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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, November 27 2017

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Brad Warner's Profile
Age: 43
Location: Munising, MI
Total Blog Entries: 1

Unfortunately, the MDOC will be implementing significant changes to their Prisoner Mail Policy on November 1, 2017. Therefore, anyone interested in responding to my profile via regular mail should be aware of the following MDOC regulations that will be strictly enforced after October 31, 2017: 1. Personal mail sent to me will be removed from the original envelope it is sent in and placed in a plain envelope before being delivered to me. The original envelope will be discarded by the MDOC. 2. Anyone sending me regular mail must include MY name. MY prison number and YOUR return address on both the envelope and the mail which is included in the envelope. 3. Mail containing stains of any type including but not limited to perfume, lipstick, oily substances, water marks, body fluids etc. are not allowed. 4. Only mail written in blue or black ink or lead pencil is permitted. Mail written in marker, crayon, paint, glitter, chalk, charcoal or other colored inks is not permitted. 5. Mail must not contain glue/paste or nontransparent tape of any type. 6. Greeting cards must be no larger than 6”x8”, single fold, commercially produced with no embellishments, including but not limited to cutouts, jewels, raised areas etc. 7. Photographs are allowed only if printed on white, standard weight paper; no card stock or photo paper. Sorry for any inconvenience. However, for those interested, I can send and receive email, including photo attachments, through as an alternative, less complicated option.

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