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Inmate Blog Entry: Wednesday, January 3 2018

Inmate Blog Category: Life

Randy Pittman's Profile
Age: 37
Location: Coleman, FL
Total Blog Entries: 1

The meaning of friendship will vary; depending on who you ask. The reality is this: most people really have no idea what it is to be a friend because most people really don't have friends. Prison is a lonely and miserable place. It's also a beautiful and exposing venue. Prior to this incarceration, I believed I had many friends. This incarceration has humbled me by exposing the people I once surrounded myself with. I now know when you live a lavish lifestyle, you can have all the friends you can afford. Now, I look at my life and those who once surrounded me as a tree. In this analogy, I'm the tree. As you know, the tree has hundreds of thousands of leaves. Those leaves represent all the people I used to call my friends. Today, I understand it only takes a swift wind or a mild storm to shift those people out of your life. Even in a perfect climate, those relationships usually last one season before they fall to the side. Once all the leaves are gone you will still have the branches. These are the people you invite to your house for a cookout. These are the people you trust with your secrets. They are much more capable of withstanding a small storm and usually grow with you for more than one season. Even with this durability, a moderate tropical storm will snap the limbs from the tree and they too will disappear from your life. Last, there is the roots. These are the people who know you best. These are the people who will serve as bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding party. These are even the people that will serve as pallbearers when that fateful day comes. These are the people who you trust with your most intimate life details. These relationships nurture your soul and give meaning to your very existence. There is thousands of leaves. There is hundreds of branches. There is only a handful of roots. I want to surround myself with more roots. I'm through feeding all the leaves so they can enjoy life for a season. I'm through being the base that provides stability for all the branches so they an abandon me when the storm passes. I'm looking for some roots to surround myself with. I need someone who will be there when all the leaves and branches have blown away. If you're a root, I'd love to hear from you. If you're a leaf or a branch, this probably doesn't make much sense to you anyway. I'm a root. I'll be by your side no matter what. I'm looking for like-minded people to develop lifelong friendships with. I look forward to hearing from you. -Randy D. Pittman

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