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Mail returned, anomaly

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Mail returned, anomaly

Hello :)

This morning going to see my box, I saw that my letter came back.
I say that I am sending from abroad, I am in Italy and I used the priority mail with return receipt.
There are no signs of opening, or at least that's what I see.
There is only a yellow sticker attached to the letter with "nixie 68108 return to sender, returned for postage, remove label before remailing, sort in manual only no automation, BC: 56998999955"".
The mail service in my country says that it is delivered and returned back to me, but "delivered".
What does it mean :returned for postage?
This makes me think that the courier was not able to deliver the letter to its destination, also because I read that "nixie" is a procedure they use for undeliverable letters. Instead Is it possible that the facility where he is located has sent it back? I was tempted to write to the facility to see if it arrived. (nebraska)
I don't really know what to do. Has it ever happened to someone? I'm sure I wrote his address correctly!
Do you have any advice or explanations?

Thank you all and I wish you a wonderful day


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Hi Emily,

There wasn't enough postage on it.

Take a new envelope, go to the post office, get the letter weight, let them put the stamps on it and send it again.

Good luck,