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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Disclaimer on Crime/Offense Information verifies this information when possible using each state's online search options. Inmates must disclose their reason for incarceration as a condition of membership.

Please note:
  • The crime listed on our site may not include all previous or pending offenses.
  • For more details, viewers are encouraged to visit the Department of Corrections website via the link on each inmate's profile to see their complete record. Additional offenses may be pending or concluded in other jurisdictions, including other countries, not listed here.
  • Not all Departments of Correction provide this information online, but availability is increasing. We update our site with new links as they become available.
  • Viewers can also search the inmate's full name for more details about their case, including court cases and media coverage.

Users are responsible for conducting their own research to obtain complete and accurate information about an inmate's background. This information is provided to assist in gaining a comprehensive understanding of an inmate's background.

Crime verified? Yes. We were able to verify this crime on a government website at the time of posting.

Incarcerated for: Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

Search for more information: Texas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
* Link will open in a new window, so you are able to reference this page while searching.

You will need inmate's name and number to conduct a search: Jeffery Griffin #02392428