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CorrLinks is a private company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS). This system allows federal inmates to send and receive email messages. It does not provide unrestricted access of the internet to inmates. Rather, it is a closely monitored electronic mail option for communicating with inmates who have access to it. It is not surprising that many of our users access the CorrLink’s website and app each day. We are asked questions about this service every day, and we have done our best to address some of our most frequently asked questions about CorrLinks below.


Frequently Asked Questions About CorrLinks:

1) How do I sign up for CorrLinks?
To begin using CorrLinks, you will first need to register.


2) What if I forgot my password on CorrLinks?
CorrLinks will not be able to personally assist you with this, but their system will allow you to reset your password.


3) Is there a fee to use CorrLinks?
Yes, there is a nominal fee to inmates to use the email function on CorrLinks. There is also a small fee to print the messages if they desire. There is no fee to you as a member of the public to use this service. Just keep in mind that it does cost the inmate to use it.


4) Does CorrLinks have an app?
Yes, CorrLinks has apps for iPhone, Google Play, and Android.


5) Can all inmates use CorrLinks?
No. CorrLinks must be an option at the prison or jail where the inmate is housed. While CorrLinks primarily serves inmates incarcerated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it is expanding its service to many state prisons.


6) How do I accept an inmate on CorrLinks?
You will receive an alert that the inmate wants to add you to his or her account. You just need to accept this request in order to begin exchanging messages with the inmate.


7) How do I block an inmate on CorrLinks?
Don’t block unless you are absolutely certain you want to block this inmate. Adding them back becomes a much greater task. To unblock an inmate, you must send a written request to the institution to notify them that you would like the block removed. You will need to retrieve the prison’s mailing address by visiting Once the block is removed, the inmate will need to add your email again to generate a new invitation to you. That being said, if you wish to block an inmate on CorrLinks, you can do so here.


8) How long can my message be to an inmate?
Your message may be a maximum of 13,000 characters. (Note: That is characters, not words.)


9) Can I contact CorrLinks directly?
To keep costs down, CorrLinks does not provide phone support. However, they do have online support available.


10) Does CorrLinks provide video visit options?
Yes, full color video visits with audio is available. However, not every prison has this option. It is available at many facilities now and more will likely follow.


11) Can I send images to inmates using CorrLinks?
No. Currently you are not able to send images to inmates using CorrLinks.



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