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Inmate Blog Entry: Wednesday, May 10 2017

Inmate Blog Category: My Innocence

Robert Girdley III's Profile
Age: 43
Location: Iowa Park, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

*CAUTION* Read at your own risk!!! You will uncover an injustice…Then, what will you do??? In March 1992 I was the last known to be seen with a friend of mine. In 1994 remains were found. In 1997 I was given a Life Sentence for Murder. I was indicted 3 separate times for the murder. The 1st 2 indictments were pretty much the same, “death caused by a firearm”. Except the 2nd indictment did not include investigating officer’s names. They were fired from the police department due to their negligence and misconduct in the case and others. My expert witness, forensic pathologist, examined pictures of the body and said she could not tell anyone had been shot. A special hearing was held, judge grants motions for the body to be exhumed and investigated. After this I’m indicted a 3rd time with the clause that states “matter and means unknown”. Don’t know cause of death, but I did it. Before trial my lawyer refuses to pay for my expert witness. The body was never exhumed and investigated, nor did I have my expert witness at trial. There was no gun, or bullet, nor any type of exit wound. There was a test done for bullet fragments, test was “inconclusive”. I was found guilty of murder with a firearm. “B.S.” -testified that he and I drove around in the car. The car was fingerprinted…He also stated I threw the purse in a pond, by the house. He reports this about six months later. The person that owned the land the pond was on testified that nobody could have thrown the purse from the road. As “B” stated, it was also noted the purse did not have water damage. Probably that purse had not been in the pond all the time. He also told officers where to look for the remains. Can someone please explain why he was not investigated??? Next expert did dirt analysis on dirt in tires and under car- testimony “car had not been to either of those areas”. I was at a party with several people that night, wearing white pants/shirt. Everyone wrote statements that I didn’t act, nor appear different, or did not have any blood or marks on me. “AR”- statement claimed that her father was cheating on her mom with another woman. That he came home on the night in question with blood on clothes and scratches on arm. “K”- boyfriend had made statements while in prison that when he got out he would kill her, released in March, 1992. There were other people that admitted to the murder. A reverse speech analysis was done on me- conclusion: I did not commit the crime”. There were several boxes of evidence not properly investigated. All of the investigating officers were fired from the police department for negligence and misconduct. These are just some of the items discovered during my lawyer’s scandalous performance. I can only wonder when it would come to light…If someone would truly investigate this ????

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