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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

My name is Robert, I made some mistakes as a kid and now I am paying the consequences. I believe I have learned from my mistakes and am looking forward to coming home to my family.

I am interested in friendship as this time has been lonely especially since visits have been suspended due to Covid-19. I am a single Hispanic male about 5'8", brown eyes, and brown hair.


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Hello miss Dylan.    I'm 28 years old.  I have been incarcerated for 6 years.  I’m a person that believes in constant improvement and I'm always trying to reach the next level in my life despite my current situation.  I'm a firm believer in being in tune with myself mind, body, and soul!   I have made plenty of strides forward in my life....

Black/African AmericanMuslim

Seeking sound friendships free of drama and intellectual conversation.

I have a good heart, I just made some bad decisions. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Willing to reciprocate emotional support.

Shoot me a letter. Let's talk about some things.


I am interested in all men of all race and color, who wants a long term friendship or a long term relationship… must be 35 years of age and older.


Thank you for looking into my profile.   I am a beautiful lady inside and out, I weigh 180 pounds and I stand 5’ 4 ½” tall.     I have a curvy, soft, toned body.    I have a...


Hello everyone, my name is pretty long I go for Abdul for short. I come from a mixed background; my father is Egyptian and my mother is Moroccan. I was born in California and raised the Middle East.

I’m just looking for people to talk to who won’t judge me for where I am. I like reading books about history. I have had many experiences in life, good and bad but they have taught me...


My name is Mohamed, but everyone calls me Mo.   I was born in Somalia, but raised in Kenya; came to the United States, and Jersey City became my new home.  

I'm an outgoing person, humble, great sense of humor that goes with my personality, and I'm also easy to communicate with.  I like to read, write, and play basketball.  I love to strive for knowledge...

American Indian/Alaska NativeNative American

Greetings, I’m looking for positive people to visit with, debate ideas, and create valuable friendships. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions throughout my life and would like to find people with a better outlook than what I’m surrounded with and am used to. I like playing basketball, reading, writing, and working out during my free time.

If you would like to email me the site is...

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Black/African American

Are you fun-loving? Are you mature? Are you outgoing? If so, I am searching for you. I am a proud, single male who possesses a genuine love for helping people, visiting new places and experiencing excitement.

I am searching for a friend who is interested in making this journey an exciting one. I am not interested in playing games. I am, however, interested in a friendship that is both...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

My time is almost served and it doesn’t hurt to say hello.

I’m not looking for a lover; just a friend. Someone who’s that calm before the storm. A woman with a personality that’s warm, strong, and has a sense of humor that’s down to earth.


Hello, my name is Ahmed.  I’m 20 years old, 5’10, 190 and I’m from Baghdad, Iraq.

I made mistakes and I’m currently incarcerated in Boise, Idaho. I’m a very active person. I enjoy working out and playing sports. I enjoy the sound of music, the laughter of television and the words of a book, especially, because the little things in life you have to enjoy. Even when you’re in my...

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I would start out by listing all the things I like to do but I am limited at the moment to standard things like praying, working out and well you know the rest. I am looking for a relationship or a friend. I’m open minded, I like trying new things.



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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

My friend about this, so I thought I’d give it as try.

I’ve been a country boy and city man too. I love dancing  in the backyard dirt to the radio and moonlight. Taking my sister to get cigarettes halfway across town because she’s broke, playing chess with dad and working on hot rods with my brother. I miss eating everything in my mom’s refrigerator and passing out on her couch,...

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Hey there, I'm Simon. I'm about 6ft tall and 27 years old. I'm looking to make more friends and connect with good people while I serve my time. I have no violent crimes. I don't let that past define me, I have turned my life around while in here.

I grew up in Alabama and I love music, reading, yoga, working out, tattoos, the outdoors, and art. I look forward to hearing from you soon....

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

What's up, ladies? My name is Anthony I'm from the mile-high city Denver CO proud. I'm 40 years young seeking a pen-pal and friendship.

A few things about me; I'm 5-10 1/2 and 215 pounds in great shape as you can see. I love playing and watching sports. I'm homegrown so I'm a diehard Broncos, Rockies, and Nuggets fan. I love to work out, that's my passion right now...

Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Martinez. I am hoping to meet a woman with future goals, who is strong-minded and can love a man unconditionally.

My passions include family, music, playing basketball, and working out. Whenever I'm not focused on one, I'm focused on the other, music is really my first love. I like to write all genres, I love Hip Hop and R&B more.

I am not shy I love...

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Jason Abney #255131Primary Picture

My name is Jason Abney and am currently in prison for drugs.

My release date is 11-30-23, but I have signed up for C.I.P. OR "Bootcamp" and I plan on being out here by this time next year or sooner. I plan on staying out of prison and making the most out of the rest of my life.

If you want to know more, you know what to do!

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Black/African AmericanChristian

I am a 38-year-old father. I would consider myself family-oriented. I am fun, intelligent, and seeking female companionship! I work out, read, and do all that I can to expand my knowledge to make me a better man for the day that I am released. I enjoy talking about current events, books I've read, and truthfully anything that helps the time pass and can bring some positivity to each day...

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Vardan Abramyan #AB6482 - Primary Picture

Hello, allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Vardan Abramyan. My family and friends call me "V". I am 30 years old, 5'9" tall, my nationality being Armenian. I'm currently serving out my time in California, while my appeal takes its course in the courts, with positive feedback, God willing.

I have been locked up since I was 19 years old; clearly I've made mistakes in my...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello, my name is Jose Abreu. I'm 27 years old, 5'4", and 160 lbs. My nationality is Puerto Rican and Dominican. I have a decent amount of tattoos(Some tattoos can't be seen). I'm into the tattoo culture. I'm currently finishing up a 10-year prison sentence and have 23 months left.

I enjoy laughing and lifting others up. I really like to see others smile. I'm an excellent listener...

Ricardo Abril #AB2175Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino American

Hello World,

My name is Richie, short for Ricardo. I am 31 years old, of Mexican descent. I am 5’8”, 160 pounds, healthy, light muscular build, born and raised in Santa Clara, California. I have been locked away since January of 2008 and traveling this lonesome journey on my overdue quest to find some real friends.

Naturally, I’m a really shy and reserved person, until I get...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Generra but most people call me “G” for short. I am here to meet new people to write to. I believe that the people that we spend time with influence our lives and while, at this moment, I can’t actually change who surrounds me, I can choose who I give my time to.

I made some bad choices out there that I told myself were justifiable at the time, but I have made a...

Allan Abruzzino #A472-593 - Primary Picture

Hey Everyone. My name is Allan and I'm looking to meet some new people and make some new friends... I'm open to writing everyone and enjoy a good diversity of people.

I have a lot of interests and try to stay as busy and positive as possible. I'm doing a stretch and earned the time they gave me and now I'm trying to do the best I can with it. I really enjoy reading. I read anything but...

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Joshua Abshier #142381 - Primary Picture

Hello, my name is Josh. I am a 33-year-old professional artist. I tattoo, paint murals, and design clothing. Unfortunately, my disregard for laws has brought me too close to the sun and I got burned. On the fortunate side, I am learning from my mistakes that led me here. I am finding new ways of expressing myself through my art. I am currently the lead specialty paint artist on this yard...

Odai Abuzaid  #BG6608 - Primary Picture

I was sitting here thinking of what to write and decided it was the best to speak from the heart.

I lived fast and hard which got me here. I made a few bad choices. Today I spend my time reading and working to better myself every day and do not believe prison has to define who I am. I am on this website honestly because I am tired of being alone for so long and I am...

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My name is Manuel.  I'm looking to find someone to share many conversations, SMILES, and experiences with.  I am an open minded, down to earth, open hearted type of guy.  I believe in honesty, loyalty, and having an understanding nature.  In being that person who is there when you need a shoulder to lean on, and who keeps it real.  I'm a person who...