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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

GettingOut: Connecting Inmates with Loved Ones through Video, Messages & More

GettingOut is a user-friendly web-based service that offers simple and reliable communication to inmates at select institutions around the United States. These include county jails and detention centers. Services include video visits, phone calls and voicemail, and messages and photos. Users create an account, make a deposit, and then access those funds as needed. The core tenets of GettingOut are hope, connection, simplicity, and technology. The parent company is Telmate. Here we have provided answers to common questions people have about using GettingOut to stay in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GettingOut:


1) How do I sign up for GettingOut?
To begin using GettingOut, you will first need to register.


2) What if I forgot my password on GettingOut?
GettingOut does not personally assist you with this, but their system will allow you to reset your password at the login screen.


3) Is there a fee to use GettingOut?
Yes, there are varying fees for functions on GettingOut. For example, the cost to leave a 3-minute voicemail costs approximately $1.25. There are 3 types of phone calls on GettingOut: prepaid, quick connect, and collect. The most affordable is prepaid, since the other two are impacted by additional fees and possible restrictions.


4) Does GettingOut have an app?
Yes, you can download a free app from Apple or Google Play.


5) Can all inmates use GettingOut?
No. GettingOut must be an option at the prison or jail where the inmate is housed. GettingOut provides a search feature to let you find out if a certain institution allows their services.


6) How do I add an inmate to my GettingOut contact list?
This is fairly straightforward. First, log in. Next, click on the Contacts tab and locate your friend. Lastly, click Schedule Visit. Once your friend accepts, they will be added as a contact.


7) How do I block an inmate on GettingOut?
Blocking or unblocking an inmate is relatively easy on the GettingOut app. Log in, click on the Contacts tab, tap the contact you want to block/unblock, tap the View Profile tab, and tap Block or Unblock.


8) How long can my message be to an inmate?
Your message can be a maximum of 500 characters. (Note: That is characters, not words.)


9) Can I contact GettingOut directly?
Yes. You can reach GettingOut by phone at 866-516-0115. ST also offers online support.


10) Does GettingOut provide video visit options?
Yes, there are 3 types of video visits: 1) at participating facilities; 2) from a computer that has a camera and microphone; and 3) with the app on a mobile phone.


11) Can I send images to inmates using GettingOut?
Yes. However, photos can be sent only through the app and are subject to approval by each institution.


12) How do I deposit funds on GettingOut?
After logging in, follow prompts to deposit funds. First, you'll choose the institution. Next, you'll choose the Inmate Account or the Friends & Family Account. If adding funds to an inmate's account, be sure to have information on hand, such as their inmate number and the correct spelling of their name.


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