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Michael Medin's Profile
Age: 34
Location: MN
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, May 27 2013
Inmate Blog Category:LIFE

Hey everyone. Lately in the news there’s been some crazy stuff going on. Hot topics if you will. Here’s my take on a few. Hit me back with your spin. Illegal immigration---I wish Obama and the rest of the powers that be would stop wasting time. They should legalize the 11 million already over here. It ain’t like their going anywhere anyways right? On top of that, they need to figure out an effective method to allow foreigners quicker routes to American citizenship. If that were in place they wouldn’t have to cross over illegally. If bothers me that we as a country we whine about this but never seem to do anything about it. I’m all for others wanting to come over here. Americas great. However if their criminals you shouldn’t be allowed. They need to contribute the way we do. Question I have is. Why when they cross and make money over here, don’t they want to go back? It seems like they should want to. Next topic---gays in America. Go ahead and legalize it. Everyone deserves the rights they want. Honestly though even though I’m for them getting their rights I’m against the lifestyle. I believe it hurts the structure of family. A child needs a man and a woman. Also I don’t believe people are born gay. It’s a choice. People turn gay in prison all the time. They weren’t born gay, they choose it.

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Salvador Martinez's Profile
Age: 27
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, May 30 2013
Inmate Blog Category:

A lot of people don’t understand what its like to be locked up. You can read or look at all the TV shows/Documentaries about prison but you’ll never be able to relate. They only show you the bad and the troubles but always leave out the struggles and the good we manage to obtain while we’re locked up. Do they tell you how they try their best to send us to the farthest prisons from home? I’ve never seen them show how nasty the food is? How they make us work for free? How they really have enough staff to run recreation, so never do? It’s crazy, but we find a way to keep our head up. People have different ways to do that, I’m trying to do it by letting my mind leave this place for a little bit through a pen and paper and a friend but how can I do that without that friend? Sometimes I reach out but can’t grab nothing but when I do I never know if it’s a friend or someone trying to act like one. It’s hard to find a friend to keep but doesn’t stop me from trying. They gave a word limit of (250) words but it doesn’t take (250) words to keep it real, so if you’re out there and looking for a true friend, I’m not too hard to find. GOD Bless you.

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Donald Brown's Profile
Age: 38
Location: OH
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Thursday, May 30 2013
Inmate Blog Category:

In life, and in our hardest moments, and in times when we feel so vulnerable and desperate, we reach for a friend because true friendship will persevere. That is the friendship that I long for. Few things in life are as valuable as knowing that your friend stands by your side. I’ve done wrong in my life, obviously, but I don’t want to be remembered solely on the past mistakes that I’ve made. I want to be there for someone that needs a friend. I want to help someone out of the dark place in their life and be their glimmer of sunshine. Just as they would be mine. Tomorrow is promised to nobody so why do we always expect one? I’m right here, wanting to be the shoulder for you to lean on when life keeps serving lemons. We can make lemonade together. Do you ever wonder what’s all out in the universe? Or think to yourself, “What’s the purpose of it all”? I don’t know what all the world and universe has to offer but I am a firm believer there is a purpose and reason for everything. Even when it’s beyond our comprehension. In this constant confinement of this cell, there is ample time to think and write and I would like to share these with you and talk about what you’re interested in. The End

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Frank Souza's Profile
Age: 36
Location: CA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, June 5 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Redemption

I have reached a process of change. Redemption. Redemption is not a discriminable commodity based on classicism, elitism, political favoritism, gender, race, creed, or color. Redemption awaits everybody, God’s mercy needs no defense. I’ve discovered that strength can be found in the might of the intellect, in spirituality, in creativity, and in constructive progress. I am not the violent genetic misfit incapable of change that the courts, society, media, law enforcement, and prison administration believe I am. None of these people really know me. They only know of me. By consistent discipline and practice I developed what I call an “instinctual conscience” that helps me to address a given situation with effective results. It was never easy to detach myself from the prisons procrustean efforts to render me an automation. Burned in effigy with no regrets was my misconception of manhood culture, education, life and the world. Prison became the Gethsemane where I overcame my hypocritical conscience and self-hatred. No longer the possessor of a radioactive mind polluted by self-destructiveness. I now exist with analytical mentality and a thunderous heart that beats with inner peace, atonement and truth whether I’m dismissed from this physical world today or tomorrow. I take pleasure in knowing I defied the odds to embody a process of change that produces a positive effect on me and other people. I’m learning to master self while rising from the ashes of madness. Thank you and keep smiling.

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Ryan Frederick's Profile
Age: 35
Location: VA
Total Blog Entries: 2
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, June 15 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Mail

For anyone who tries to send me something through WriteAPrisoner, I don’t have any means of communicating electronically. The only way I will be able to respond is if you write me here at Ryan Frederick, #1406669, PO Box 1000, Chatham VA 24531 and please include your return address because the mail room tends to rip the envelope so bad that I can’t make out what was on it. I don’t get much mail and I write back every time, so if you have sent me a message or a letter but haven’t gotten a response from me, it’s because I just don’t have your information. Ryan Frederick #140669 PO Box 1000 Chatham VA 24531

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Anthony Montgomery's Profile
Age: 36
Location: TX
Total Blog Entries: 3
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, June 22 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Update

Hey everybody! I am happy to announce that I am now here in the GRAD Program and doing all I can do to “ace” the thing. It’s a real good program that offers a lot of information and tools to change. Let’s face it--change, real change is NOT easy. I am doing a lot of worksheets to these videos in this Phase 1 Curriculum. There are 3 phases. Once I complete the program I will be among the living again!!! BIG SMILE!!! I am learning everything that I can in order to be a better me. A better person. A better friend. A better son, father, employee…a better man. Maybe even a better husband eventually. My daughter’s mother became pregnant while I was on the run from law enforcement before I came to prison. So I never had the chance to be there for her…it was too late, I was already on my way to prison, no turning back. So! I am working on it !!! I’m working on a lot! NOW! Where the heck is everyone!?! I have not heard from anyone! I need some love here! It’s like the closer I get to going home, everyone disappears! What’s up with that!? Grin… If that’s the case then I need some new friends!! SO SOMEONE WRITE ME!! Smile…Let’s spend these last 9 months getting to know one another. I will have phone privileges soon! And we will be able to talk! SMILE!

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Bryce Teton's Profile
Age: 21
Location: ID
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Monday, June 24 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Friendship

Honestly, to tell you the truth I’m on this pen pal website to meet someone new and when I say that, I’m talking about someone that’s willing to put their self out there and get to straight up know me as the person I am. Not as what society labeled me. I didn’t even want to do this at first but after not getting mail from anyone for a while it starts to weigh on you so I put up my trust to try and meet someone new from a totally different life style. That’s my reason for saying very little at first with my first blog. I had to put up another picture cause the first one had me looking crazy I think. I have some partners from Philly, Bronx NY, and South Carolina as well but they are my age and doing the things I would be dong if I wasn’t in prison so I don’t’ want to hold any of them bacc from being successful. I’d like to meet a friend, nothing more, just someone to talk to as I progress through my time here. I’m just a youngster trying to make parole so I can get out and be the man my family so desperately needs. I’ve come a long way since the day I touched down here at I.D.O.C. I’m still working on what I want and who I want to be as well. It’s hard getting out a hole that you dug too deep if you know what I mean. And this is only one simple little step I’m taking to help myself get out of that hole. A bigger one would be furthering my education cause I wasn’t able to graduate high school in 2012 as I should have if I had been out. Like I said I’m just trying to get out and have a friend to help me through this just by letters, nothing big. Cause really it helps me look forward to another week personally.

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Shannon Silknitter's Profile
Age: 27
Location: KY
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Saturday, July 6 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Prison Life

Those that wrote for the short time, you are appreciated. Women who ain’t got the time to write an intro letter, please feel free to use the Contact Shannon icon and I will do my best to break the ice. Just be serious & of age. For the past year I’ve been in the hole. I’m looking to secure a friendship with someone unique who is in unison in finding something secure in having each other. The special management unit is not what’s happening. Even though I’m halfway through, if someone attacks you even if you didn’t provoke it, they start you all over again. No TV. Just novels, mags & mail. So, I’m looking for that someone who will write. Women who can increase my vocab in Spanish and Japanese, please write. Older, mature women requested. Please be emotionally stable. I will only try to write positively, please do the same. Anything else is not worth the time of day in expressing. Adventurous women wanted.

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Samuel Ryan's Profile
Age: 42
Location: NJ
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, July 17 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Christian Life

I’m a Christian whose humble faith in God has only strengthened me on my journey inside of the Plantation of New Jersey State Prison. Where personal attacks, harassment, betrayals, revenge, jealousy, rejection, unclear goals, and injustice are perfectly natural in this unforgiving Plantation. Although the word of God is alive and works to change people’s lives within the walls of this Plantation! Thessalonians 2:13, His word will work in those who believe in him. Therefore on my journey of learning, teaching, growing in God’s word in an unforgiving world, I’ve experienced tough blows, yet I continue to hold a burning belief in the goodness of others even under present circumstances. Scripture says be patient in your troubles; Love one another warmly as Christians and be eager to show respect for one another. I ask those who believe in the word of God, “How much do you love yourself!? On a scale from one-to-ten, ten being the highest!?” Remember as Christians we should be helping each other who’s in need. It’s through our works that we are judged by God. For scripture says, “When, Lord did we ever see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and we would not help you! The King will reply, I tell you whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones you refused to help me.” Matthew 25: 44-45 My journey continues… God Bless

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Kevin Hall's Profile
Age: 37
Location: IA
Total Blog Entries: 1
Inmate Blog Entry:Wednesday, July 24 2013
Inmate Blog Category:Update

First and foremost I want to thank people who have taken the time to hit me up. Meeting new and interesting people helps guys like me with doing time. So again, thank you. I also want to give thanks to this website so that people on the outside can see that everyone in prison is not all bad. Giving you a closer look at guys like me in getting to know me and who I am. Realizing people make mistakes, but besides that I just might be a person you would want to get to know. Not only that, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on my new book coming out real soon. Stay in touch cause I will be releasing the title in my next blog as well as the date of its release. So keep a look out, cause you don’t want to miss out on something special. Until next time stay true to yourself and much love to all.

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