  Like a mother earth, women, someone who I could reveal things to without being judged.  A mother earth I can be compatible with and create an upmost bond while incarcerated, and hopefully a bigger and stronger bond upon my release.

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