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Manuel's Poems

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- Untitled –

On that hour, minute and seconds
On that day, that year, that summer my last breath was inhaled – exhaled.
In this darkness my spirit lingers without direction – a maze where is my way out!?
Though my physical form ages, my soul slowly disappears. Once a while, loved ones come to share what life has dealt them: The pressures, the stress; Their ups and downs; their sadness and their loss; Their happiness and joy; Their experiences and success – most importantly
Their Memories.

This is my cemetery, my resting place.
My journey stumbled to a halt. My personal accomplishments and errors, nullified. Memories frozen in time. Ironically, when I close my eyelids – the darkness shows me a life I shared with you before getting here, one that I haven’t been able to move on from.

Your scent, your touch, sexy giggle, your kiss and teasing…

After each month passes and the rotation starts all over, I’m pulled more and more away from your thoughts becoming a “used to be”; walking this dark road alone, like a ghost: still present, but unable to be seen – life goes on as it’s meant to. Happy people, new relationships blossoming, new life enters this world…How I miss it…How I miss you.

I keep walking without knowing my destination. My name a distant memory. A soul locked away in his own personal tomb, in this tomb the year appearing is: August 22nd, 2003.

The year my existence disappeared from yours…

By M. Guerrero

Manuel Guerrero R-41916
Pontiac, IL

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