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I don't want a prison pen-pal, but I still want to help reduce recidivism. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! There are many ways you can help reduce an inmate's likelihood of returning to prison that don't require you to get as personal with the inmate. Our Reintegration Profiles are a great place to start. Reintegration Profiles are placed by inmates looking to get an education while in prison, find work or housing upon release, and/or gain access to various counseling services while incarcerated.  Reintegration Profiles can be found at the following links, or by using the Inmate Profiles drop down menu at the top of this page: Inmate Education ProfilesInmate Employment ProfilesInmate Housing Profiles, and Inmate Counseling Profiles, please visit our Reintegration sections. Visit our Books Behind Bars section, make a list of books that you can bargain hunt for, and then send them to the prison educators listed in this section. Inmates pursuing higher education become much less likely to re-offend. Visit our Letter Writing Campaign to speak out against politicians standing in the way of our efforts. You can Print a Poster to display in your local church or other public space. You can also add to Google Alerts, and Google will notify you when there is a new article out about us. You can then share your positive experiences with writing inmates in the comment sections of these articles. All of our links and pages can be added to your Facebook and Twitter feeds to get the word out about our mission by visiting Link to Us. If you know an inmate who is seeking self-improvement, you can print and send information from our Self-help Series.

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