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Death Row Prison Pen-Pals

You are viewing all of the death row inmates currently listed on These inmates have a scheduled execution date. If you are interested in writing to a prisoner on death row, please select from the list below.

Florence, Arizona48Straight

Hello and thanks for stopping to view my profile.

My name is Tracy Hampton, and I'm a 48 year old white male. I'm 6' 2", weigh 220 pounds, with a bald head and pale green eyes. My hobbies are working out, reading, and studying (history, law, philosophy, German language, psychology). I like to draw; anything from horror icons, serial killers, portraits, flowers, pin-ups, to even puppy...

Ely, Nevada43Straight


Searching for someone eye-catching is difficult, so thank you for your time. Friendships develop in many ways, as all people have their unique story and mine is no different. As an adopted child, I searched for an identity and belonging, but made misconceived choices and found misplaced friendships and inevitable heartache. Though my journey was rough, these events...

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Raleigh, North CarolinaStraight

My name is Seaga Gillard. I am a native of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. I speak French and English. I am 30 years old and I am an inmate on death row in North Carolina.

I was a tattoo artist before my incarceration. I like drawing and I am deeply involved with art. My hobbies consisted of fishing, kayaking, spearfishing, and diving. Soccer is my favorite sport. I am a humble...

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Pablo Maldonado #1000900002 - Primary Picture
Jackson, Georgia33Straight

Hello World,

Everyone has a start, and friendship begins when we try to make a difference in each others’ lives, and it is strengthened when such a difference is made through laughter, story sharing and being happy that we have a good friend in each other.

With this in mind, my name is Pablo F. Maldonado (the “F” stands for fun, funny, free spirit). My life consists of...

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San Quentin, California33Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Sean and I am a kleptomaniac, but I swear I’m taking something for it!

During this difficult time in my life it would help to have a few friends to support me mentally. Since real friends are hard to find, I’m hoping you’d be interested in sharing a few laughs, as we build a lasting friendship. I’ll always do my best to make you smile and encourage you in...

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San Quintín, California45Straight

Hola. Hi, my name is Carlos. I am looking for someone that can be a window in this dark 4x9 foot cell. 

After having been a victim of prejudicial laws here in California, the wheels of the justice system moved at a snail pace. It has been 10 years and I am barely starting my appeal to get my conviction overturned. I am backed into a corner I have no choice but to fight...

San Quentin, California49Straight
African AmericanBaptist

First, God Bless all those who take the time to read this.

My name is Marcus D. Adams aka Lil Sonny. I'm 49 years young and I'm incarcerated on San Quentin's death row. I've been incarcerated for 22 years. I grew up in South Central LA. I'm 6 foot 1 and I'm 242 lbs, light hazel/brown eyes, and I'm fit. I love to read novels and magazines, listen to music, and I work out to 2-3 hours a...

Daniel Troya #75817-004 - Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana36Straight

I want to start this bio off with- if you’re looking for someone who has the potential to be a great person in your life and an even better friend then there’s no reason to look any further then myself.

I am loyal, a man of my word, family oriented, faithful morals and principles, and have a great mental fortitude.  All I need is some new...

Livingston, Texas38Straight

Hello and peace of Christ to all who have come up on my page.  My name is Raul and I would first of all like to say thank you for clicking on my profile.

To tell you a little about myself; I am 38 years old and was raised on the southside of Chicago.  I’m currently on Death Row and have been for over a decade now.   I enjoy many things from behind these walls like...

Ruben Garza Jr #190487 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona40Straight

Introduce You for Friendships

A reflection of you defines you in a friendship. I seek meaning and understanding that defines friendship, where education of us teaches us about each other.

I enjoy studying people and business concepts to understand who they are in their life story.

Our reflections of self teach us how to live our life despite all the challenges that try...

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Naresh Narine #AW6210 - Primary Picture
San Quentin, California47Straight


Ever since I was a kid, I loved music and making people laugh! I enjoy all kinds of music, especially 80's music. Before I was incarcerated, I worked at a radio station in Los Angeles, California from 3pm-7pm, Monday through Friday, as the "5 o'clock traffic jam DJ".  I played Hip-Hop and R&B. At night Monday through Saturday, I DJ'd at different...

San Quentin, California35Straight

I am a death row inmate in San Quentin, California, looking to meet a pen pal who can assist me in passing my time easier.

I am about 6’2” tall and weigh about 190 pounds. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and am a true believer in the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Let’s see, are you having a dilemma about responding to this note? I believe that a fair and equitable...

Ely, Nevada47Straight

Hi there,

My name is Rob.  I love to read and also watch movies.  Some of my favorite books are Game of Thrones (still waiting for book #6!), The Book Thief, Gone With the Wind and 1984.  Some of my favorite films are The Town, Braveheart, and Bridesmaids.  What are some of yours?

I hope to write people from across the USA as well as around the world, and I...

Livingston, Texas41Straight

Please stand by.

My profile text isn't posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.

My profile text will be along shortly, but you don't need to wait for it.  Please - write me today!    Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile text.   

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Livingston, Texas36Straight

I have resided on death row since I was 19 years old. The past 17 years have been an emotional rollercoaster. Facing death when life was just starting, to being a week away from execution in 2017. The road has been rough, but I kept on truckin.

There have been films done on my case and sites dedicated to me. You can learn more about me at and www....

San Quentin, California46Straight


This last year has been one of the hardest.  For many years I've been told I will get a new trial, and “just be patient”…..but nothing happens.  Realizing the fact is, it takes an average 30 plus years for those on death row to win an appeal.  A lot of that time comes just waiting to be appointed a lawyer.  So even if I do win on appeal, I will be an old man,...

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Brian E. Davis #999036 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas51Straight

Hey You...
Yeah YOU! Write me or I'm going to shoot myself!
That's right; I'm going to shoot myself with this rubber band...
Please write soon so the pain will stop...
Now that I have your attention…

Terre Haute, Indiana52


I'm Ed.  I'm looking to meet new friends all across the United States and around the world.  I enjoy learning about the cultures, lifestyles and perspectives of others.   My hobbies are reading books and writing letters.  My favorite books are the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.  It's the imagination that he puts into them that I love.  I also...

Kevin Miles #098955 - Primary Picture
Tucson, Arizona51Straight
African American

Hello out there in the so called “Free World”.

I am a very lonely man who is currently serving a life sentence.

I would fully enjoy having a conversation with anyone.  I am desperately in need of FRIENDSHIP and basic HUMAN KINDNESS.

I am 51 years old.  I don’t want to die alone, so if you are a sincere person,...

Paul Slater #999208 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas45Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Friend to Be...........

I'm in search of someone who's genuwine, open, and most of all, that's willing to get to know an individual that's been misunderstood! I'm attracted to determination. I admire honesty and I'm interested in learning! I like to read, write poems, exercise!

All I'm asking for is a friendship to be able to do what friends do. Bring one another to...

San Quentin, California45Straight
African American

Hey!  Hey you!!   Don’t pass by without checking me out….

I'm not smiling cuz I haven't met you yet!  (smile)

This opportunity is for me to inform you briefly of what I'm all about.  After reading this introduction maybe you'll find me to be an interesting guy.  My energy despite my unwanted situation, is positive.

I'm 45 years young!...

Richmond, Texas35Straight
African American

Since 2007 I have been a member of the Death Row society….a proud tradition among many, I myself not included.   As time moves on, so do friends and family, a natural progression among my fellow man, understandable to a degree.

So my hope today is to obtain new friends, those who are open minded, kind, sincere, and enlightened enough to know things are not as always as they...

Gregory Hunt #Z-521 - Primary Picture
Atmore, Alabama59Straight

Hello my friend. I want to say Thank You for taking the time to view my profile. I am 59 years young, and extremely energetic. When able to exercise my choice of sport is volleyball, and sometimes basketball. I have been on death row since 1990, incarcerated 1988. A very long time I know, but time goes by easier by not thinking about time.

In America we have a large verity of...

William Speer #999398 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas44Straight

My name is Will Speer #999398. I live on Texas Death Row.

I am at the end of my appeals. I am looking for friends and pen-pals to help to live comfortably until the end.

If you write me please make sure you send your return address. Write me at the address below or I am not able to use JPay so my reply will by snail mail.

Thank you

Chillicothe, Ohio42Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Calvin but everyone just calls me Cal. Thank you for taking a moment to read my ad. I decided to post this ad because I am lonely and I have a strong desire to connect with a person of substance out there in society.

Some of my interests are cars and flipping houses. I also have a newfound love for horses and the outdoors. And although I’ve never ridden a horse or...