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  "Throne of Compassion"

   I gave my watch away because the only time is now; a sacred warrior upon my throne and when I rise I bow.
      Moments of silence cut like a sword through the illusions of the mind; a journey within myself as I cross the rivers pf doubt and time.
       Becoming aware of the bestial nature within mankind and I; transferring dark energy into white so I'll have honor when I die.
     That which does not change cannot exist; nature’s laws show this divine plan that's so bliss.
      My silence speaks of moments in a past life in which of an ancient tongue I once spoke; to let me know that were all one just as the universe, the earth and the oak.
     The mind and the vessel of the Gods can become one; just like the stars in the sky the moon and the sun.
     Rain becomes a river, a river the sea; just as pain transforms into compassion to manifest love within me.
     Dark moments that I have endured were just training to battle in service of the light; a noble cause of ancient laws striving for order over chaos when I fight.
      Yet this battle is not of the physical form; yet rather with dark matter and calming the mind when it's a storm.
      A battle is already lost if an enemy has an outpost in the mind; so detach, denounce and then destroy and pray a better way you'll find.
       So I hail the creator for the blueprints that were encoded in me; I hail the creator for peace and serenity.
      I hail the creator for a chance at love and wisdom; I hail the creator for awaking us, his children.
      And one last hail before I bring this chant to an end; I want to hail the sacred warrior who meditates to find the God within.
                                            J.M. 2017

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277 Results | Viewing Results 272- 272 | Viewing Page 272 of 277
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