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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

I have power of attorney for an inmate. How can I have the inmate's profile removed from your website because he/she no longer wants to be listed?

You cannot. All requests for removal need to come directly from the inmate. Inmates must submit in writing that they want their profile removed. Once we receive their written request, a confirmation letter is mailed back to them. Once this is returned to us, the profile is removed. We ask the inmate to send these requests via Certified Mail. This is done for their protection. Under no circumstances will we remove a profile unless the inmate requests it directly and in writing. This can take a few weeks. If the inmate has stated that we are not responding to their requests for removal, this is incorrect. We respond to every letter that comes into our office, and our goal is to get inmates who don’t want to be listed off as soon as possible to help free up pen-pals for inmates who need them. This is why we always ask the inmate to send his or her signed profile removal confirmation request to us via Certified Mail. When an inmate's profile is placed on our website, a welcome packet, which includes a copy of the profile, is sent to them via postal mail explaining this policy in detail.

In the event the inmate is deceased or has been released, please send all supporting documentation and information to us. As long as we are able to confirm this information at a government website, we will remove the profile.

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