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Adam Titus


Free Titus Rally  -  Free Titus Rally  -  Free Titus Rally 

Adam Titus was convicted in Cook County, Illinois, as an accomplice to felony murder.  Under Illinois law, if a person's presence at the scene of a crime can be construed as “aiding and abetting” that crime, that person can be convicted of the substantive crime itself.  After Titus was found guilty, the jury at Titus’ trial for the offenses was permitted to speculate that his mere presence at the scene was sufficient to sustain a conviction.  Nothing existed which could identify Titus as having been accountable for another’s actions.  It had been and is still a reality that police brutality and excessive force, fueled by inflammatory publicity in the local news before and throughout the trial and fanned by the documented lawlessness, made it possible to convict Titus.   The truth is simple: Adam Titus did not receive a fair trial in Cook County, Illinois.  Titus had been convicted in the press and in the minds of the general public from the moment he was apprehended.  The conviction was but a formality.

Thank you for reading and sharing your passion and commitment with us.  Meanwhile, we in this world must remind ourselves again how we threaten our own rights and interests when we, by our silence, condone the police and State’s Attorneys use of unlawful procedures, including attacks on suspects, and use of criminal law to illegally convict.  I ask you now to enter the heart and soul of Adam Titus who, despite all that has happened, preserves strength in the power of principled people to make change together for the common good of the people of the world.

Free Titus Rally

Alexander Richards

The Nomadic Spirit Within Us

Are any of us truly free?   Does life sometimes feel like one big prison with it’s restrictions and rules?     Don't you sometimes feel like getting rid of all that you own, and live life on faith alone?   This is my ambition.

Wow - imagine walking away from all the material things and let faith lead the way, what a journey that would be?    Of course there will be some fear involved with the unknown, we can't let fear overshadow the dreams we have in our soul.

I believe there is plenty of good in all bad situations.   So one thing that being behind these walls has taught me, is that freedom cannot be taken for granted.   For that reason, when my time is done, I want to be true to myself and live out my dreams of giving back.    The dreams of living a nomadic lifestyle while doing humanitarian service work.  This might sound foolish, but it's more foolish not to live out our dreams.

As I walk my new path, I plan to photograph my journey, the beauty and the hurt in this world.  I want to share with those who are still living up under the restrictions and rules of life.  I want to inspire others to step out in faith and help however they can.

Good or bad, my mind wonders what your thoughts are about my future plans?   I'm ready to hear about your dreams and opinions.

Andrew Dickson

Justice Reform

I am in the front seat of a vehicle that goes by a single name.  What is that name?  You ask.  Well, it is one experienced personally or you have had the opportunity to hear it the past few years, Justice Reform.  I am thankful for the progress and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting us to this point.  My appreciation is not given without a sense of apprehension.  This apprehension comes from my own personal skepticism, and confusion.  What I remain confused, and therefore, hesitant about is the fact that I do not know what kind of vehicle this is that I am in.  Is the vehicle of Justice Reform a runaway freight train for a pendulum?   Please take a second to let that thought sink in, there is a distinct difference between the two.

A freight train moves in a single direction picking up speed as it travels.  The runaway part is symbolic of the fact that it will continue to pick up speed, and ultimately ride past its perceived destination.  Can you imagine embarking on an endeavor to reform justice and ending up at a destination way beyond that?  Now that is a beautiful thought.  I wish we could stop there but there is a more realistic image that we must be aware of.  The second vehicle, the pendulum, is an object that swings back and forth, based on gravity and momentum.  If we were a pendulum, what would be the gravity and what would be the momentum?   Well, the gravity would be the financial crunch that maintaining the prison institution has put on Americans; not just now but for generations to come.  With a bill that steep, what is there to show for it accept a recidivism rate in excess of 70 percent.

The momentum is multi-faceted as you have increased social pressure, increased transparency inside a system that operates in the shadows, there are more questions being asked, this all coupled with vocal and successful “ex-cons” pushing for change.  The thing with the pendulum that makes it a vehicle that must be met with skepticism is its ability to swing in the opposite direction.  So, what happens if someone who is given an opportunity fails, or if the majority is no longer for Justice Reform?   Do we swing back into the other direction and begin using terms like tough on crime instead of second chance society?   A pendulum ultimately has a single destination and that is to be at a point where it no longer swings, that is the status quo.  Well, what is the DOC’s status quo, and how hard are we fighting to make sure we do not lose momentum and return there?  I feel like the freight train is the vehicle that I desire to be in and I hope you desire that too.  So while we are at this point, only gathering speed, let's push hard at the boundaries that we are being subjected to an fly way beyond our desired destination.

Andrew Dickson (T.R.U.E. Program Elder)

Anthony Campbell

Greetings to the person whose currently focused on my profile…..It’s a vibe!!

I realize that in the midst of a sea of individuals that’s very diverse though we’re all seeking some of the same objectives (to be known and relieved of loneliness) you chose to conquer your curiosity beyond the boldness of my unclothed truth, to understand the uniqueness of my character through my written expression to determine if you’ll indeed oblige my acquaintance.

Unlike many others, I’m where meaningful begins and meaningless ends….

Without doubt here reflects an Alpha male in all sense of its meaning; strong, courageous, dominant…..Loyal!  Emotionally, I’m in tune with the genuinality of my life beater to project sensitivity on many levels and maintain masculinity like “we cried together”.  Intellectually, I’m intelligent enough to be insightful, though, I thrive off of being enlightened……  Sense of humor wise, I’m somewhat infectious and it seems to overshadow other characteristics to render me a lively person with a bubbly spirit to enhance others….  I could go forever about myself, yet that’s not what I’m either into or striving for through this splendid opportunity and exceptional process.

Friendship without prejudice is a treasure I desire to gift with my allegiance.  I believe that through such enchantment of personal sacrifice and endurance the beauty of life shall flourish.  That’s facts!  If you share in such sentiment please feel free to get to know me at your earliest convenience.

May you have to search no longer……

It’s my Vibe!

Appreciation to Pen Pals


Hello to my all my Write A Prisoner friends.  Today I decided to place a blog expressing my appreciation to all you great and thoughtful people on this site who give your time and effort to us serving time in prison.  I can't stress enough how much difference you guys make to us prisoners.   

Prison can be such a rough and stressful place and being a prisoner you can feel that the world is against you, but there are so many amazing pen pals who help us get through this hard prison life.   I've been able to meet some caring and solid people who have given me some positive feedback, so I would like all you amazing people who invest time and energy and being friends - to keep up the good work.  

So much bad stuff going on in this world right now with COVID-19 and social injustice, so you pen pals are doing amazing work changing the lives of us prisoners.  A lot of us are going to one day get out and be productive citizens and you guys have a lot to do with that, so please keep up the good work and please be patient…..we just need a chance and a friend.


Arturo Orozco Jr

To My Homeboys

Yo-Yo….word up son!   Check this, a while back I posted a blog in here admiring Cardi B.   Good qualities and lately I've been feeling a chic who has all the qualities and prettier, sexier than Cardi B.    Ya’ll heard?

So I've been checking out this chic for quite a while, she's gangster in the sense that she'll do anything I ask her, she's way too intelligent and not scary at all.  So y'all know I'm going to need to test her to see if she passes the test and is gangsta enough to have my last name and kids.  I need to check she's not afraid to handle herself under pressure, but at the same time to not be too proud to ask me what I need her to do.

So I've been waiting for her to bust her move and let me know she likes me and is ready for me.  I've been praying, asking the gods of the universe and destiny for a gangsta chic like this, and I believe this shorty is that gift, the way she looks at me there's fire inside my soul.  Naaaa mean?  

I believe she's my soulmate, I won't say her name but y'all know when I bring her home.   To email, download apps for





“My Baby Gangsta” – Mr. Capone-E

“Lost in Love” – Mc Magic

“Your My Gangster Girl” – Malow Mac

“Mine” – Bazzi




Avery Warso


My name is Avery Michael Warso and I am an inmate of the Dixon Correctional Center in custody under the Illinois Department of Corrections.  This brief message is my personal appeal for your forgiveness, and support, both individually and as a society.

As a young teenager, 18 years of age, I impetuously became involved in a situation that regressed from justified to criminal.  In attempting to help a friend collect a legitimate debt, I ended up criminally charged with “home invasion”, which was later “enhanced” due to a third party being in possession of a firearm.  I was not armed, nor did I have advanced knowledge that the codefendant was armed.

The end result was that I accepted full responsibility for my juvenile participation in this so called “home invasion”.    I pled guilty for a 6 year sentence for the act of immaturity, then, the State's Attorney doubled back and added an additional (consecutive) 15 year “enhancement” do my sentence.   This produced a 21 year sentence at 50%, for a crime in which no one was injured and no one was deprived of their property.

There are many men here in this prison, with much lesser or shorter sentences who actually murdered someone.  Such a disparity can hardly be designated as “justice”. 

Seeking that ever elusive, “justice”, I have filed a petition for executive clemency before the honorable Governor and the Illinois Prison Review Board.   I have requested a commutation of my sentence.  I have been incarcerated for six long, continuous years.   During this period I have displayed and demonstrated a growing maturity of conduct and decision-making.  Additionally, I have shown a personal potential for full rehabilitation.

If you can find it in your heart, or in the reasoning power of your mind, please support my quest for justice and equitable treatment.    Your comments and support for opposition are humbly invited. 

I personally express my appreciation to every individual who has taken the time to read this message, whatever response it has elicited from you.


Avery M. Warso  #Y11942

Bernard Ellerbe

When one bases his life on principles, 99% of his decisions are already made.   -  unknown


I'm just using my page as a platform to get my words out there to the world.  There is a stigma in the media that the prison houses nothing but animals, and the scum of the earth.  I'll be the first to admit that there are evil people residing here but there is also genius, brilliance and talent beyond measure residing here as well and that's what I want to showcase through my words.   The aim is to connect, inspire and/or change the narrative of the common portrayal of a prisoner.  All potential pen pals are highly encouraged to engage in open discussions on whatever that sparks your interest.

by Alexander Rosa

Celestin Sphere - A space Odyssey

Following, is an excerpt from;

An Eternal Sci-Fi -

Celestin Sphere - A space Odyssey

Eldritch, waited patiently in the vacuum of the Cane's Major Void; then struck.  He jack-in-the-boxed out of some wreckage, from the Varuna’s first exogalactic expiditiary force.

“Ugly bastards”!  he thought, fuming while setting one in the sights of his slaughter cannon.  Before obliterating…, Eld spent a moment, allowing his power armor to gather a profile.

The creature, looked the product of a hate filled union between Drumpf\Rodham.   Bad as, the bleeding of the more satorical characteristics, from two of the more infamous figures (from a joyfully bygone age) was; some cruel god creepy clowned the race out - then gothed it for “good measure”.

Suppressing a shudder, he pulled the trigger.  Hypersonic, depleted ambrosia rounds, ended its existence.

Their ‘armor’ (if they had any: thought Eld) didn't pass for much.  Movement from above drew his attention as three more creatures from the enigmatic race closed in.  “Too bad there's so damn many”.



Hope you enjoyed the excerpt.  It will be the first of many.  (My goal is one a month)  Trolling will not be tolerated - or – acknowledged. (so crawl back under the bridge of your information superhighway).  Constructive criticism however is always welcome.

My best goes out to those affected by the hurricane.  (Also the Amazon fire and East India water shortage).   Things will be better….because hopefully we’ll forge them that way – unbreakably.