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Carl's Poems

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This defines me.  
In peace my mind speaks
Hummin with a blind beat. 
So lost, death can’t even find me. 
Mental sound, ditched by everyone, but still proud. 
A boy becomes a man and needed no one.
I push on past so I can see a future instead of back lash. 
A proven fact my future is bright
I pace myself so I don’t lose sight.
Mind over matter study grow mentally so I’ve become who I was meant to be.
There a saying;  Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter, so if you don’t mind I’d like to invite those who read to write me.  Only if in their heart I make them breathe the right beat.
I was thuggish once but now a man who understands what he wants.  An educational, intellectual, challenge my mind type of professional, make me laugh, understand how to let the past to the past move forward in peace see within.  Close your eyes type who can envision a bigger picture at night.
Been 10 years since I seen a female face.  Left to die in this place I love to bring surprised eyes to a face.  Every minute I make count, so I prevail when I touchdown.  Watch out Bill soon I’ll be the owner to the gates of prosperity.  Donate to charity because I care to see smiles stare at me.  More than that I love seeing people in peace happy.

Carl Furrell Jr S03263
Pontiac, IL

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