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HELP!!! Trying to add money to books

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HELP!!! Trying to add money to books

Hey All,

I live in Canada and I'm trying to send money to my inmates sister so that she can put it on his books and they live in Ohio. Does anyone know a good website for sending money? Possibly with a better exchange rate than others?

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If you have a Jpay account you can just do it yourself (i.e. send money to his books).

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Hey Kirsten,

how do I do that? When I log into Jpay on my browser it does not give me that option. 

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Hi Maria, for Ohio, you need to be an approved visitor for Prisoner X before you can transfer funds directly to his or her books - which is probably why there's a family member involved as a go-between here. For zero-fee transfers to someone in the free world, Google Pay or Cash App might be something to look into, or maybe even Pay Pal. I'm not sure what the deal is with international transfers though.

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I've just been looking at the option of sending funds via jpay, online to my fed guy. All was going ok, until having to register first, and no facility to change address details for the UK. Allowed me to put in a UK phone number tho'. This being limited to USA is a real pain in the proverbial, considering how many penpals there are residing here.

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Freebird - I have just thoroughly struggled to get funds to my PP (Feds) from New Zealand. I ended up having to send the money to a trusted friend who lives in LA and she had to transfer it on for me. Make things worse I had to send it as cash to pick up, during Covid. 
 JPay didn't like my NZ debit card, and I went to three separate Western Unions (one who transferred my money to god knows where) only to be told at the fourth one that the function of sending a bill isn't available in NZ anymore. So annoying