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snail mail

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snail mail

Hi everyone: )
I guess nowadays due to Covid snail mail does deserve its name 

And I am doing my best to follow the topics but can't help asking. I am probably the only one from Ukraine here. Geographically it's Eastern Europe so I am wondering has anyone from Europe got any snail mail recently? I am new to this and sent a few first introductory letters in 20ies of April so is it too soon to expect any snail mail answers any time soon? 

Any answers are really appreciated as I am getting a bit impatient: )

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I'm European too (Italian) and it has been more than a month that I haven't been receiving regular snail mail from my pen pals...only a couple letters here and there and it is frustrating. I'm in contact with one of my pp thru phone calls and emails and he said he mailed me 2 letters back in March and I also sent 2 letters mid April and none of us has received anything, so it is slow both ways I guess. It is truly SNAIL mail haha :)

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Thank you very much Mica.21 I guess I should keep on reminding myself good things come to those who wait: ) 

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I am in Australia, half a world away from my PP. The letters he sent me in March did not arrive till May and the letters I sent in March have still not have arrived.  We have been able to telephone and have video visits but that is all about to change as ODOC is changing providers.  Three phone calls today and I am still not any closer to sorting out how he can call me after the change over.

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Thank you very much jennifer.hickman! I hope it will work out for you and your PP. Yes, from March to May is a long time for a letter to arrive. 

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That's the same with my pp he's in Oregon is that what you meant by ODOC? And it's gonna be more expensive to send messages for him too! I have an American number (I'm in the UK) so it's alot cheaper and easier for him to call, it's an app called Talkatone that might help you.

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I also made a account for a love one that is incarcerated and its hard to work this site.. Help??? I have an account on

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Hello Rose_madder! I am in Canada and you'd think that mail coming here would be fast in comparison to Europe. Think again! I sent my mail on 17th of April. Never heard anything back and I honestly gave up waiting and wrote another inmate but this time via jpay. New penpal replied to me and I replied back and was waiting for another letter from him.
Lo and behold I go to check my mailbox yesterday and I see a letter. I thought it was my new penpal writing to me. Nope! It was that initial Penpal whose mail I only got a month later. I find it is ridiculous but it is what it is. So patience is very important for all of us and when you think your penpal disappeared for good don't give up, you might get his letter when you least expect it. :)

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Jeanne555, wow! If it took so much time between US and Canada I guess I should forget about visiting the post office at least till the middle of summer! Thank you :)