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Questions about Corcoran

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Sheryl P
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Questions about Corcoran

How long does it take (on average) to get a letter back from an inmate letting you know that your visitation form is approved?
Do you have to make visitation appointments on-line to be assured a spot (gen-pop)?
Can you just arrive and get parking,or do you have to wait?
How early should you arrive (what time)?
How long do you usually get to visit,once the inmate arrives at the visting area?
Do they make you stay at the tables,or is there an area to walk around with the inmate?
Anything I should know about Corcoran,words of wisdom?
Visiting an inmate I have known for 25 years but this is my first time since he has been at Corcoran and I understand they can be "tough",sigh...

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I understand Corcoran to be right up there with Pelican Bay as far as toughness. I've never visited so I can't help with the facts though I know some people who can! Have you checked out the California regional forums on PTO? They have threads and categories for every California prison with people who know the scoop.

The only thing I can factually report on is the letters. If he's in Corcoran's SHU it will take about a week to get to him, if you're in the US. If he's in gen pop maybe it's different (faster?) good luck!

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It does me as well...

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It has been almost 3 months and I haven't been approved or denied yet. It can take a good while. My PP and I were just talking about that a few letters ago how long it was taking. It's rough in there.

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Sorry I missed your reply to this. It was to care of visiting', and it never was resolved. He was in SHU and the visit would have been as you said, behind glass, 1 hr.
He spent 3 years in the SHU for various reasons, mainly for his own safety. (previous gang affiliations) and was never allowed phone calls. Fortunately he was transfered to a prison in San Diego a week and a half ago where he is actually allowed to use the phone and finally got to speak to his mom. I resubmitted my visitation form to this facility, we'll see if it ever gets approved.

Sheryl P
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Thanks.I had not considered that section.I will give that a try if I get no answers in this section.
I am in Southern California.No idea how long it takes to process the forms at the "visting staffs" end and will be anxious until I hear back (I hate that).

Sheryl P
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Well,from what I can tell - housing 4 B is validated gang members.
I get non-contact visit of one hours,via plexi-glass and awful phone.
No regular phone calls,no contact except a brief non-private visit.

Mostly,he will spend 24-7 in Ag. Seg. with no human contact or much else for that matter.
Why is this treatment ruled in-humane for Gitmo AND YET o.k. for our citizens,and for years and years with no end since he is a three striker?
Our treatment of our prisoners makes me so ashamed :-(

Sheryl P
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Yipes,three months and no resolution?That is a long time.I was thinking a month! Never had to wait that long before with other prisons.Wonder if they recieved your form.Did you put it care of visiting sarge. or in a letter to the inmate?
Sorry it is taking you so long.
Thanks for your response.I am really stressing already so it will be a little knowledge to know I am not the only one on hold.