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Travis Dillard's Profile
Age: 24
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, September 29 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

A little insight regarding myself for those interested in learning more about me. I am ALL about having fun. I love having a good time, anyone can be serious but how many people can make you truly laugh, you know? I like being known by those involved with me as the one that can always bring a smile to their face. I love just about every genre of music. The types of TV shows I’m into right now are: Tosh O., Awkward, Broad City, Girl Code, Impractical Jokers, Brain Games and Saturday Night Live, just to name a few. One guilty pleasure of mine…I still love to watch Spongebob Squarepants LOL! I’m upbeat, resilient and have quite a positive outlook on life. I adore nature and animals, I’m thinking about becoming a veterinarian or similar. I love learning, especially new things. I love to improve myself in every way possible, (further rehabilitation), eg my character, demeanor, personality etc. I dislike politics, sports and religion. I am great at drawing, speaking other languages, calligraphy, and other stuff. This is but a fraction of what I plan on sharing with you; keep an eye out for profile updates ie additional blogs, photos, artwork, poetry and revisions. Contributions would be helpful and are welcomed. Thank you for reading.

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Efrain Gonzalez's Profile
Age: 21
Location: IL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, October 1 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

Check out my poetry that I just wrote and new profile test! Missing Hooters, Tilt ‘N Kilt, Famous Dave’s, Subway, McD’s, BK, Benihana’s, Maxwell, Lawrence’s Shrimp, Ron of Japan etc. My spots I go to, thanks to my beautiful mom showing me other places. Love poetry especially by: Wilhelm Blanke. Paintings and sculptures by: Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso, my favorites. My intelligence is alright thanks to my parents as smart individuals. Subject of choice is history especially Greek gods, art history etc. Grew up in Chicago, lil village area 26st aka Lil Mexico (laughs). Just writing whatever comes to my fascinating mind right now, guess because it’s just a blog for instance. Type of man I am: funny, great smile, good looks, that’s all my father (laughs), also kind of a unique person with a variety of aspects on life. People come at me as a thug in the streets, but don’t go off my mind or conversations. I guess looks & speech get you nowhere (laughs). My dream to be a pediatrician is still alive and to see foreign countries is a big part of my life. I want to open my mind to people, cultures, ideas, basically the universe. Hopefully this gives you info on the type of guy I am and where I come from (smiles). Plenty of conversations on my mind from funny to intelligent ones to religion etc.

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Michael Jordan's Profile
Age: 50
Location: AL
Total Blog Entries: 3
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, October 2 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

Greetings to everyone: I have found myself reading mail. I have a true passion for letter writing and am reaching out to anyone and everyone. I love writing long, frequent letters so if this is something you enjoy too, then write me and lets make a connection. I work long hours on my job here, but always have time to write. I love to spend all my free time writing when given the chance. So I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone, please write today – I promise to respond to each and every letter I receive, and be thankful for the opportunity, so don’t delay – write today. Sincerely, Michael W. Jordan

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Jonathan Taylor's Profile
Age: 45
Location: MA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Friday, October 3 2014
Inmate Blog Category:COMMUNICATION

Foreword: In the age of the internet, people around the world can no longer be silenced. Creative minds can run wild, and each small voice can ripple into a roar. I’ve always been interested in the concept of past lives. While reading about hypnosis, I learned that most people, when placed under hypnosis, will experience memories of past lives. Their reason for being here is to learn lessons through a series of these lives. There are some people however, who tell a different story when placed under hypnosis. They claim to be sent here from another world by “planners”, who in turn answer to “master planners”. They’re souls who are born into the physical form just like any other, but the difference is, they’re here to be tested. This was the inspiration for something that I wrote titled “A Message in a Capsule”. It’s the story of one of these travelers, who has been hypnotized as a child to remove the memory of his birth parents. If they reveal themselves to him, he will hate them, due to posthypnotic suggestions that were placed in his mind. Locked in a stand-off, neither will reveal themselves and be the one he hates. Even after regaining most of his memory and becoming aware of them, they still refuse to reveal themselves. Eventually, he ends up convicted of murder and is sentenced to die in prison. Although they could help him, they both sit by and do nothing. “A Message in a Capsule” is the letter that he writes to his father from his prison cell. A Message in a Capsule The last time our paths crossed, you were looking down at me laughing. You know, for two people who didn’t want me to hate them, you’ve certainly done everything that you can to make sure that I do. But it’s not your twisted grin, or her icy indifference that makes me despise the two of you. It’s how you watched me go down, and left me here to rot for all of these years, just to satisfy your own selfishness. Remember when I said, “You people don’t care about me! You only care about yourselves!” I think that you’ve proven my point. But I can’t be telling you anything that you didn’t already know. I’m sure you’re aware that you’d feel the same way if you were me. So here’s what I don’t understand. What’s the difference between me spending the rest of my life in here hating you two, or you bringing me out of it and hating you? If true hatred is inevitable, then wouldn’t some posthypnotic hatred become irrelevant? There was a time that I could see clear lines drawn between my friends and my enemies, but time has washed away those lines. It’s as though my captors have overpowered my liberators in an epic battle, and enslaved them. When the dust settled, I found myself standing alone on one side, with everyone else on the other side. You’re working for them now, and even though you have the power to take down their entire house of cards and send them all scattering, you choose to protect them by perpetuating their charade. That isn’t the reason I’m writing this though. I’m doing it because there’s another aspect of this thing that you need to know. What you choose to do with this information is up to you. Do you remember when I said that I thought you were one of us? Well, you are according to the one who set this whole thing in motion when he hypnotized me. You know who I’m talking about. He’s the elusive master planner, and if you have any doubts about him, just look at everything he’s been able to accomplish. I had an interesting encounter with him when I was walking down a path in the forest one day, and this is what he had to say. He informed me that we were being tested, and that was his reason for doing this to us. He said that he had opened Pandora’s Box and brought out all of the ugliness in people to make it work. But in the story of Pandora, the last thing to come out of the box was hope. In this case, that hope is you. He told me that it was your job to set me free. At the time, I objected, and actually pleaded with him for an alternative, but he said that it had to be this way. This was your test. It all came down to you and this one selfless act. You have to do this on your own, without being influenced in any way. All of your questions and doubts are how he ensures that. Even by using me to deliver his message. Why would you listen to someone in a cage? They’ll say anything in their desperation for salvation. I can’t explain why I’m telling you this after all this time, although I did try to let you know it a long time ago with something that I wrote, but it never made it to you. Maybe you weren’t ready, or maybe I wasn’t. Who can say? Maybe he didn’t feel like it was time. All I know is that he obviously wanted you to hear it, or else he wouldn’t have let me remember it. He gave you both the key to free me with the posthypnotic incantation, and you can’t imagine what it’s like knowing that someone simply uttering a few magic words could make all of this torment go away. You no doubt feel like it should be on her to bring me out of it, as he’s brilliantly cast her as the one responsible for it all, but she’s already brought me as far as she can. She can’t bring me the rest of the way, because for her part, that would mean failure. And whether or not you or I believe in this test, she absolutely does, and she’ll never allow herself to fail. She can only work against us now. So, I know her story and why she’s left me for dead, but what’s yours? What is it that’s so important to you, that you’re willing for me to pay any price for it? On the day that you were given the key to free me, I remember you protesting that you thought you were being set up. It makes me sick to think of my life being squandered over something as petty as pride or spite. I guess that would qualify as some of the ugliness that he was talking about. Although, I really don’t know what you’ve got running through your head, I can tell you this. I didn’t choose you for this, and neither did she. The one who’s pulling all the strings did, and everything plays out according to his rules. That means no one can trick you, coerce you, or even help you. This is your test, and you have to find your own way through the dark, and battle your demons alone. All that I can offer you is the dim candlelight of this letter. Your task may sound simple, but sometimes the simplest of tasks can be the most impossible to complete. You’re probably not trying to hear any of this, and that’s just one of the obstacles in your own mind that you’ll have to overcome. Only sheer will can break through those barriers, some of which may have been placed there long before you ever came to this world. I don’t even know if you’re still reading this, but if you are, then you’ve already made it past one hurdle. If you succeed, then we will all advance. I’m not sure what your failure would mean for us, but every moment that you hesitate, is potentially catastrophic. My road has ended, and I’ve gone as far as I can. Any attempt to force the truth out into the light, only results in demonstrating the scope of his control. It’s up to you now. There is no other way. He’s got all the exits covered, so that in the end it all comes down to you. That’s how he designed it, and although you may resent him, he’s not putting us through anything that he hasn’t already been through himself. I can’t convince you of anything, but I can tell you something about not being able to see what’s right in front of you. There’s a reason you’re in this position. It’s not by chance that you end up being the key to the whole thing. If you can somehow find a way for selflessness to triumph over selfishness, then maybe you can show us all that there’s still hope for humanity in this world. If you choose to disregard what I’ve told you, then think about this as you climb back into your comfortable life, and continue to drift off into oblivion. In another world, and another life, and in some other time, you may be standing right where I am now, hoping that someone comes through for you.

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Kai Hansen's Profile
Age: 34
Location: SD
Total Blog Entries: 5
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, October 6 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

Blog: SURGERY…just the name alone makes me cringe! I just found out I’m having knee surgery. My patella tendon ripped and tore partially away from my knee-cap…ugh. I had an amazing (sarcasm) visit to the orthopedic specialist away from the prison. Also, the first time I’ve been in a vehicle in almost two years. Here I am, in an orange jumpsuit - wait not just orange - blaze orange. Shackles on my legs (oh did I mention my blown out knee) and a chain around my belly holding cuffed hands tight to my stomach. The way people leer is amazing, but on the same level, I understand, I’d leer too. I liken that part of the experience to Hannibal Lector with the face mask thingy. O.K. maybe not that bad…but bad. A typical waiting room. I would normally get a magazine, but my magazine holding abilities are a touch impaired, as to being in the same position I might pee in. So I just sit and avert my eyes to the floor. About 5 minutes in, a snotty little boy comes and starts pulling on my led chains, WTF! WHERE IS YOUR MOM I was thinking, on a phone, completely oblivious to her child playing with a prisoner. Kayee…what, did she just call me, Kay-E? Oh well no time for a correction, back to the tiny rooms. This is the description to my surgery as follows…take out the diseased portion, suture it back together. Detach upper portion of tendon from patella, grind patella to create solid bed for reattachment of tendon. Anchor tendon back to patella with multiple bone screws, and recover…I’ve never wanted to just go back to prison more…ugh!

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Michael Baker's Profile
Age: 24
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, October 6 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

I've come to realize change can be a great thing, always be grateful and thankful! Love and respect yourself because if you don't nobody else will. Last but not least, I've come to learn that there are a million ways to express yourself "hate" should't be one! I would like to thank everyone for reading these words.

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Frankie Vega Jr's Profile
Age: 30
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, October 15 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

I have included a poem that reflects the inner motion of fuel amidst the cycles of life, of up and down. As a human being (not just an inmate) my whole being cries out and craves life, the joy of laughter, the liberty of inner peace, the fullness of love, the strength of health, the humility of compassion, and comfort of a human touch. Contrary to the stereotype, not all reflect the hard concrete and steel walls within incarceration. As myself, the redemptive powers of God most high in Jesus Messiah have softened the scars of my past and cleared my focus. So please join me or share with me a bit of yourself. Love, Frankie Vega Jr. HIGH HOPE Time flies by like clouds in the sky, as in question of why hope seems so high. Like tie dye light blue As a waves morning dew. That softly touches the surface, Of a world full of purpose. And no jokes, no circus, For ones hope feeds on surplus. Surplus like a rush, yes, a throb in the vain, A blood flow so constant down showers the rain. Choo choo goes the train of the hopes that remain, Though it may shuffle in vain, the hopes are the same. No time could tame the natural sweet cane, Of the potency of hope the nectars on in aim. Aim as in focus, flows on the sky, As in questions of why hope seems so high.

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Artemio Garcia's Profile
Age: 32
Location: FL
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, October 16 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

First off I want to say that I hope that all of you are doing good. Please know that I don’t get satisfaction knowing that some of you are going through difficulties. In fact, I pray for you all every day. In spite of that, I just finished writing my book. Its title is “3 Decades”, however, the name might change due to copyright and publishing rights… speaking of which I’m in the editing and publishing stages at the moment. The book is based on my life experiences, both good and bad in the criminal underworld. It also reflects with my battles with drugs, and how I lost touch with reality because of my lifestyle. My autobiography book also contains real photos of my innocence as a child all the way up to adulthood. In due time, I’m going to add photos from my book to my profile. I will be looking forward to hearing any input or feedback that readers might have based on my story. For any questions or comments feel free to write or email me. God bless.

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Harold Laird's Profile
Age: 39
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, October 27 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

Children are impressionable and redeemable and are the future of a nation. It makes me wonder what governments/courts are thinking when sentencing children to life in adult prison without considering their background, age, maturity or any fact of the child’s life. There are over 2000 children given automatic life without parole. That figure does not include children given life with parole, albeit in 30+ years. That’s a lot of wasted lives and talent. I’m sure you’re aware, prison is a harsh place for adults, for a child though, it’s horror. 30+ years is beyond understanding to someone that has only been alive for 13-16 years. Institutionalization sets in, in much less time than that in adults. So how is a child supposed to stave off institutionalization? What happens when/if they win their freedom? Being institutionalized from such a young age will deny these people the tools they need to keep that freedom unless they’ve got a strong support base to step into. Considering the background of these children (now adults) having or finding such a support base is extremely difficult. So most of these people are lost to society, unless society takes action. What’s shameful is the courts don’t seem to care about the loss of these lives or talent from society. Don’t’ get me wrong, taking a life is horrible and deserves punishment, however, no one (least of all children) should be subjected to the injustice of automatic life sentences without mercy and understanding.

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Derrick Smith's Profile
Age: 42
Location: MI
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, October 27 2014
Inmate Blog Category:

Hi, I am Derrick and I want to know if you are looking to start a friendship with me as a friend and then more or are you looking to starting with a friend or what could be possibly more. I have a degree in criminal, civil and appellate law. I have extensive Bible study diplomas. I have worked to become a better man. I have financial security through my civil rights lawsuits that I have filed and actually still pending. I am a man who can take care of myself. I am a man looking for someone who is able to connect with me on many different levels. Honesty, truth, loyalty, respect, faith and most of all not being judgmental in the fact that I came to prison and what I came to prison for. I would love to be able to find someone who is willing to look at me for who I am on the inside of the man I am and be willing to share who she is with me and telling me all her likes and dislikes and letting me know everything that you want in life and I would also like you to ask me anything you want. What are you hobbies? Your favorite movies? Your favorite sports? What do you do for a living? Do you have a big family or a small family? Are you looking for friendship? Are you looking for a relationship? Are you looking for anything long term or short term? Are you wanting a man who is honest and true? Or are you looking for a sugar daddy??? Are you wanting a man to dominate you, or be equal with you…tell me what kind of man you want and I will tell you what kind of man I am. I would love to be able to know more about you and I can be reached by emailing me at or my mailing address. Write to me and tell me about yourself. I hope to hear from you. Oh yes, I want to know are you looking for a rich man or a poor man? A man to give you the emotional connection that you are missing or just a man who can offer you things that you have not been given…let me know, okay? Bye for now…Derrick

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