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Landon's Poems

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A spoken word poem to show forth my appreciation of the womb-men who show forth their true divinity.

Man has been dependant on his mother in some fashion. In his awakening to a civilized spiritual-consciousness he gave birth to nature awareness. While growing and tending crops man noticed the annual cycle of birth, growth, death and resurrection of vegetation. He drew the connection to the woman’s ability to give birth to children and the earth’s ability to “give birth” to all plants. So they became “Mother” (Mother Earth). Women were the Queen Mother of the Supreme Goddess.

As a man who tends the “earth” I must nurture her with the essential elements that are needed for her to be productive. If she is earth then I am sun. The sun radiates its true energy upon the earth and together they work together to bring forth an abundance of life. Without the earth the sun is a lonely star, without the sun the earth is a desolate rock.

The womb of the universe from which all things come is symbolic to the womb of the “wombman”. The womb is a place of refuge. When a man’s defenses are down, when he’s emotionally spent he turns to his mother; from the womb he came.

So to my mother and all wombmen as a collective show forth your divinity by continuing being the cultivator of life. From where he came, a true man shall return; his essence of respect to his origins. Love!


Landon Reynolds AD4452
Susanville, CA

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