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Death Row Prison Pen-Pals

You are viewing all of the death row inmates currently listed on These inmates have a scheduled execution date. If you are interested in writing to a prisoner on death row, please select from the list below.


Hello, my name is Leo Kaczmar and I'm currently on death row fighting for my innocence.

I'm looking to build a friendship to share some laughter and strength to bring a ray of hope to the darkness of death row.

You can correspond by writing a letter at the address provided or I have an email account that you can sign up with on with my Name and DC number J20499.

Black/African AmericanSpiritual


Did I get your attention with that one? I hope so. (smile). I'm super excited to know that you've finally found your way to my page.

Are you seeking to connect with a real friend? Someone who is genuine, and will listen wholeheartedly and not judge?

Are you disappointed with our American Judicial System, and would like to join me in...

William Leonard #16830Primary Picture

Artist, philosopher, poet, warrior, and transformed man. I’m also a published author. In fact, my book delves into my very determined self-rehabilitation through a process called neuroplasticity. It also examines the flawed process that earned me the death sentence. Most of my family and friends have passed away during my many years of confinement. At times, I feel as if I’m a forgotten,...

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Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hi, my name is Anthony and I’m looking forward to meeting you; someone that (hopefully!) I can call my new friend. I understand the feeling one may have when writing the first letter but please, don’t be shy. If so, consider this as my first letter to you. Feel better now? I hope so! :)

I’m joining “Write A Prisoner” to meet new friends; seeking to form a real, down to earth friendship...


My name is Eric. I’m 47 and I want to start a friendship with you. I’m sincere and easygoing. I’m not into games or drama. All I’m looking for is meaningful friendship.

What I’m looking for in a pen-pal is simple, someone who is kind-hearted, honest, and wants to get to know me; and likewise, I can get to...

Ojore McKinnon #P-32800 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Hello from the inside!

My presence on this platform is to find that connection two people share on the way to becoming fast friends.

Stranded on Death Row I’m reaching out beyond this confined society for your hand in friendship and human contact.  I spend 21 to 24 hours in isolation and spend my days working to overcome my WRONGFUL CONVICTION.  How does an INNOCENT...


Adopt your inmate. 

Hello my friends, imagine being able to bring someone hope. To be able to share some happiness and joy in their life; to know you've helped keep someone sane and from losing their humanity. You can!! With a few minutes of your time, you can fulfill these meaningful things by adopting your inmate today.

Meet Duke... Duke is a mature, respectful, and...


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. My name is Victoria Michelle Drain or Tori for short. I am a 40 year old transgender woman on Ohio’s death row. I enjoy music and yoga, I’m an avid reader and I love writing poetry. Despite where I sit, I try to make the most out of each day and do something to better myself or my situation every morning I wake up. I am a...

Andrew Brown #H-36100 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanSpiritual

"Real Talk"

My name is Andrew, I’m an Aries who is very outgoing, sincere, loyal, understanding with a good personality.  I could sit here and tell you how I effortlessly deal was being on Death Row and how I rise above this demoralizing, degrading and negative environment with no need for real friendship.  However, if I told you these things I’d be lying not only to you, but...


Thank you for pausing to read this. I took many wrong turns in my life which led me here. For most of my life I was completely lost. I didn’t know who I was or how I arrived here. After many years of self-reflection I think I’ve found who I am now, or at least as much as anyone can and I’m finally ready to be a part of life again.

I’m looking for understanding and honest friendships....

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My name is Siaosi Vanisi and I am reaching out, hoping to find a friend I can trust and exchange life experiences with.

A bit about myself….. I consider myself to be very caring, thoughtful, and a well-rounded guy. I'm a down to earth, love to laugh, and I am fun to be around. I value trust and loyalty, and I think honesty is the very soul of any good friendship.

Franklin Lynch #H34201 - Primary Picture
Black/African American

Hi, my name is Frank and I was born in Oakland, and raised in a beautiful part of California, the Oakland-San Francisco Bay area. Unfortunately, as a result of mistaken identification, I’ve been incarcerated since 1987, and I am currently on San Quentin’s Death Row, pending my appeal.

Despite my difficult situation, I am hoping to connect with someone from the outside in order to...

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Black/African American

Hello Friend,

I am Darious Wilcox and I am seeking a pen-pal of any race, age or gender.

I enjoy conversing with friends on a wide variety of topics, and would like to get to know you.

I am 45 years old. People tell me I am a friendly guy, am good at making people laugh, am adventurous and non-judgmental.

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Black/African AmericanMuslim

Peace and tender love.

I’m Russell, on death row for the unfortunate death of another man. God forgive his soul. These 27 years have been heartfelt and enlightening. Now, we’re in the milieu of a pandemic. I trust everyone is recovering with a better sense of direction. Life allows challenges and choices. I feel good-humored about the challenges life presents us with. Optimizing that...



So yes, my situation is far from pleasant, but, through it all, I have to live in the house I built. This experience has enabled me to see the world in a wider perspective, which has, in turn, help[red me to grow and develop on a personal level.

With this expanded outlook, I would like to meet people who have themselves taken advantage of all the world has to offer. I...

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Rodney Hardy #045659 - Primary Picture

Hi friends, my name is Rodney. I am looking for friendship while I start this journey of trying to save my life and winning my freedom back. Obviously I am at a low point in my life but I have to look forward not backwards. I can only look to the future. That future can only begin by finding good people and good friends who are interested in me and my journey.

I love to smile. I am...

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Jeffery Wood #00999256 - Primary Picture

Greetings, I come to you all in hopes of finding people who love to write and receive letters from someone who listens, cares, and gives his best advice without judging. I know not all of you will like me or what I write and that's fine. But I am asking you to give me a chance to get to know me for my words and actions towards you, not what others may say or think of me because you will always...


Hello, I am 48 and have been locked up for 25 years. I am interested in meeting some new friends. Females are preferred but I can be friends with anyone. Age doesn't really matter to me as long as you want to correspond but, 35 to 50 years old is probably the best age range for me.

I love lots of types of music but, enjoy symphonic metal the most. I enjoy drawing and when I...


When you find that special friend that will stand by you when hundreds have walked away, cherish every moment with your heart and soul because it's the moment that will find you peace when everything else is gone. Don't allow the sad moments in life to bring you darkness but allow the moments to bring you wisdom and knowledge of understanding. We all have hopes and dreams but having that...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic


There’s times when you’re sitting there with a lot on your mind and you wish you had someone to share them with, perhaps someone you can trust and confide in, someone who can really listen to you…If you’re reading this, perhaps we already have something in common; we’re both looking for friendship and perhaps if you’d give me the opportunity to know you, we both...