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Death Row Prison Pen-Pals

You are viewing all of the death row inmates currently listed on These inmates have a scheduled execution date. If you are interested in writing to a prisoner on death row, please select from the list below.

Noel Doorbal #180000087 - Primary Picture

What’s up future friends?

My name is Noel Adrian Doorbal and if my name sounds familiar it’s because a major Hollywood movie was made about me. The world-famous director Michael Bay, the maker of the “Transformers” movie franchise released in April 2013 the international blockbuster movie starring A-list actors Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Anthony Mackie. The name of...


My name is Seaga Gillard. I am a native of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. I speak French and English. I am 31 years old and I am an inmate on death row in North Carolina.

I was a tattoo artist before my incarceration. I like drawing and I am deeply involved with art. My hobbies consisted of fishing, kayaking, spearfishing, and diving. Soccer is my favorite sport. I am a...

Harlem Lewis III #999595 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanMuslim

Hey, I’m Harlem,

I’m that genuine guy you’ll want to get to know all about.  You’ll find out that I am easy to talk to and I like making others laugh.  I don’t let my situation come between my unique personality.  I feel like we all need someone in our life that will bring that extra spark to our lives!  I’m that guy!  I like my friendships to get to the point...

Pete Russell #00999443 - Picture 4
Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Question: Is it taboo for a man and a woman to be true friends? I believe that is where truly inspiring energy comes from. Man and woman are naturally bonded and there’s nothing like a woman’s perspective. It is a perspective that I would genuinely appreciate in my life.

Hello, from the other side. My name is Pete and the other side that I greet you from is Texas Death Row. My days of...


I was born in South Florida. It's safe to say my childhood was chaotic and due to choices I made later on, it would be a while before that changed. In 2003 I was sent to death row. Less than a year later my parents would pass. Sadly none of that turned me from the path I was on, as it only gave me more stuff I couldn't deal with. I would continue self-medicating and self-destructing,...

Lenard Philmore #314648 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanChristian

I'm looking for that special someone to fall in love with. For too long I've been alone and I would love to be able to share my life with that special someone.

If you are reading this, then you very well may be that someone. So how about together we give love a try?

Like me, you may have desired that special connection to that special someone. Why wait any longer? Together let'...

Jordan Clemons #MA2585 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

Intelligent, encouraging, loving, and kind. Jordan spent years under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but since his mind has been clear he has returned to his walk with the Lord and a friend to all. Always full of words that exhort and encourage.

Using his experiences to help others not to choose the same pathway. Jordan is very athletic and was a high school football star. He did...

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Hi folks. Many thanks for checking out my profile. My name is William Greg Thomas, but friends usually call me Greg.

My roots are Italian, Greek, and Australian, and I’ve traveled worldwide. I am fifty-nine years old and have been on death row since 1991. My interests include working out and exercising my artistic side, mostly painting. I have some Art and Graphics design college...

Black/African American

Greetings! I am Jessie. I am hoping to find someone not merely to pass time, instead someone which whom I can confide in, and vice versa...yes, a friend.

Despite this situation, or maybe because of it, relationships are something I cherish a great deal, appreciating the uniqueness of each individual and the role it has in helping us discover parts of ourselves. At least this has...

Jeffery Wood #00999256 - Primary Picture

Greetings, I come to you all in hopes of finding people who love to write and receive letters from someone who listens, cares, and gives his best advice without judging. I know not all of you will like me or what I write and that's fine. But I am asking you to give me a chance to get to know me for my words and actions towards you, not what others may say or think of me...

Ruben Becerrada #G52922Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello, my name is Ruben Jose Becerrada. I’m 55 years old (2-5-64). I’m 5’10” about 197 pounds, black eyes, black hair. My dad is Afro-Cuban, my mom is Mexican. I’m a former professional boxer. If you want you can check some of my fights out on YouTube. I love all sports. I’m willing to write and want to talk and hoping to get visits from you. I’m open to any age. I’m a real quiet, mellow, laid...

Kevin Miles #098955 - Primary Picture
Black/African American

Hello out there in the so-called “Free World”.

I am a very lonely man who is currently serving a life sentence.

I would fully enjoy having a conversation with anyone.  I am desperately in need of FRIENDSHIP and basic HUMAN KINDNESS.

I am 52 years old.  I don’t want to die alone, so if you are a sincere person, please drop me a line.  I look forward to...

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Hello, my name is Scott.

I’m looking to connect with those who are sincere in their commitment to write on a regular basis, and who are willing to take an active role broadening my personal and case profile. Once you get to know me, I’m sure you will see why I need exposure. On a personal level, I like art, punk rock, metal, and roots reggae. I am a voracious reader of fiction and non-...

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William Leonard #16830Primary Picture

Artist, philosopher, poet, warrior, and transformed man. I’m also a published author. In fact, my book delves into my very determined self-rehabilitation through a process called neuroplasticity. It also examines the flawed process that earned me the death sentence. Most of my family and friends have passed away during my many years of confinement. At times, I feel as if I’m a forgotten,...

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Black/African American

I've been on Death Row for 23 years and it has been a lonely place.   I am looking for someone who is open minded, non-judgmental, loving and caring and who doesn't play head games.

I'm an active and outgoing 50 year old, who is honest and respectful of all people.   My interests include role playing games, such as Starfinder, Infinity, and Shadow Run.  I like...

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To Whom It May Concern,

Hello, my name is Kenneth Thompson. I am 37 years old. I am currently on Death Row in Arizona. Though my conviction only happened a few months ago, I have been locked up for eight years. All of which was solitary confinement where I was only allowed out of my cell for ½ an hour a day.

I don’t really have my family and, well, friends sort of just forget...

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John Thuesen #999557 - Primary Picture

I hope you are well, whoever you are, and thank you for your time in reading my words. I wish to be clear, I'm not looking for a romance. I'm searching for a friend; someone to develop a meaningful friendship, with whom will afford me the same trust and respect I give. Someone to have faith in, write letters, share interests, discussions, laughs, and walk along beside me on this journey. I don...

Black/African AmericanBaptist


How are you?   Before I continue I would like to first of all thank you for taking the time out to read my profile.

I am a very sincere and open minded individual, one who has learned to interact and serve others with extra respect, integrity, and compassion.

I'm not looking for any sympathy, I'm just looking for someone to understand the loneliness of...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanOther


I've been incarcerated for almost 23 years now and I am tired of the monotony of it and the limits of my life.  I'm loyal, honest and I say it how it is. I hate bullshit and bullies.

I'm an artist - stippling with pen and ink. It's how I spend most of my time. As I draw I listen to my CDs - I love music too.  When I'm not drawing I like to work out and keep fit....


Hello...So, yes, my situation is far from pleasant, but, through it all, I have to live in the house I built. This experience has enabled me to see the world in a wider perspective, which has, in turn, helped me to grow and develop on a personal level.

With his expanded outlook, I would like to meet people who have themselves have been taken advantage of all the world has to offer. I...

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

Hello, my name is Sean Bush. I am 51 years young. I have been on Death Row In Florida since 2011. I am a father of four. Three boys and one girl all which are grown now.

My hope in placing this is to find someone supportive of my situation and non judgemental of the one horrible mistake I made. I am open to finding love if that were to happen as others have found on here. I am a...

Demond Bluntson #00999602Primary Picture
Black/African American

Akin to strolling the beach and seeing a seashell that stands out, curiously, you pick it up and so the discovery begins…

Hi, I’m Demond and I like beautiful things. Does that make me shallow? Consider this, I studies Psychology for several years. Something I learned is  that attractive people have a lot of internal struggle and are often ridiculed and their confidence is confused...

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

A lost soul seeking to be found by someone that is willing to stay and fight with me! As well as caring, loving, humble, down to earth, and open-minded as well, and most importantly honest and trustworthy!

But someone who is also willing to become a beacon of bright light to lighten this very dark and lonely path I am walking by myself at the moment! If you feel you’re this person...

Hispanic/Latino American

Hello there! I'm reaching out from California's Death Row with hopes of finding anyone, who can bring light into my life and share the outside world with me.

I've tried to endure this hardship on my own, but I've realized I can't do it alone, we need others in our lives, so my hope is that I'll be able to find someone that I can build a true friendship with. It was my 23rd birthday...

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Hi, my name is William but I go by Billy. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1980’s and 90’s, in a very tight knit family, so family and human interaction are very important to me; essential.

It’s hard on Death Row, living disconnected from people. I long for somebody with whom I can share a connection...

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