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Inmate Blog Entry: Tuesday, March 14 2017

Inmate Blog Category: More About Me

Jeffery Yates's Profile
Age: 44
Location: Centralia, IL
Total Blog Entries: 1

~~ A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness To My People, Wake Up!~~~ This is a message of truth: An attempt to reach all people but specially my people, of my culture and nationality. My name (now) is Yisrael, my earthly name from birth and government record is Jeffrey A Yates Sr. November 15, 2016 made twenty-five years I’ve been incarcerated for a Murder and Burglary I’m completely innocent of. I’m fighting and will continue until I prove my innocence and regain my freedom (liberty) which was taken from me unjustly. While incarcerated, this quarter of a century, I sat out and accomplished all the education I could acquire, which led to two college degrees and several trades so that upon the day I am released I will be able to function and be successful in society; a world that has advanced in so many different avenues. I am amazed of the opportunity I had to have a front row seat seeing the world around me functioning, with all its highs and lows, joy, pain, evil, good, corruption and also justice. I traveled deep in my thoughts on a quest search for the answers as to how we, as a people, got lost and how we continue to remain lost, in bondage, dying- mentally, spiritually and physically. And my conclusion is that, we lack the knowledge, understanding and wisdom we once reigned with as a people. It is my endeavor and cause to reach out to a world, my people, and share. The truths I’ve learned about us that has been hidden purposely to keep us in bondage, which has happened over the last four hundred and fifty plus years. I’ve went into a study uncovering the massive of truth about us, and when I say us; I dare to refer to us as Negros, black people or even African Americans, where by our true history, we are descendants of Abraham, Isaiah, and Jacob, which is a true bloodline, which is the most high expressed that his covenant would come through. The name of our father are and will always be Hebrews. Not Nigga or Negro, which by definition is a derogatory phase. Not black because by definition merits no good and not African because in truth, this is the name of the man that seized this land that already belongs to us. We’re not American because it is, without doubt, a title forced upon us, given to us as slaves, were the true natives of this and all land, as true history speaks. And this is just the beginning as to the many things I want to share on this blogging site. My attempt with this message is to bring any and all people on one accord the truth, and to bring life to my people that have been lost these four hundred and fifty plus years. And be clear to all, that whatever nationality, creed, or culture we live by, we are all one family and come from the same creator, and genes of our fathers; Abraham, Isaiah and Jacob. On this blog site let’s discuss and dialogue about all subjects and come from the intention to bring change, not confusion. We are change, which lies within us. And a special announcement to my sista’s, who I and other brotha’s have caused pain, hurt, abandonment, and lacked the presence of what a real man’s role is. Now, I and other brotha’s have come into the true knowledge, understanding and wisdom of truth. We know ourselves now, we (I) know the essence of what love is and how to love you. I (we) will earn your love, trust and honor again. And as you allow us back into your hearts and souls again, we will prove to you all that we know you are Yahweh’s (God’s) greatest gift to man, and we will never fail you again because we are now being lead and guided by the most high. And also my dearly beloved brothers, let’s not fight against each other, but I stand with you, embrace you and uplift you with all that’s in me. Let’s rebuild our nation, our cause for existing. In closing, my final words, until we meet again; a thought to leave you with: As a child I heard a saying that was meant to destroy me, but in tur ignited my search for truth. And it said: Anything you don’t want a black man to know, put it in a book (in part because we don’t like to read). In response to that, I read everything I can pick up and this journey of knowledge, has led me to many truths. I look to hear from you all and I also look forward to learning from you, as well. Let’s talk, blog, text and write letters. Let’s bring the change we’ve been searching for. It’s in us! In love, sincerely, respectfully and in all honesty, Yirsarael a.k.a. Jeffrey A Yates Sr.

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