Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

Self-help Series

More must be done to reduce recidivism, and we have developed these self-help guides to help inmates help themselves. Both pen-pals and inmates have asked us many questions about these topics. Using every resource available to us we have researched these topics and developed self-help guides to promote self-responsibility and self-betterment before, during and after incarceration. Pen-pals are encouraged to print and mail these directly to inmates..

Welcome to WriteAPrisoner's Self-Help Series.

Back to School

Education Opportunities for Inmates.

Back to Work

For Inmates Coming Home within the Year

Battling Substance Abuse

For Individuals Overcoming Addiction

Credit Repair & Finances

Financial Literacy During & After Incarceration 

Going to Prison

For Individuals Facing Incarceration

Maintaining a Prison Relationship

Strengthening Your Relationship During Incarceration  

Maintaining Your Health

A Guide to Staying in Shape While in Prison

Parenting from Prison

For Parents in Prison

Preparing for Parole

For Inmates Appearing Before the Parole Board

Repairing Reputation & Restoring Rights

For Individuals Who Want To Improve Reputation and Status

Starting Your Own Business

For Ex-offenders Looking to Start Their Own Business

Stress Reduction & Anger Management

Improving Your State of Mind

Tips for Visiting Prison

For Individuals Visiting Loved Ones Behind Bars

Welcome Home Guide

For Inmates Coming Home

Writing a Professional Letter

Tips & Guide to Writing a Professional Letter