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Self-help Series

Welcome to WriteAPrisoner's Self-Help Series! More must be done to reduce recidivism, and we have developed these self-help guides to help inmates help themselves. Both pen-pals and inmates have asked us many questions about these topics. Using every resource available to us we have researched these topics and developed self-help guides to promote self-responsibility and self-betterment before, during and after incarceration. Pen-pals are encouraged to print and mail these directly to inmates..


Back to School

Education Opportunities for Inmates.


Back to Work

For Inmates Coming Home within the Year


Battling Substance Abuse

For Individuals Overcoming Addiction


Credit Repair & Finances

Financial Literacy During & After Incarceration 


Going to Prison

For Individuals Facing Incarceration


Maintaining a Prison Relationship

Strengthening Your Relationship During Incarceration  


Maintaining Your Health

A Guide to Staying in Shape While in Prison


Parenting from Prison

For Parents in Prison


Preparing for Parole

For Inmates Appearing Before the Parole Board


Repairing Reputation & Restoring Rights

For Individuals Who Want To Improve Reputation and Status


Starting Your Own Business

For Ex-offenders Looking to Start Their Own Business


Stress Reduction & Anger Management

Improving Your State of Mind


Tips for Visiting Prison

For Individuals Visiting Loved Ones Behind Bars


Welcome Home Guide

For Inmates Coming Home


Writing a Professional Letter

Tips & Guide to Writing a Professional Letter