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Across Our Desk

We wanted to create this section to anonymously share some interesting letters and emails that we receive around here on a daily basis. We wanted to share how and incarceration impacts so many lives. This section provides some insight into the behind-the-scenes stories we regularly encounter.



From an inmate in Tennessee Colony, TX

I have gained a sincere friend and maybe the future will bring more. Who knows? I’d like to say thank you because it gave me hope again. And that was something that was lost.



From an inmate in Forrest City, AR

I had great success being a member of this website. I met people in a lot of different places that are very outgoing. Thanks for your service.



From an inmate in Suffield, CT

Although my new found friend would rather remain anonymous, I can and will say with absolute certainty that your site and services are very effective, efficient and professional. I respect and appreciate what you people do for the incarcerated. Too often we are forgotten and/or discarded as worthless, and yet your site proves over and over again that not all people see us as less than human…but, on the contrary, that we are also just that – humans! Humans who have made costly mistakes and yet we too deserve 2nd chances at redemption. Again, thank you! I highly respect and appreciate what y’all do. Best wishes and success.



From an inmate in Greenville, IL

I have met several interesting people on this website and they have made my time go by so much easier. There are a lot of good people in the world and this website has helped me branch out and meet new people all over the world! I have too many special pen-pals to list just one! Special thanks to the staff at and thanks to my new friends who have taken the time out to write and warm this heart of mine. Thanks, you are cherished friends and always will be!



From an inmate in Susanville, CA

My friend has provided me with a general well-being, has helped with my education and has become a very special friend. There is a definite connection and we have many things in common, which is absolutely great. We, indeed, have made plans for the future. In the meantime we are furthering our education and continue to support each other towards positive goals in our lives which could possibly bring us closer together. For us the future is wide open and we plan to see some of our great country’s magnificent sights in each other’s company. Where it will lead from there will be fully upon our decision at that time. However I do see our friendship at this moment, what we’ve found, and believe is something very good, which every one of us seeks to find. I am very happy with your assistance and your business. I absolutely recommend your services and can say honestly that you provide a great service. I thank you very much and will indeed contact you upon any further need. Thanks again.



From an inmate in Tabor City, NC

Thank you for your help. I would like to point out that writing someone from prison can be one of the hardest things to do when you have nothing but the best of intentions. In not so many words, it can have you, as a prisoner, almost feeling really bad that you’re not able to actually give back the amount of love you wish to share in return and also causes you to hesitate whether it’s okay to actually place another in the position of loving/caring for someone locked up. It is very tricky and deals with real feelings and emotions. I almost wanted to delete myself off before things could get out of hand so to speak because it’s hard for me to not feel something towards another who shows affection and love at the lowest time in my life. I understand that some of the people who have written are dealing with the same but different situations and having this site offers them a chance to find understanding and compassion as well. I’ve met some really nice females, some that would have me really, really feeling sickness for not being free. One in particular came into my life and just swept me away and I felt and feel she understands my situation and, even if it doesn’t develop to any more than a friendship, I feel in debt to her. She supports many of my goals and I feel a true sense that she really wants to see me complete some. I feel a deep connection with her and one of the best things is she lives right here in North Carolina. She is beautiful, with an awesome smile and a really awesome sense of humor and I’m allowed to act myself, whether it is a bad day or expressing myself in the silliest ways. I have been blessed with a super cool talent and I never knew it existed until I came to prison. Over the years I have done my best to perfect it and have…somewhat. Now my mind sees bigger things in life and this person supports me in all my aspirations. I will be completing a drawing book sometime next year. She has been a huge help so far due to me not having anybody to support me and recognize my talent but she does.



From an inmate in Trenton, NJ

I have received letters from several people and have become friend with them all. Thank you for your service! I will use it again and definitely will recommend you to everyone here who is lonely.



From an inmate in Only, TN

I netted two pen-pals and with one of them I’ve found a strong, unique connection. I’ve been locked up for almost 20 years and in all that time I’ve lived without physical intimacy. I’m not gay, and I’ve had no woman to visit me. That has injured and warped me. I spent most of my 20’s and all of my 30’s without so much as a hug, a kiss, a shared glance across a crowded room. This will turn you into a monster if you let it. Having a compatible female pen-pal hasn’t healed me overnight but it’s a start. Maybe it’s possible to regain my humanity after all. Thank you.



From an inmate in Jonesville, VA

1. Has pushed me into pursuing my dream as a fitness trainer… 2. Has kept me sane and above the water…also keeps me focused… 3. They want to come see me and want to build a relationship… Anyway, we’ve been writing each other for almost a year…and it’s been pure bliss from the very beginning. She understands my position and is down for me every step of the way. All she wants from me is to strive in order to further my educational status. Is it love? It’s more than that. Thank you WriteAPrisoner, you guys are the best…



From an inmate in Las Vegas, NV

My pen-pal rocks! All because of your website I got a wonderful pen-pal! You guys are so trustworthy and so consistent and I have nothing but WriteAPrisoner to thank.



From an inmate in Dayton, OH

I have been on your site since March of 2012 and I love it. I love the mail from all over the world. It’s so cool to learn about different cultures. However, just a few months ago a man from right here wrote me a letter. I wrote back and we became fast friends! He has become such a good friend to me! He actually comes to see me every Saturday night! I now look forward to Saturday. We have the best time talking and laughing over vending machine junk food. Thank you so much,!



From an inmate in Draper, UT

My pen-pal has helped me with my mental well being, aided me in my endeavors, opened me up as a person, my true self, rather than being a mistake of a man! All of it has helped me grow as a person. Thanks. We’ve become best of friends! Nothing more, nothing less… Don’t plan to meet upon release due to distance and whereabouts.



From an inmate in Iowa Park, TX

My pen-pal has been very supportive in assisting me to prepare for my release and says to tell you, "Thank you", as I do also! It was a pleasure doing business with you! God bless you!



From a pen-pal in the United States

Hi! I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Vermont where I study Political Science and Environmental Studies. I love Vermont (although it gets REALLY cold) and have found some of the best friends I could have ever asked for through my sorority of which I am the president. Our Philanthropy is literacy, and I'm trying to adopt Books Behind Bars as our new program. I respect the bravery you have to turn a terrible situation into a more bearable one by reaching out to people like me. Best, K.



From an inmate in San Quentin, CA

Hello. I’ve been a strong supporter of for several years. I’ve received countless emails and letters due to being on your site and I’ve developed many friendships. In all appreciation I’ve only had good happen to me while being on your site. Thank you very much. With respect, A. P.



From an inmate in Milton, FL

Hello! My name is L. M. and I am currently in one of Florida’s prisons. I received information about your Back to Work program. When I get out it will be 10 years that I’ve been gone from the streets on June 2, 2011, which is my release date. I really don’t care what type of job you help me get, I just want to work so that I won’t end up back in a place like this. I don’t care where I have to relocate to, to work; I just want to work somewhere. I’m just trying to start my life over and do the right thing. Sincerely, L.



From the wife an inmate on

Thank you so much for posting my husband’s information on your website. It is a great thing for people who are incarcerated to have a different avenue to meet new people. I work in corrections, so I know how lonely it can get for them. I am trying to form avenues for corrections to realize that there needs to be more rehabilitation for convicted felons inside of the prison so when they are integrated back into society they will know how to function and never have to return. Although prison will continue to be a revolving door, I one day hope that I can make a change.



From a Probation Officer (email)

Can a person apply for the scholarship of children with incarcerated parents if they have a GED? I noticed you have a GPA requirement – and certified transcripts are requested. Will a certified GED certificate work? I was also wondering, if a person has a GED, and therefore no teacher or counselor to submit a letter of recommendation – can a probation officer write the letter? (Editor’s note: The answer is yes.)



From a pen-pal (email)

As I am presently taking a class, "Rehabilitation of the Offender", it becomes more and more clear to me just how important contact with the outside society is to the success of the rehabilitation process. Thanks to your writing program I have a truly beautiful story to tell; furthermore, a person’s life has been changed forever. I am deeply committed to continuing my efforts, and will continue. Change is a beautiful thing. Very Sincerely, L. V.



From a pen-pal (email)

My name is I. and I am a pen-pal to an inmate. In days like these, with little or no rehab or work force vocational training going on within the prisons especially in California, due to lack of funds they say, there is a great need for prisoners who are leaving prison to have assistance with finding and training for a job. It’s hard to find a job now anyway, outside of the fact that these men must face the world as an ex-con. We must do all we can to assist others to fit back into society and to stay on the straight and narrow road to a safer and healthier, happy life.



From a pen-pal in England (email)

My name is T. and I have been a prison pen-pal for over 15 years now and I feel that it is very important to do all we can to help prisoners to integrate back into the real world. I feel also that prisoners are not something that can just be put into a cell and forgotten about as they need contact with people from the outside. From the ex-prisoners I have become friends with it has proven very important to them also to have contact with people from the outside. Thank you for your time. Respectfully yours, T. T.



From a pen-pal in the U. K. (email)

Hi, I’ve been a pen-pal since September 2009 and have been writing to one inmate at MCI Concord since then. I’ve sent him books on certain fields that he is interested in working in, and on his release he would be happy to wait tables. Due to your site, he now has a real reason for living. He is determined to become a better man and will NOT ever be returning to jail. Well done for all your hard work. Not only have you changed his life, you have changed mine too and I will be forever grateful for that. Kindest regards, Z. R.



From a pen-pal (email)

I currently write to a gentleman incarcerated in Arizona at Lewis Prison, and a close friend who is incarcerated in a Federal Prison in Milan, Michigan. I have been writing to these gentlemen for approximately 2 years. Both still have about 2 years left on their sentence. I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with their writing abilities as far as poetry, and some personal life stories, considering one never graduated from high school and neither have any college experience. Both have become model prisoners and have every intention of heading on a different path once released. Sincerely, P. S.



From a member of our forum

I started writing to a prisoner in January 2011. He had been in prison for 7 years. We started writing letters every 2 weeks. Anyway, he got out of prison I think about 3 months ago now. He’s doing really well. He starts college in the next few months. Just wanted to share that…



From an inmate in Coleman, FL

MAIL CALL is very important, as well as phone calls, as you well know. Thank you for thinking about all of us that are in prison. We all appreciate your support. S. M.



From an inmate in Hillsboro, IL

First of all I just wanted to say that I think your service is outstanding! I never cease to tell everyone I meet about your great website and the overwhelming response I have received since putting my profile on it. Thank you for doing what you do! At this time I am requesting, however, that you please remove my profile from your site. I have met an amazing woman who fulfills all of my needs mentally, spiritually, and intellectually and I simply cannot take on any new pen-pals. I could not be happier with the quality of your service, but my plate is full. Again, thank you sincerely, B. L.




From an inmate in Eddyville, KY

Your website has helped with a lot of things but most important, housing, employment and helping pass the rest of my prison time. Only 8 more months left and I have a lot of good friends to write because of WriteAPrisoner. WriteAPrisoner has been an awesome pen-pal site. I really enjoyed being on there, but due to being overflowed with mail, "too much mail" LOL, I had to remove my profile. Besides I’m meeting a lot of great friends. Thanks. E. R.



From an inmate in Tennessee Colony, TX is a wonderful service for those of us who are incarcerated. They provide a platform for millions of people to reach out to us. Through this service I now have a purpose for utilizing all that is available to insure I am a productive member of society upon my release. R. G.



From an inmate in Ione, CA to the Better Business Bureau

To the Better Business Bureau - I would like to let you know that has been a Godsend in my life. has given me a new life, full of love and a desire to be a better person, making better decisions for my life. Thank you for everything. M. C.



From an inmate in Canon City, CO

To whom this letter may concern, WriteAPrisoner is one of the best websites offering help to the incarcerated, looking to help ease the separation from society. This website has done more than the majority of any pen-pal websites and I highly recommend this place to anyone. T. P.



From an inmate in Livingston, TX

Greetings & my utmost respects, I’d like to thank you very much for all your services. You are true to your word. I did start receiving mail. I’m very grateful for websites like this one. As a man confined to a cage 24/7 the mind can become your worst enemy and by this site’s service I have been fortunate to find one true friend. Thank you so very much. Regards, J. G.



From an inmate in Glenville, WV

Hello, my name is B. D. I was placed on this site,, early this year. This site brought me hope in my life. I was in here, at the lowest point of my life, and found a person who showed me how to love again; someone that has taught me to never give up. This site in many ways saved my life. Many times I felt like giving up. Thank you so much, B.D.



From an inmate in West Liberty, KY

Your service is a gift. Please continue giving. It’s sad that so many Americans are incarcerated, but your service gives us hope. Your service does important work for a forgotten community of people. That, in turn, helps all communities of this country. D. B.



From an inmate in Hondo, TX

My pen-pals did help me with mental wellbeing. Some offered help with housing and other things. J. M.



From an inmate in Centralia, IL rocks. Half my life in prison, all I can say is that I wish I had known of many years ago. This is the only prison pen-pal site that I will ever recommend. is the real deal. After 16 years of my life incarcerated I have been on several prison pen-pal websites – but no results… I’ve been on WriteAPrisoner for what? Less than 3 months! And I am requesting to have my profile removed! That says a lot about your service. W. C.



From an inmate in Canon City, CO

To Whom It May Concern: First and foremost I want to thank you for your services and the opportunity to meet new friends. I am very grateful for the people who reached out to me through I’ve learned that people have unconditional love & are very understanding through these very difficult circumstances. I’ve also learned that no matter how many bad days you have – someone out there always has time to lift up your spirits. I really appreciate having met genuine people who are looking to put a smile on my face. Once again I thank you & the people who reach out to us – God bless you all! has given me hope and it’s opened up new friendships that only I can say are truly genuine. I recommend to family and friends. J. T.



From an inmate in Bland, VA

Thanks to your awesome site I now have a home and life waiting for me upon my release. I met the best thing that’s ever happened to me. is not only the best pen-pal site on the planet; people don’t understand what positive energy they bring to people and all the hope people find from being on their site. They truly are the classic definition for awesome. P. K.



From an inmate in West Liberty, KY

I am writing you this letter to ask you to please remove my profile from your website. I have found someone truly special and would like to thank you and your services for making this possible. I will continue to recommend you to others and hope those I recommend are as fortunate as I am. Thank you for your time and wonderful service. Also, I was helped with employment and housing upon my release. I received great service and was able to meet someone truly wonderful. J. F.



From an online pen-pal in Oregon

J.P. you don't know me but you have probably heard of me from your father. My name is R., I am 38 and the oldest of the W. children. I didn't meet our father until I was 31. To my surprise I now have brothers and sisters I have never known. This must be a lucky month for the both of us, as you are soon to be released and I have found you here and our dad on Facebook. I just want you to know that you are not alone. I have made my fair share of mistakes and no judgment will be passed by this new brother. The only thing we can do is to admit to our wrongs and do what we can to make them right, and continue to move forward in this life. I don’t expect anything other than a friendship between brothers. However, I do expect to see you on the correct path, which leads to your success. You and I share our father’s genes, so I know just how strong you can be. Just know that no matter what, you have a brother that cares. R. D.



From a pen-pal’s email forward in Portland, OR

Wow, I can't believe I found you.... Hello D. it's your dad, L. I have been searching for you for a very long time. I LOOKED AT YOUR PICTURES; you still look like the same little kid I met at J’s when you were just about 11 years old. I hope to hear back from you. We have a lot to talk about. Love L. W. (Dad)



A letter from an inmate in Delano, CA

This service has been a complete success and far surpassed any expectation I had going into this. It had a profound effect on my attitude toward society and toward my own rehabilitation. At one point I was ready to cancel the ad, due to lack of responses, and this service encouraged me to hang in there. I did and met the woman of my dreams. I’m asking for removal because I found all I need in one woman! works and is a positive tool for all, including society as a whole. S. L.



A letter from an inmate in Panama City, FL

Dear Mr. Lovell I’ll make this short as I’m sure your time is valuable. I just want to thank you for righting the foolish restrictions on pen-pals sites that DOC enforces. I understand that some will abuse the privilege and inevitably someone will be taken advantage of. However that is not justification for limiting an inmate’s access to the outside world. Letters are therapeutic in more ways than I have the time to name. It (writing) keeps an inmate’s mind on society rather than the dreary, depressive and counterproductive prison environment. Anyone that has done time can tell you, the guys that spend their time writing are rarely involved in any sort of trouble. I will stop boring you now with points that I am sure you are well aware of; more so than myself. So again, thank you. You are fighting something that few inmates would have the resources to challenge. You are appreciated more than you know. I’m also including a profile. After reading the Orlando article about your lawsuit I was determined to support your company in any way I can. My father will be sending the check. It could possibly have already arrived. It will be sent from an A. W. along with a picture of me. Thank you, R. W.



A letter from an inmate in Danville, IL

Subject: Satisfied Services Rendered Complete. I am writing to you today to ask to remove my ad page on your website. I have a home to parole to now, thanks in part to your services. I also have many new friends around the nation. Most wrote directly to me. I should have signed up years ago. Anyway, thank you for services, I am completely satisfied. You can verify that I am no longer in prison by going to the IDOC website; it will say something like, "Parole Region". I am… Sincerely, B. M.



An email from a family member of an inmate in Bowling Green, MO

I am having a problem with NECC in Bowling Green, MO. I uploaded a profile for my nephew, C. P. He was told that he has 30 days to remove this profile (on otherwise, he will be in violation and he needs to show them proof that it has been taken off. I read on your FAQs that it’s their 1st amendment right to receive mail, but my nephew’s having problems with the staff there. I’m afraid that if he doesn’t take his profile off, they will really penalize him. He is in solitary and he really wanted a pen-pal. If you knew my nephew, you would know how difficult it was for him to ask me to create a profile for him. By him asking, I know that he is extremely lonely and he really needs to talk to someone. What do I do? Do I take his profile off so he doesn’t get in trouble? By doing that, I’m afraid he’s going to go in a deep depression. I feel horrible for him and I really need help. Please advise me. Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate you being here.



A letter from an inmate in Represa, CA

Dear Sir/Ms., I am writing to request that you send me a few of your brochures. I used your service in 2002 or so and I was very happy with your service and results. I am happy to say that I am still corresponding with a few people that I met from your site! I haven’t used your service since then and I am not sure how much things have changed so would you please send me some of your brochures so that I can write up a new ad and, if possible, please send a few more (4 or 5) because I know more than a few people that are also interested in using your service. Thank you for your time and help with this matter. Sincerely, J. M.



A letter from an inmate in Loretto, PA

Dear, I just wanted to write to express my complete gratitude for your service. I want to thank you so much for facilitating the reconnection between me and the love of my life! I thought I had lost her forever back in 1997. Well she found out I was in prison and she immediately began to search for me and she found my profile on your website! The pictures confirmed it was me and we have been getting to know each other ever since November. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing service you provide inmates like me. Your service is second to none. I always tell others about it! Can you please change my status from single to in a relationship, or whatever the opposite of single is? Thanks for all you do! Sincerely, M. R.



An email from a family member of an inmate

I just wanted to thank you guys because my siblings and I have found our younger brother on your site after over 20 years. Thank you for helping us see A., and all mail henceforth will be by USPS.



A letter from a former inmate of the Florida Department of Corrections

I just wanted to ask Adam if there is any way I can be a part of the Trial that is going to happen coming up. I have firsthand knowledge of the system and was just released January 7, 2010. Women are getting DR’s for pen-pal websites and extending their time over it. Is that really helping the already shrinking budget they have? They can barely afford to feed the women, now they are extending their time due to pen-pal restrictions. The inmates brought back the Stationery and Colored Envelopes because they KNEW they couldn’t keep them from getting mail that was allowed before. What can I do to help the cause; a personal letter or testimonial? I know morale is way up when you get a letter from a perfect stranger.



A letter from a family member of an inmate

I want to thank you so much for being able to meet my husband and the father of my son, J. D. He passed 3, almost 4 years ago, but we first met on here. He was and always will be my soul mate, father of my child and forever in our hearts!



A letter from an inmate in Jamestown, CA

Dear, I want to take this time to thank you for your service. My story is for a "Life Time" movie. I started out wanting to find women to write to as I did my prison time. I was looking for one woman that could or would want to help with my new daughter, a pen-pal or mate. Many women wrote me, some wanting money or postage stamps. Being a man I wrote a few. I even sent stamps out to some. Then I received a letter from M. from Modesto, California. We have been writing for months and I saw her again today. She is part of my family now and just loves my daughter and my mother. But that’s not the "Life Time" movie. A month ago I received a letter from S. M., you also sent me an email from her too. Well it turns out S. M. is my 32 year old daughter I didn’t know I had. She found me on Her mother was my girl friend in the 70’s and she had been looking for me all her life but it took to find me. I’m so happy; I have a daughter and 3 grandsons and will visit soon too. S. M. is thankful that I put myself on that web page. Without your help I would not have the family I have now. What can I do for you? I have been in and out of prisons for over 30 years, 7 times. This life of mine has sucked and kids should hear how it’s going to be if they don’t walk right. Let me know if you want my story. Again thank you for my family. J. W.



An e-mail forward from a member of the community to an inmate on our website

Hi! I just got out myself and this site was good to me so I want to give back. I’ll write you for as long as I’m doing well. If I ever fall off you know I’ve gone back to the life. I don’t plan on that though so I hope you’ll write back.



An e-mail forward from a member of the community to an inmate on our website

Hi, my name is S.. I’m looking for a J. W. and wasn’t sure if you were him. The One I’m looking for, his middle name is F, mom’s name is M; lived in or around the La Puente Area in the 70’s. His nickname was J. B. He dated a R. C. in the 70’s. Anyway this site doesn’t give me lots of info so I thought I’d write you to find out if that was you. My mother is R. C. I have never met my biological father and she says his name is J. F. W. but that’s about all the info I have gotten from her. Anyways, thanks for your time. Please write back. Thanks S.



An e-mail forward from a member of the community to an inmate on our website

Hello S! My name is H. and I’m up late, messing around on the computer, and pulled up WAP and saw your ad. I know about this site because, not too long ago, I was on it. So when I say I know what you’re going through I’m serious. You probably already know that your picture caught my attention, but after reading your words I had to send you some love. Hearing R. at mail call feels good, huh? You have my address and if you want to hit back its cool and, if not, it’s cool also. Continue to hold your head high, use something within everyday as a learning experience, and be grateful that you have a date. It’s out here waiting on you! All you have to do is make it through! And tell those female soldiers to take it one day at a time and they’ll be home to their kids, family and what few true friends they have. Take care…

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