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Love After Lockup

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Love After Lockup

Did you meet a loved one through who will soon be released? Would you be interested in appearing on the next season of Love After Lockup? If so, please send an email to: loveafterlockupcasting [at] gmail [dot] com

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They solicit contact for prospective non-prison cast members.... through a Gmail address?  Sharp Entertainment can do better than that.

I'm friends with one of the first season participants and she says they did a real hatchet job on her.

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This show doesn't really accurately portray what it's like to be in a relationship with someone in prison and just getting out. I love the show, but it only displays very big personalities. The general public already looks down on felons and especially the men and women that love them. It just makes us all look bad.

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hey I’m brandy I been in prison before not been back since but just cuz a person been n trouble doesn’t mean they all bad ppl.  I love love after lock up and since seeing this past season 2. Made me look into writing a prisoner. Maybe I’ll find the one I’m looking for lol

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Yeah I Agree... You would think they would have a corporate email address for the Station that airs the show... Like A&E or whatever channel it's on... I'd be a bit sceptical but okaayyy whatever

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Yeah I Agree... You would think they would have a corporate email address for the Station that airs the show... Like A&E or whatever channel it's on... I'd be a bit sceptical but okaayyy whatever

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Not surprised with the gmail address and don't think that points to anything untoward necessarily.

I have been contacted by numerous Love After Lockup casting staff via Reddit.  One of my penpals has had random mail from Sharp Entertainment too - so it seems they're desperate for new cast members etc.

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I dating a guy who was in person for 13 yrs .
But when he got out and got a cell phone that was it . I bought him a real nice thing for his cell
He told me he loved me for three yrs . I send him money every month to help him out.then one night he text me to
ld me not to move there with him I can go on and on. But I will not . I am glad you are doing great

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Loved one is in prison that's why I am sad. 

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