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Deatrick's Poems

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Face 2 face, eye 2 eye
In due time I hope
2 exchange thoughts…

Whether words brief or lengthy,
The weight won’t imbalance the scale…
4 the truth must eventually show itself
Thru 1’s ways and actions…
2 bring forth a better understanding
As 2 what we face and what we
Are going thru…

It’s odd how the blind can find
Comfort in the darkness
Yet, simultaneously, the light
Bright enough can have a blinding effect…

I come with this str8 from the brain,
As my thoughts entertain,
Jewels which would stimulate
Your mindstate…

Say 1 can contemplate intellectual energy…
How often does the all-seeing eye go unseen?
A supreme being, no longer heavenly,
But serpentine…
An outcast like Adam and Eve
In the garden quite obscene…

Serene, I must be in between dual entities
Creating concrete translations
Driven by physical hands
Aiming 2 expand a mental land
For endless cultivation…
I spread my seed 2 those in need
Before extending 2 any other…
I fail 2 bail from within
A jailhouse disposition…
Sit back, relax
And try 2 consume, respect and listen…

My sister, my sister
I do still have a vision…
So prolific, so vivid
That it exceeds our present dimension,
Or any prison;
Not 2 say there’s a limitation
2 1’s personal advocation,
But I must grow into all that awaits…

It’s 1 who demonstrates experience teachings
Steady like a confident surgeon’s hands…
Seeking plateaus unsuccessful…
Unidentifiable by some…
Self-gratification of a job well done…

I have spoken my prose
And now it’s time I bring
This thought 2 a close.

Deatrick Marshall**

Deatrick Marshall 03B2203
Wallkill, NY

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