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Hello It's Me

April 7 2022



April 7 2022

I would like to start off by telling you about how great of a man I am, but I gotta stay humble! I’m an interesting, intellectual individual that could write for years about myself, but I will keep it short. At this point in my life, games are boring to me so, I don’t play them at all. I’m smart, funny, humble, laid back, and a BOSS! All I want from you is your ear so you can hear about me and my take on life, or your eyes to read the poetry I write. In return.

I will listen to every word you say and give you my honest opinion or words of advice whenever you need it. I understand that friendship comes in many different fashions and I’m cool with that, I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. I also understand the definition of a friend. So it won’t bother me if you talk to a million people. All I want from you is for you to keep it real with me when you deal with me. The way I look at it, WriteAPrisoner.Com is no different than Facebook or Instagram. It’s social media, and all I’m looking for is a friend IRL, and hopefully, we can evolve it into a friendship in real life!

So if you like my pictures or biography you gotta HMU on JPay to learn more!

Lawrence Lowe #188373

April 6 2022


Colorado State Prison Systems do not allow me to send reply emails. I can receive them but I have to reply by written letter or phone calls. So please leave contact info, please and thank you!

A little more about myself. I’m 6’ tall, 185 pounds. I’m covered in tattoos not all crazy but I’m inky. To pass time I work out and listen to music, all genres, I love music. I read and write letters to keep my mind busy.

I’m a social person, I like to laugh and make others laugh, but coming to prison has hit a pause on life! You can’t meet new people other than people stuck in similar situations and most past friendships/relationships just kinda fade away.

So I’m looking for new, positive connections, I can’t leave this place for a while, but long to meet new people to get to know and pass time with, building lifelong friendships. Someone I can make smile and share laughs with.

Someone not too concerned with who I was, but wants to know who I’ve become. Someone who congratulates my growth and progress, a woman who can help ease bad memories from past relationships with new ones. A focused woman who will push me to accomplish future goals for greater success. Behind every successful man is a strong, supportive woman.

Reach out to me if you’re interested, please remember to leave a way I can reply back. Thanks for your time.

Lawrence Lowe

To New Beginnings

Good day

March 31 2022

Good day to you in this beautiful world of ours.

May you remember that God loves us all no matter the condition we live in today. My motto is to think of the worst and hope for the best, only you can change how the world moves around you.

Early bird always gets the worm so hope all is doing well and may you stay blessed and positive.

Also please don’t forget to send your address so I can contact you back with no problems; US postal or JPay.

Desmond Steele

March 31 2022

I love art, looking at it and trying to figure out the meaning of certain pieces. I have a lot of tattoos on me, and I don't regret none.

If you're interested in writing me, tell me your favorite piece of art, the meaning of it, and/or you show pictures and if you have art on you do tell me your favorite piece.

Thanks for the letters and please add your address if you're using JPay so I can write you back.





Julio Burgos

March 30 2022

Well, Dear Pen-pals,

I’m so glad that I am on this pen-pal because it’s giving me the opportunity to meet immense people all over the world. People with good hearts, kindness, compassion, and care for others in need.

I grew up in Puerto Rico, like a regular kid who just loves to ride horses and enjoys singing Reggaeton. For the past 17 years my life has been real difficult, especially when you are trying to prove that you’re wrongfully convicted and you have to fight a system that’s entirely corrupt.

So, with this pen-pal I’m getting this chance to meet immense people. They are not judgmental and willing to sign up in Securus app or using into my tablet and we can communicate easily, and I can express myself regularly.

As soon as I see your name on tablet I will email you and we can just be friends. Like it is my intention not to be bad, I just try to be home with my family but if I could meet people during the process I’m not gonna deprive myself from that!! God bless you.


Kisses and hugs!


Peter Noe

March 24 2022

Hello friend,

I pray you are well. I am fine and a lot is going on.

The FBOP has made the first step act time credits retroactive so that cuts my time in half. And on top of that, the judge in my case just appointed a lawyer to review my case for compassionate release.

The hearing is in 3 months, so it's all stress for now. I will keep you posted.

Be safe and enjoy your day.

Your friend,





Corey Hardison

March 24 2022

Hi everyone,

Hoping all is well! A lot has changed since I posted this profile and not for the better, either!

to those of you have written me, sorry I've not written back! And to those of you who planned to write me, please don't use JPay!!

I've gotten myself into a bit of trouble and I've lost my JPay privileges…. at least for a while. But look, if you all write me the “old fashion way”…. I promise that I'll definitely write you back!

I advise you to NOT write me on JPay - I won't get it and won't know that you even wrote. I'm just saying!!! Hell, it's why I've never written any of you back (that have already written me using JPay).  And I'm sorry!!

Still hoping you all are interested in getting to know me. In the meantime, looking forward to hearing from you!! 

Take care….



David Jackson #01742259

March 24 2022

It’s said that a person will be nourishment, medicine, illness or poison in your life”…As the gateway to life women deserve more than 80%-20%, 70%-30% or 60%-40% no matter the race, religion, creed or nationality…EQUALITY’s the reason…

Wrongfully accused and convicted father of one seeks genuine diversified friendship that may grow into a platonic relationship…possibly more eventually…Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, the Southern North Texan continues to maintain his innocence while challenging the conviction currently housed on a death row facility.

The 5’9” in height, muscular 219 pound, indigenous man with the tattooed frame’s passion is traveling to different cities and hopefully to other countries in the future…A quick learner, the free thinker rocks a bald head with a trimmed beard…Primary language is American-English although Creole-French, Brazilian Portuguese, Swahili, Toruba, Castillano-Spanish with “Tex/Mex Spanish” and Qur’anic Arabic were picked up…

To confirm who the diversified man is check his social media page…True beauty’s on the inside, are you willing to show a little dedication giving off good vibes with positive energy as well as a personality that’s down to earth, yet elevated with an aura that exudes femininity and elegance effortlessly? If one’s only been shown dysfunctional love and has never known true love, can you teach one true love?


Mr. David Jackson

Markese Jones #1446668

March 23 2022

Every day I wake up with freedom on my mind. So I make my prayers…I am obligated to make so that I may continue to walk in the success of the one who has created us. I read most of my days along with working out. I try not to watch too much TV as our world is devoid of leadership and in a constant state of chaos. Russia at odds with Ukraine. Our home is as lost as ever. We should have never tried to make America great again. It was already great, just a little bit imbalanced if anything. Every man is a King (even in this place, a comedy show if I have ever seen one) Every female is a Queen or looking to be whatever garners the most attention. What the world needs now is love. Not that phony concept of love that is really lust, but love that transcends just the physical. Love that is disposition, behavior, attitude, thought, likes, to the point of remaining cordial. These things make a beautiful society. This is a beautiful love that never fades. We the people of the world have to make sure our actions, thoughts and statements are geared toward not only making this world better for ourselves but also for those who are due to inhabit it, when our bodies can no longer sustain us. Lord willing we all learn to meet in the light of understanding.

I am Markese.