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Crime for Eduardo Lerma #00775924

All information is provided by the member submitting the profile; information is verified by when that option is available to us using each state's online search option. It is our policy that members disclose the crime for which they are incarcerated. This is a condition of membership. However, the crime we place is generic and rarely includes all offenses. Its purpose is to give the viewer an idea of the main offense. For full disclosure, viewers are encouraged to visit to the Department of Corrections website using the link provided on each inmate's profile. There viewers can see the inmate's record in its entirety. Not all Departments of Correction have this information online, but more are becoming available all of the time, and we will add these as they become available. Inmates may be convicted of other charges not listed here from prior offenses. We list the current reason for incarceration only. Also, viewers can attempt to search the inmate's full name on Google* for details about his or her case. This will often show court cases, media coverage, petitions, etc. Viewers should search with and without the inmate's DOC number.

Incarcerated for: Burglary Habitation

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