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Jenifer Englesby's Profile
Age: 39
Location: ID
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, April 25 2015
Inmate Blog Category:The Future

My hedonism hangover has lifted, I’ve sobered up and getting serious about life, spirituality and doing the right thing. I’m not getting out in August after all. Looks like I have 2 more years to work on me. I’m trying to educate myself as much as possible so that I can become all that I was destined to be. If you know of any good books, please write to me and let me know about them. I’d love to discuss them with you. I am open-minded and teachable. I’m currently seeking colleges that offer distant learning and scholarships for students who are incarcerated. I intend to utilize these next two years to get an Associates Degree. My goal is to get off parole and travel abroad. I’d like to be multi-culturally exposed. Until then, I encourage you to share your life and experiences with me. I’ll live vicariously! I’d like to shout-out and say thanks to those who have been where I am and shared how you’ve turned your life around. It gives me hope. A little attention and encouragement goes a long way in here. I can’t wait to BBQ out there! I appreciate those that write me, I have a busy mind and need an outlet for all my creative energy.

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David Ackerman's Profile
Age: 51
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, April 26 2015
Inmate Blog Category:IDEAS

Hi, my name is David Ackerman and I have a green plan for America’s future. I call it the “The American Oasis Project”. Initially, my plan is to convert Death Valley into an inexhaustible fresh water supply and centerpiece lake for the world’s first city built and supported entirely on renewable energy and sporting the world’s tallest building towering from in that lake. To convert Death Valley into an inexhaustible fresh water supply (for the region initially, and the western U.S. later), I propose building a 200 mile long solar – and wind – energy powered electro-dialysis desalination pipeline from the Pacific Ocean to the 550 square miles that lie below sea level at Death Valley. So no matter how much water is taken out of the Oasis Lake, it will remain full (at sea level) and therefore inexhaustible. The key to the pipeline is that it eliminates the highest cost of conventional electro-dialysis systems: the recurring costs associated with the generation of the electricity necessary for the process. The pipeline does so by utilizing the fact that it is going through more than enough of a solar – and wind – energy field that is the Mojave Desert to supply the energy needed to do the job. By capturing those energies all along the pipeline’s 200 mile long pathway and using some of the electricity converted from those energies to desalinate the water at strategically placed electro-dialysis units, the water is desalinated a little at a time. The remainder of that electricity is sent to the Oasis to supplement the electricity which will be generated from a 20 square mile solar electricity facility in the Mojave Desert. More on that below. I see this pipeline as an artery to supply life giving water AND electricity to the Oasis City. I really want to stress that dual purpose. The reason for that is that I envision this dual purpose pipeline method being used throughout the coastal areas of America. These pipelines can run to nearby inland aquifers and existing municipal water systems where the freshest of that water can be stored. Along the way, farmland can benefit by tapping into the pipelines earlier and extracting water which is only suitable for agriculture. For example, my hometown of San Antonio has an aquifer just south of town (“The Bubble”) which would be perfect for this; and the vast farmland between Corpus Christi and San Antonio would benefit from the water. And BTW I strongly urge my fellow San Antonians to alert city council about my plan before they vote on approving the $3 billion Vista Ridge pipeline which will run 140 miles from central Texas to deliver water from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. That aquifer has a limited amount of water. The Gulf of Mexico does not.And I must point out something here. Obviously, my pipelines will initially cost a lot of money. But with a finite amount of water inland and a growing population, whatever method is used to supply America’s fresh water needs going forward is necessarily going to be expensive. And because there is a finite amount of water inland, we’re not going to “conserve” our way out of this problem. That just delays the inevitable. Once our population grows to beyond what our inland water supplies can support our grandchildren will thank us for having thought of them and built these pipelines. Now, concerning the Oasis City’s electricity needs, I offer this. I am an inventor. I am not an engineer…yet. However, I am studying engineering and math now so that once I’m released I will hopefully be well enough prepared to audit some of my courses in pursuit of my bachelor’s in electrical engineering. My renewable energy designs – which I plan to use at the Oasis – are focused on energy storage, because although electricity is fine for distributing energy, it’s too expensive and impractical to store large amounts of energy in the form of electricity. So photovoltaic solar panels are out because, no matter how efficient one is, it will still only generate electricity when the sun shines. Frankly, I believe photovoltaics have done more harm than good to the renewable energy movement because of this reason. All they are capable of is SUPPLEMENTING the electricity from the grid. My work is focused on creating cheap and practical ways to store renewable energies so they can be converted later into electricity, on-demand, 24 hours a day, making them the PRIMARY, if not the ONLY source of electricity. Consider this, nearby Death Valley, at Ivanpah, California there is a solar facility which uses 5.5 square miles of reflectors beaming sunlight onto water boilers to create superheated steam to generate 370 million watts of electricity…when the sun shines. My plan initially includes building a 20 square mile facility nearby similar to Ivanpah with the exception that it will store the energy for up to 3 weeks before converting it into electricity day AND night. My plan also initially includes installing wind turbine systems on the two mountain ranges on either side of Death Valley which also store and convert energy into electricity on-demand. These wind systems also double to pump water through a treatment system to keep the Oasis Lake fresh. Ultimately, I envision most of the Mojave and other Midwest areas being covered with these solar – and wind – energy systems to supply almost all of America’s energy needs. So let’s look at the big picture. By relying entirely on renewable energy, after the systems are paid for, the electricity will be ultra-cheap because the only costs involved will be in the upkeep and maintenance of those systems. And the ultra-cheap electricity will attract energy-intensive industry to the Oasis. America will be a manufacturing and exporting powerhouse like the world has never seen before! The American Oasis will also be the most technologically advanced city in the world. Take for example the transportation system. Because of abundant ultra-cheap electricity, I envision transmitter pads similar to Duracell’s Power-mat being installed on the streets and highways to wirelessly transmit electricity so that vehicles with receivers under them will run entirely on renewable – energy – generated – electricity…WITHOUT BATTERIES! And someday, we could install a network of more powerful transmitters on cell towers across America to wirelessly power electric passenger airplanes. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Now add to that (excluding the electric airplanes) the inexhaustible fresh water supply, and THAT will bolster America’s wealth! My ultimate goal is to duplicate what is done at the American Oasis across the Mojave and across America so that, in 15 years, America will have all of the ultra-cheap electricity and water we need. And just starting to build the pipeline alone will stimulate the economy and send a message to the rest of the world that, “We’re back!” And on that note, China and India are simply not going to go green and reduce their CO2 emissions and go against their own self-interests merely because we do, or we ask them to. The best way to convince them to go green is by showing them what the benefits are by showing them how. That’s real leadership. I admit this plan is enormous, eccentric and expensive. But we owe it to our children and their grandchildren and to all of those who have sacrificed before us to leave a better, stronger, healthier America behind us. There’s been a lot of talk of “investing in America”. But all I see is just a shell game of moving our money around. Why not invest in actually strengthening our infrastructure and creating jobs at the same time? This is NOT fantasy or science fiction. We can and should do this NOW. ALL of the necessary technology exists. We just need to put the pieces together. I think this is our manifest destiny. This is WHY Death Valley is so close to the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Ocean. That’s not a coincidence. What America (and the world) needs now is an energy revolution and a solution to our water needs. Well, if we’re bold, here it is. I don’t have all of the details figured out. I doubt that any single person could. So I humbly propose that we make the American Oasis Project an open source project where scientists, engineers and the rest of us can all meet here to contribute and discuss ideas with the goal of making it happen. What I’m looking for is getting my plan out there, some help with my inventions and correspondence with like-minded friends and engineers who still believe in American Ingenuity. And because I don’t have access to the internet, it would be really helpful if I could get as much detailed specifics and data on: existing desalination systems of coastal cities, industrial energy storage systems, electrolysis, electro-dialysis, Nextera’s solar facility in Kramer’s Junction, California, the solar facility at Ivanpah, California, Duracell’s Power-mat and maps of the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. Oh and for Donald Trump to write me (smile). About me: I play lead guitar and will be building guitars here shortly. And I’m not always this serious. If you wish to speak to me by phone, please go to or call 866-806-7804 to arrange that as my friend. Wheh! Oh and that tallest building in the world? Naturally, I MUST live on the top floor. Thank you. David

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Bryan Carter's Profile
Age: 27
Location: NC
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, April 26 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Learning

Ladies, It's your man Carter here with the offer of a lifetime! No one knows what a woman wants more than a woman, right? What if you had the opportunity to have a hand in creating the perfect gentleman? Would you take that opportunity? Are you capable of coaching a young man to the pinnacle of his potential performance? If you are up to the challenge then take me under your wing, show me the ins and outs. Teach me all the things you wish your man would do, express to me those fantasies. Create a product you can be proud of. Your average guy has no clue what's on his woman's mind, but if he knew what o look for then he could pick up on those vibes and read that body language. Teach me how to read you, how to pick up those messages, how to understand the signs. I am young, there's plenty of life for me to live and knowing my circumstances, there's nowhere to go but up! I don't want to leave her with a mind racing 100 miles per hour and butterflies in her stomach. I want to leave a woman so interested that she asks friends and co-workers who I am or what's my name. Allow me to be your amazingly handsome canvas, to paint the perfect picture. Make me irresistible!

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Keith Angelus's Profile
Age: 40
Location: NJ
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, May 3 2015
Inmate Blog Category:The Future

"Hey Everybody!" I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support you show me. Especially you "Lil’ Mama". You’ve been by my side every step of the way. I apologize if anyone has written to me and I haven’t responded. I’ve been moved to another prison and the mail hasn’t caught up yet. Anyway, I was thinking about how we all lose sight of our dreams. And do all the obstacles and challenges of life, make it necessary to let them go? And can we get them back on track? I’ve spend a lot of time dwelling on what could have been, but am focused on what will be. The best is yet to come for me. Like I said, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish that matters. My release date is drawing near, and I am hoping to meet people to share, and celebrate my new beginning. I spent a lot of time putting things on my “bucket list”, and am always up for good people who want to have a great time. I’m in a tough spot right now, locked down all day. With great friends come great adventures. Few of us have ever lived the life we’ve imagined so if you’re ready to throw caution to the wind, here’s your chance. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Edwin Acevedo's Profile
Age: 30
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, May 3 2015
Inmate Blog Category:OPEN YOUR EYES

If you could borrow my eyes, and not only see what I see, but rather see how I see "what I see"... You would most likely lose interest in life, become depressed, become better, and or lose your mind. With the above said, the reality of the structure of life on planet Earth; has its gifts and its curse! See, the "truth" is for everybody, however it is not healthy for everybody; because "truth" comes with a "great price", and that price is "acceptance" (truth is undisputed). And so, accepting the truth in some cases, may take a toll in one's life! Although we are all born with a strong mind, some don't exercise their mind, and so they are weak minded. The "truth" has built and/or destroyed empires, and some of the most successful people on planet Earth! "Truth" is the only key to success and happiness… Whether or not one can handle the truth; be very careful as to what you ask, however never hesitate to ask and/or search for the truth. The truth is, that there is only one energy in life, however, it is up to us to channel it… Some use it in a positive manner and some use it in a negative manner; and so however you choose to channel your energy, it will reflect in your immediate future (kharma). The bottom line is, learn your truth, except in embrace reality; finally, exercise your strong mind---(What do you think?). "The only truth." Love who loves you...

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Joshua Workowski's Profile
Age: 36
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, May 3 2015
Inmate Blog Category:The Future

In my heart I see that life is in the future, not the past. The past can teach us, through experience, how to accomplish things in the future, comfort us with cherished memories and provide the foundation of what has already been accomplished. But only the future holds life. I took that to mean living in the past is like embracing what is dead and gone. We must live life to its fullest and each day must be created anew. It’s like starting over with a clear mind and soul each morning. Like a cleansing rain that brings freshness to our world. I’m, asking you to take me on a voyage, show me the true fountain of youth, which I honestly believe isn’t in traveling to some strange land….it’s in having different eyes, in seeing the universe with the eyes of another person. Albert Einstein once said “that which is impenetrable to us, really exist”…are you willing to think outside the box and be my eyes in which I see the universe through? I am honest and loyal, seeking a true friend, a second self. I will close leaving you with this, “to harbor a thought that has no effect on your reality is only a daydream”. So please don’t let the thought of having a true friend not become your reality!!

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Rebecca Turner's Profile
Age: 32
Location: AR
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, May 4 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone choose it. I own everything about me – my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions whether they be to others or to myself – I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes and fears. I am all my triumphs and successes, my failures and mistakes because I own all of me. I can become intimately acquainted with me – by doing so I can love me. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me and other aspects I do not know but as long as I courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and for ways to find out more about me – however I look and sound, whatever I say and do, think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me – if later some part of how I looked, sounded, thought and felt turned out to be unfulfilling, I can discard that which I feel is unfitting, keep the rest and invent something new for which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say and do. I have the tools to survive to be close to others, to be productive and to make sense and order of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me and therefore I can engineer me. I am me and I am okay!

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Ulises Kline's Profile
Age: 22
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, May 5 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

Prison has a negative connotation – like everyone in prison is evil and incapable of being good. I would like to thank those people that write a prisoner because it’s they who realize that not everyone in prison is bad. They’re open minded enough to get informed prior to generalizing the prison population – which largely consist of humans, good and bad, like you or me. So I admit that I’m capable of being bad but it’s the human in me that strives to be good that makes me a normal person. A person who does bad but thinks its doing good is not normal and therefore not human but a monster. That’s not what most prisoners are. That’s not what I am, although I’m in prison and sometimes I do things that are bad, I try to do good. I thank those people who see an interesting person in me and not a bad one, given the circumstances I’m in. since 15 I’ve been in jail and I may not have much experience with people not part of my lifestyle but I’m grateful to those that accept the invitation into my circle…or simply a welcome me into theirs.

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Kevin Dunn's Profile
Age: 48
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Tuesday, May 5 2015
Inmate Blog Category:

Situations! Oh, how my mind seeks rest, oh how my soul seeks a friend. My soul still goes without because of the situation I’m in. My situation causes pain, it caused pain destruction and disgrace, it even caused the ones who loved me to disappear before my face. Some lasted for a winter, some through the spring and fall, some even lasted for a summer, but my situation outlasted them all. Now it’s only me and my situation and it haunts me like a curse. Some even think my situation will outlast my life here on earth, but God forbids. He won’t allow my situation to last that long for God made me a real man and my situation is not that strong. So why did they let my situation scare them? Was their love even real or was it “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, regardless of how one feels? But I must respect my situation because it taught me to help myself. It taught me to love everyone, but trust no one else. It’s funny how situations occur, but even funnier how they end. I’ll never forget my situation because it showed me my true friends.

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Brandon (Damali Ajani Kamara) Caples's Profile
Age: 33
Location: NC
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Sunday, May 10 2015
Inmate Blog Category:Love

Dearest Love, Sometime you'll look at me. You'll look at me with those smiling eyes, filled with trust and innocence for guidance and reassurance and I'll tell you that everything will be alright. I tell you everything will be alright, not really knowing in my heart that it will, I'll tell you this because I'll never be the one to take away your path, because I made a promise to you, to always be your strength. I'll tell you everything will be alright because I love you. Enough to bate the world's burdens on my shoulders for both of us. Because your half of my heart. You're half of my heart but the whole of my life. I don't have all the answers to questions Life presents us. Think back to when we were kids, before we ever knew each other. When we thought about tomorrow and grown up things, kissing and wedding rings , and believed that I'd be the answer to those questions. Superman. With the power to make every wrong right. Only time told us I was Clark Kent and the most I could do is love you and stay true. I wish for those moments where I could lay awake at night and watch over you as you sleep. In that moment, seeing everything that I ever wanted in life, in your face.

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