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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, July 17 2017

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Age: 34
Location: Canton, IL
Total Blog Entries: 1

Why is fear a feeling most women are ashamed to admit? Fear is a healthy emotion, embrace it, don’t run from it. Inhale the scent of its contents. See fear is the feminine essence of your absolute radiance. They both have the same root, fear and feminine. It’s in a woman’s nature to first fear “The Possibilities” with new friendships/relationships. As a man my desire is to comfort a woman’s fear and replace it with security, maybe a little mystery. You know that thing that keeps a real woman from feeling bored or unappreciated. All journeys start with the unknown, so fear is necessary at first but understand, after that fear comes, your beautiful feminine essence of absolute radiance. Love being the highest form of chemistry, honesty being the highest form of communication, and compassion being the highest form of connection; heights without fear, is a plane without altitude, forever grounded. However, fear is what you feel before take off, then satisfaction once you land. Inside of me there is a runway, where new friendships can take off and a safe place for a relationship to land. I’ve made my decision, I now invite you to embark on this new journey of “The Possibilities” with me. It’s just a thought, your fear is welcome here. A temporary guest, a brief patron soon on his way elsewhere. So let fear come, I’ll be here when he leaves. So tell me…what is there to fear?

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