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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Niels Nielsen

March 15 2022


I have gotten a few letters I cannot respond to!.....Because the mail room ripped off the address label.    (frown face)

Please write your address in the letter. I can send and receive emails on my tablet. GTL connect network controls everything on my tablet.

You can email me by going to and getting on my contact list.

I will always respond when the mail room does not rip off the address label! Lol.  (smile)

G'Cobra Smith

March 15 2022

I am doing great. Staying focused, staying positive and making the best of my situation.

I am looking forward to a bright future.

Hopefully you decide to write me and we can get to know each other and build a solid friendship.


Kevin Pryor

March 15 2022

Thanks for the new friends & correspondence.

5 Star rating Write A Prisoner.

Keep up the quality service.




Daiscia Redman

March 15 2022


I've had many people email me on here and I have not been receiving your emails! The best way to contact me is via JPay. You can message me, exchange pictures and videos with me, instantly. All you need is the following information:

My name: Daiscia Redman

My inmate #: W106890

My State: Ohio


Please either attach a prepaid reply or send stamps!



Floyd Johnson

March 14 2022

To those of you that are reading my profile, my main profile is what I am looking for, but for now I am looking for pen-pals and friends. I am only looking to correspond with single ladies between 21 to 45.

Right now, I am looking for friends and if it leads to a relationship, I am fine with it. I am now divorced. I lost my oldest son August 15, 2021. I am not looking for any kind of help with anything while I am here. I take care of myself; I work here in the prison so that takes care of my needs in here.

All my friends or so called friends seem to have forgotten me. My ex-wife took my life savings, sold the house, the list goes on. I really just need friends and if something more comes along, I am open for a relationship, if that is to happen.


Kenneth Jones

March 10 2022

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

As we navigate through life we will experience ups and downs; we just have to take each day, one day at a time.


Mail Problems

February 27 2022

I have had problems with my mail lately. If you have written me and not heard back, please write again. I ALWAYS respond to all letters. Due to COVID lockdown, I don't have access to JPay. I hope to soon. Age, race, gender, location, doesn't matter. I want to hear from you.


February 21 2022

Hey, how are you? I want to take the time out and introduce myself and say thank you for taking time out to read this blog. I am Darius. I am left handed and I have been in prison for two and a half years. Since being in I have been certified in Building Trade Construction and I am also looking forward to pursuing a career in real estate and learning more about it. Never forget, everything happens for a reason in life and God is good at all times. I’m just grateful to be breathing.

Things I love doing are traveling, writing, reading, and watching TV. My favorite movie is “Friday” and “Set It Off”. I also like to work with my hands. I have 8 siblings. I love animals like cats and dogs. My favorite colors are sky blue and red. I love listening to all kinds of music. I am a funny, smart, and very intelligent young man. Thank you.

I am looking to hear from you really soon. 

Last thing, my nickname is “Chop-Chop”, haha, I don’t like it.


February 15 2022

Greetings beautiful women. How’s everything coming along for you? Hopefully everything is super smooth, blessed, drama free, and full of positive energy in every shape, form, and fashion. I just wanted to give my future lady, my future friend, m y future sister, or my future partner a marital status update, which is single and “super single”! Just kidding. It didn’t work out between me and my ex. She’s still my friend as always, but the lack of connection, the lack of the same business vibes, and wants and goals was just a little different. Basically boring. If she reads this she’ll get made but it’s all love. But being real with one’s self is the only way one can get where one is complete on a solid foundation, whether it be in a relationship, a business venture, a friendship, or anything in life. If it’s not there, it’s not there. It’s not being rude or cold-hearted, it’s just having enough understanding to know that this person is a better friend than a partner in a relationship. Being comfortable in a relationship where you’re so connected your heartbeats match each other is more than any words could express. It sounds selfish but “losing ain’t living”.

I should be home before 2025. 

Love, respect and peace be with you. Stay safe. COVID-19 is out there.



February 14 2022

Yo, yo, yo.

Word up, word up queen.

Not doubt. No doubt. Goddess. Check it. Check it. By now you’ve concluded and figured out that I’m a unique, above average gangster and that after reading all blogs and poetry you’ve realized that I’m the most hardcore out there. But you’ve also noticed that I’m the greatest gentleman. I’m the perfect balance and combination. That’s a fact. You’ve read in parts that I could be aggressive, nasty, dirty (Giving you that hi-level energy), but also be tender, sweet and romantic at other times. Not doubt. No doubt. I could also be caring, devoting myself to you fully. I only need to feel that chemistry with one woman. I don’t want multiple friends with benefits. That’s my word. I’m a real gangster that needs the type of chick that will be obedient to me. Allowing me to be her king and she my queen. That’s real talk. Let’s connect and vibe together. A real alpha queen leader gangster chic needs a thug like me that can stimulate and take control. You must be understanding, considerate, and obedient at all times, like a true goddess. Word up. Word up. You will do all I say. That’s my bond, queen.

Peace Goddess.

Song Dedications:

“Pineapple” by Karol G

“Mrs. Officer” by Lil Wayne

“Up” by Cardi B