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I Want to be Free
By Shawn Ali

I’m feeling this pain, I know it will change no matter what I face, God will make a way, chasing my dreams, I’m spreading my wings, see my future on the horizon, I see it clearly
I want to be free, I want to be free,
I want to be free, I want to be free.

Hearing echoes of the gavel
Down the barred and brickwall
Halls that I travel
A young, naïve victim
Kidnapped by the system
40-year wilderness sentence
Surrounded by towers like Babel
Unraveled my existence
My pain gave me purpose
Persistence to tackle
20 flat years
Tears dripping
On the pages of rap lyrics
Inspired by
my painful experiences
f#@! The doubters
who don’t want to hear this
free tickets (one day)
for the ones who support this
believed in my mission and vision
when I didn’t have S#@!
Whispers of justice
Finally being heard
Over screams of corruption
Functioned well in a cell
Became the king of my hell
My head swelled with intel
Enlightened by knowledge
I struggled to excel
But my brow never fell
At first, I didn’t understand
Know no, it’s part of a bigger plan
detoured, by my unlawful captivity
But I derailed on a bad destiny
Detailed, my journey
In the lost art of writing
Words gave my injustice meaning
Introduced me to the best of me
Words also hurt me
So many said they loved me
Might as well been my enemies
Love with zero actions
Are words with no validity
It took strangers
Acting as angels
To get the wheels of justice
Spinning in the right direction
But I won’t stop breathing…
…..won’t stop believing….
  ….won’t stop battling
Until I’m granted my exoneration
I want to be free, I want to be free


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264 Results | Viewing Results 263- 263 | Viewing Page 263 of 264
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