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Christopher Scott #R31806

March 23 2022

~ Help Free An Innocent Man ~

My name is Christopher Scott #R-31806, I’m wrongfully convicted of murder and armed robbery. I’ve been in prison for 21 years. I was beaten and tricked by detectives of Will County Police Station to confess to these crimes on videotape. There is D.N.A. evidence found on the crime scene to prove my forced confession was false and places a State witness on the crime scene.

I’m in search for a paralegal or any lawyers that are interested in a case like mine. I have continued to be represented wrongly by the public defender’s office and appellate defender’s office. They continue to not want to challenge my conviction the way needed so I can be free. No one wants to present a case where D.N.A. frees me. I have obtained the paperwork to show my innocence. In 2018 I discovered my Judge was dating a Will County Sheriff who is co-worker with the 2 detectives I testified beat me into a videotape confession claiming they are trained in the R.E.I.D. Technique.

I need representation to be defended the right way without it I will continue to be serving a 79 year sentence. I was 20 years old upon my arrest. I’m now 41. If there is anyone out there that can help me, please I’m in need and thank you. To learn about my case, contact me at the address below or set up a contact at

Thank you for your time and support. If you want my case number to look into, contact me.

Be safe and protected out there from Covid.



Lionel Williams #AF4572

March 23 2022


In a perfect world, I would never have had to write this…In a perfect world there wouldn’t be this…(Absence) In a perfect world we would accept each other for who we are. In this imperfect world that we live in, there isn’t any dignity in being truthful. You are equipped with the basic fundamentals needed to guide you to the truth, should it be truth one favors. I say this because considering my own experience bought at the cost of these terrible years…My confinement is only a small part of who I am. I know the importance of faith, I know if you ask for directions you will get the answer, be it from above, or simply – from your heart. I ask that you look deep within and see who I truly am…I’m seeking substance to elevate us both. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize that, if you stand still you’ll remain at that point forever. The pattern of life does not necessarily go as you plan. Beyond any understanding, you may at times be led in different directions that you never imagined – such as meeting me – Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now – me! (Now) smile for me – I’m only human!!

Attn: All mail you send will be honored/appreciated and cherished. letter – Write directly. Please (Include) Return Address.



Russell Tucker #0413011

March 23 2022

Peace & Benefit To All

I’ve completed a course in Restorative Justice. I realize the hurt and trauma of the helpless victims. Also, the sequences in life that offenders (myself included) undergo as misdirection when maturating. Of course, I’ve come to realize that, we often go astray early in life not knowing where to focus our energy or how to be guided to the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS. A mentor is a necessity; to impart counsel and direction. To ensure we focus on our destination.

Left to the whims of sensual desires, we tend to make all the wrong choices! There’s so – much to magnetize our desires! So what’s above all desires?? THE CREATIVE FORCE = GOD! The majority of mankind are oblivious of their incorrect way of living, that they’re presently enjoying. Pre-occupied in perpetual worldly ignorance – the abyss of a blinded heart. The only way out, is to grab hold of the PERFECT SYSTEM & WAY OF OUR GOD! THE SOLE SOVEREIGN OF EXISTENCE, extends to us a strong system to live accordingly. His compassion is tremendous and UNIVERSAL! We’re the ones who must show gratitude. Our God has no need! We are the ones needy of each other.

So out of this condition of ignorance there’s the lack of understanding about, what will give us Real Salvation!! What do people give fealty to? With keen observation – Yes, it’s the present transitory life!! It’s adored by the majority. To add layers to the blinders – they’re oblivious about “The Day (Of JUDGEMENT) which shall be difficult for them!!” (Quran 76:27). The God allows such, because it’s a choice by humans in their heedlessness, and turning away from the Religious System – Perfected by God as HIS FAVOR. Change will – hopefully – happen before it’s too late! Change only occurs with effort and energy – towards that change. Speaking about change just brings the potential – idea – to words. Words are formulated into action. Repeated words will continue the motion, which makes idea and energy take form. So our vision must be HOLISTIC for GOD, HIS CREATION AND MANKIND.

It becomes crystal clear when an Islamic (God Conscious & Compliant) family or Nation specify and demonstrates the reason for its ideology. There’s inner TRANSFORMATION! A RESURRECTION OF THE SPIRIT IN FAITHFULNESS – THE WAY TOWARDS THE GOD!  When Mary’s Son Jesus, came to the children of Israel, they were a faithless generation. So, those misbelievers, the ignorant and those gone astray, fear what they fail to comprehend!! So, those in that condition, desire for their offspring to follow in their ego-conditioning.

Most elders don’t hold the vibrations that a pure-hearted child can intuit. Reminds me of young Greta Thurnberg? From Sweden, who cries out for change! Speaking for the rest of her generation. The young, voiceless know that most elders don’t feel for this generation’s future!! To me, they’re seeking to know, “Is there another way to express life?” Which has me to question, “Why has the whole world separated itself from the original divine pattern or system, governing the universe (FITRAH)? Can someone help me out with an answer??

Is it the ISLAMIC SYSTEM, that DIVINE STRUCTURE OF ALLEGIANCE, which has eluded the worldly people from time immemorial – Worthy of your hearts and minds?? If those on the fringe – causing terror – had known how to form an administrative government or society, thriving to please our God and protecting creation – were more patient, had more Compassion and Tolerance and acted like The God sees them as MERCIFUL, the world would get the vision and submit their egos! Transforming their lives and their families (Quran 66:6). If there is no struggle with the lower desires of the soul, then nobody will understand the SPIRITUAL REALITIES! Which the worldly people are seeking to live by – THAT PERFECT DIVINE STRUCTURE – AL-ISLAM.


4 Ya’ll to know I’m a night owl. Of course I’m a Coast-2-Coast AM listener – holla! Also I listen to Glenn Beck: Topics on the Great Reset & World Economic Forum. Sean Hannity: Harbinger of the Times in the Global World System. Well, I’ve been reading about TRANSHUMANISM! More than likely many of you have heard, read or conversed about TRANSHUMANISM? To some Ancient History.

Well, the world as we had known it is changing – so are we, according to this book on Transhumanism. Certainly it’s on the Internet of Things (lot). You’ve heard of Nano Technology, 5G & 6G, wireless communication and genetically modified foods, gene therapy, viruses, artificial intelligence and machine learning, frequencies, vaccines etc.

To reiterate “change” is wonderful, especially if it’s for the good, happiness, love, nature, unity of family and the future. Of course, y’all already know this. So what about change toward the opposite?? Quick! STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX – Let me ask: “Is one with paranoid schizophrenia any different than: a parent concerns about their child’s safety, health and education; or a construction supervisor’s concerns on the site he works with its many hazards; scientists in their labs and research projects; or how about those on January 6th at the nation’s capitol, concerned and frantic up-in-arms, wanting to protect the Constitution from abolition or fear of an imposed socialist regime?” Some individuals are apprehensive and that’s their impulse for change! “When will our “Spidey senses” start tingling?” “Where are those flags of caution?” “Have we already passed the point-of-no-return!!?” With Haste! BACK INTO THE BOX!

What is this Nano-tech?? Since is it’s so tiny where is it not?! Do we eat it, drink it, breathe it? Is it in our heart or brain? How does it effect us? Who knows? The 5G “wave”, what does this frequency have to do with the future? There’s the rapid download – then what? Does it actually deplete oxygen? Well this new era of unlicensed 5Gmm Wave which has a 57.05.64GHz bandwidth. I don’t know the events that actually happened in Wuhan. So inform me what: Science, news, February 26, 2020 Lance D. Johnson, says, or what Ryan Stephens, May 28, 2020 informs the readers. What are the differences of symptoms of 5G & Covid19?? You must know that Elon Musk and Bill Gates are helping in their capacity.

I really need all the help possibly that can be allowed with this question – Could someone please tell me what ingredients does this “Jab” or so-called “Vaccine” have? Is this Jab actually gene therapy??

Have some of the microbiologists and researchers become disordered in mind? There’s no reason for alarm, there is no door for “PANDORA’S BOX”!! There are so many things which are fair-seeming, as a saying goes, “THE PATH TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS”! Those who’ve bargained their souls have turned their backs on humanity, have turned and leaped into the FIRE! I have read a verse in the Quran which says, “WE HAVE CREATED MANY OF THE JINN AND MANKIND FOR HELL. THEY HAVE HEARTS THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WITH; THEY HAVE EYES THEY DO NOT SEE WITH; AND THEY HAVE EARS THEY DO NOT HEAR WITH. SUCH PEOPLE ARE LIKE CATTLE – NO, THEY ARE EVEN MORE MISGUIDED. SUCH ARE THE HEEDLESS.” (AL-QURAN 7:179).

Was “Sugar” the beginning of Present Woes?! Do you get it?? But wait, it gets worse!! This book “            GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM” BY Elana Freeland, I can only wonder if it’s PSYOPS or Misinformation? Whoever can obtain some insight, truth about her info and verify her research; then please let me know that there’s no problem with it, Right? Do let me know, what problems you’ve found with it?

Thanks for your interest & concerns. Holla – Peace


R.W. Tucker

Ryan Curtis

March 23 2022

It's great to start 2022 knowing that I only have two years left! We have been on lockdown just like you have been out there. I've tried to make the best of my time by completing classes for my Associates in Business, staying with my fitness routine and making healthier choices.

To pass the time I even tried learning how to play the guitar… did not go well at all, man do I suck! Haha. I don't know what I was thinking. if people think it's that easy to play the guitar, boy are they wrong. Lol! My son could have probably done a better job than me. Oh well.

So, I'm trying this blog thing to reach out to people out there. All of this isolation has been hard, but I've been fortunate enough to adapt to it and do well. I bet it's been just as hard for all of you out there.

With that being said, feel free to write to me. I'd love to get to know you and make a good connection with someone.

P.S. I'm bilingual and can speak and write in Spanish as well.  (Smile)


Donlad Linville Struggles of Love and Hope

March 21 2022

When this mess started, I lost everything. I lost those I thought loved me. I lost those I thought were friends. I lost family and possibilities. Everything I knew was gone, ripped from me and supplanted by a life I never thought would be mine. A life void of aspects of love and affection I once took for granted... aspects I miss everyday, and wish I had.

How can anyone describe what it feels like to lose something  as simple as a basic human connection? To not be able to touch, hold hands, hug, kiss... How can I share what that feels like? I don't have the words to paint that picture for you. I have memories of being hugged, of holding hands, of kissing. I can no longer remember what it feels like to hug someone, to feel someone in my arms, to squeeze them tightly and feel that security. To hold hands and feel that reassuring squeeze. To kiss, to press my lips to another's, to feel that soft pressure against my own. Those precious memories are fading with time.

I lay awake in bed thinking and dreaming of those moments from a life I once knew.  You learn to enjoy those moments and acts of love when they happen. My only connection to people, to you, is through mail and your voice. I've learned to feel love through the things you say to me, how you say them to me.

I want you to know, despite the life I'm not forced to live, having everything stripped away from me, and the many obstacles I've overcome, and will you are what keeps me going. I haven't met you, yet, but I hope to, soon.


What's good?

March 20 2022

What's good y'all?  Don't accept lies from anyone! Give everyone you encounter your all, even when you don't want to!!! Cause in the end, keeping it all the way real is the true definition of being 100% in any and everything in this world we live in... #NoCap 

Someone like Me

March 16 2022

As a reader, I like to share books that I come across. Some books are self-reflective, others are books that take me to another world. It can be a world of laughter, mystery, and the occasional romance.

And then, I think, yeah, I wish I had someone besides those who are in here to share a book reading. Someone like me who can think out the protagonist vs the antagonist motivation. Someone who discusses the author's writing style. A person unapologetic when words bring forth tears, who is not afraid to share thoughts that normally are kept quiet.

Yeah, someone like me.

Tommy DeVingo #000135871C

March 16 2022

OK, so a little bit about me. Mr. Thomas Frank Ronald DeVingo born August 31, 1957 approximately 11:34 AM. In what was at one time a beautiful Italian American neighborhood in North Newark, New Jersey, called the Roseville section.

Eventually the turbulent times of the 1960s would motivate my parents to move us to Belleville, New Jersey which was again mostly families of Italian descent. I was 10 when we moved to Belleville. I grew up like most of the other boys playing sports and just doing what kids do.

I graduated Belleville high in 1975 and after two years of goofing off I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. (I didn’t know I had seasickness). I was stationed on the USS Hoel DDG-13, a guided missile destroyer stationed in San Diego, California (check out my photos). I became a hospital corpsman, eventually our ship invoked what is called a “West Pac“ cruise. Let’s see if I remember, Hawaii twice, Guam, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Kavachi Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia; Nice right?

I’ve been fortunate to travel half of the world, parts of our beautiful country and some of the Caribbean; Aruba, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. One day I’ll get to go to Italy where my ancestors hail from.

I love music, mostly Rock (Classic Rock) but I enjoy oldies, Motown, 70’s Soul, Country and some Christian Rock. I’ve played guitar since the age of seven (see photo). I can play a decent rhythm guitar and have a nice voice.

I love to golf I’d love it more if I could cure my slice! I’ve golfed in Pennsylvania and New York, also Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands. I intend to resume my golfing upon my release.

I have a nice garden (what Italian doesn’t). I’m going to retire down the “Jersey Shore“. I’m looking to buy a small cottage in Mystic Island (see photo).

I love to cook, especially a traditional Sunday sauce (a.k.a. gravy) with Sinatra, Dean Martin and Jerry Vale playing softly in the background (it adds flavor to the sauce).

So with all that said let me end this blog by quoting “The Chairman of the Board”, Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra, “I Did It My Way”; check out those lyrics to “My Way”.

Ciao Buona Fortuna Fratello Mio’s.




Kenneth Azlin #AV5707

March 16 2022

I posted pictures and art. The piece of art is Jimmie Hendrix, who is awesome. He is a Delta blues style guitarist. So, ya.

My favs: Book - Lonesome Dove; Poem – Don’t Go Gentle (Dylan Thomas); Music/Artist -  Prince; Animal – frog; Color – red; B.V - Psalm: 120-121… Side piece yeah, the movie Dangerous Minds has this poem in it, which is given to the students. It becomes the theme of the movie. Crazy. Actually the poem is called, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, not Don’t Go Gentle. My bad Though.

Anyways, I am waiting for my tablet so I can text message and email and talk on phone. I’ll have it in December, which I will blog with the info. It is a GTL (global tale link) tablet system that gives us Wi-Fi and phone calls from our cell. S.Y.K.

I am currently sitting on this LBGTQ Kannan drone. I hate to out myself, but it is the only way here to let me converse with certain people. Love. Peace. Face Grease.




COVID Is Scary

March 16 2022

So, I've had COVID twice now! I wish I would have got vaccinated sooner! Back to working out again finally. I've been reading a lot     lately. Was never a huge interest to me.  A lot of non-fiction to be more specific. I have about another year and a half to go!  See you soon, maybe? Write me!