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Gardy's Poems

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Equal Mind…

I’m just a simple man…
A simple man in search of his equal
An equal mind that understands, one who’s virtuous
To find her, I strive for perfection
The honesty of a real man
So many years I’ve searched along the lines of
Love alone
But fail to find…
My strong opposite of an equal mind.

I’ve dealt with so many that prayed
Prayed for an honest man, who lives for her alone
Damn! How I strive to be that man
Honest regardless of the circumstances and consequences
Then why does she find it hard to accept
When given?
The “Truth” that is!
Never would I paint your heart as black as the
Night skies
Even when the stars are hidden!!

I said that I’m a slave to your every desire
The essence of why she feels the way she does
Honest all the time, but just when I’m inside
You and things are great…
Honest even when our landslides and our existence shakes
Still, I strive to live for you only
Seducing you mentally…Can you feel me?!

It scares me that she may not exist
Shall I fail to find…My beautiful mind
Forever is a long time to be in search of
A fire.
Will I ever burn out before I get to have her?
If it’s in my soul, then maybe not!!

So where are you?
My friend, my Queen, my equal mind?!


Gardy Jean-Baptiste 04A32387
Stormville, NY

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