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Humble, Texas29Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Corey.  I'll start by telling you a little about myself.  I am a very humble and outgoing person.  I'm real, what you see is what you get.  I like to surround myself with genuine people.  I love to laugh and have fun.  My passion is for boxing.  I plan to continue my career upon my release.  One of my life’s desire is to travel and...

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Dylan Caad #01899552Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas27Straight

What’s up world!

As you’re reading my words, I hope they can place you into my life someday! I’m from San Antonio, Texas. November 28th is my birthday and I am 27, but my minds elevated as if I’m 47. HA!

Since I’ve been incarcerated, I have a new outlook on life, I try to move differently in certain situations to where it will keep a smile across my face. I love to...

Angel Caballero #214362 - Primary Picture
Suffield, Connecticut43Straight

What’s up stranger?

I hope that as you read these words you can feel all the positive energy I’ve poured into them. My name is “Angel” and I love music, reading, writing and working out. Laughter is hard to come by in here but I still try to find ways to do that too.

I’ve been staring at these same 4 walls for some time now, putting together a list of things my life was missing...

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Mt. Sterling, Illinois30Straight


First and foremost, allow me to thank you for taking the time to ready my profile.  Time is precious, so the fact that you’re taking time to read this means more to me than you could know.  With that said, let me tell you a little about myself and my intentions.

I'm someone who's loyal, honest, optimistic, family oriented, love laughing, having fun, has a good...

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Elsa Cabana #02090316 - Primary Picture
Marlin, Texas35Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Else Cabana.

I'm a 35 year old female looking to meet someone, become friends, and see where it goes. I'm a very athletic, outgoing, and sporty person. I love the outdoors and my children above all else.

I'm also looking for someone to help support me emotionally and so much more, someone that has their life together, and knows what they want in life. I...

Rahway, New Jersey39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Timyan!!  Most people just call me Ty.  I'm 6 foot tall, 212 pounds, dark skin with long dreads.  I have less than 2 years left before I'm released.  It feels like the shorter my time gets the longer the days are getting. 

I'm looking for someone to give me a change of pace to help me put those days back on cruise control.


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Pierre Cabell #A673-642 - Primary Picture
Marion, Ohio25Straight

Hello everybody,

My name is Pierre. I’m 25 years old and I love music, life and meeting new people! After going through many trials in my life, the world has shown me that to have success you must keep hope. I’m confident in myself and have a clear vision of what I want in life. I’m also a huge fan of honesty and achieving my goals, so I’ll take the next few lines to be transparent and...

Pablo Caberera-Ortiz #94572-379Primary Picture
Mendota, California31Straight


My name is Pablo, Since I am getting closer to being released, I'd like to find some new close friends to start building positive and healthy relationships.  I'm a self-starting, conscientious, business owner. 

My likes and loves are as follows: family, working out, dancing, cooking and traveling.  I speak English and Spanish.

Thank you for being...

David Cable #P15787 - Primary Picture
Ione, California42Straight


I am David.  I am seeking to build connections with individuals who are interested in supporting me on my journey to reconnect with society.

In may I earned my certificate in Social Work/Human Services from Folsom Lake college.  I was a participant in the only face-to-face college certification program offered by a college, inside a prison, within the United...

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Justin Cabot #29525-050 - Primary Picture
Thomson, Illinois46Straight

I’m not going to write about long romantic walks on the beach, even though I was raised 45 minutes from the Jersey Shore.

Currently, I’m a bank robber closing off a long stint. I’ve never had a cell phone, no kids, and have never been married. I enjoy a hard and fast lifestyle still the desire to be a free man appeals to my senses a lot more nowadays.

I’m 5’9” tall, 200 pounds...

Dauri   Cabrera #164753G - Primary Picture
Bordentown, New Jersey22Straight

Hi! My name's Dauri - proud Dominican at your service. I'm 22 and looking for someone who I can talk to and build something with. I gotchu with conversation. I can get a mime talking! It's impossible to come across a dull moment with me. I love walking trails ... call me a trailblazer! I chase the beauty of nature, the scenery that the world creates by itself is amazing to me. I also enjoy...

East Moline, Illinois24Straight

My name is Diego. I’m from Chicago seeking people to talk to. I’m 24 years old and single serving 5 years. If there are any ladies out there willing to talk and become something. I listen to Rap and Hip Hop and like to stay busy. I like slim and not overweight ladies. Hope to make a lot of friends.


Kenedy, Texas21Straight

Hey, my name is Favio Cabrera. Thank you for looking into my page. I consider myself an honest and loyal person. I am looking for a woman’s companionship and friendship, where you can be there for each other.

I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, so now I look at everything in a positive way. I love reading and I trained in boxing. I work out religiously, so my body is similar to an...

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Las Vegas, Nevada39Straight

Hey there. I’m a single woman in pursuit of friends for future connections. I hope to find someone to cheer me on as I continue this chapter in my life. Are you nonjudgmental with a compassionate heart? You must be witty, open minded and driven. I am passionate about learning and drawn to a kind character. Can you be at peace with me being me?

My incarceration is not permanent and I...

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Coleman, Florida41Straight
African AmericanChristian

I would like to take time out of my day to express my appreciation to a very special woman such as yourself. You are special and yet remarkable because you are willing to share your most valuable resource with me. Which is clearly your time. I speak of time in this manner because we as human beings have such a very short amount thereof. At this very moment within my life I feel as though as if...

Rakim Caddell #1171021 - Primary Picture
Indian Springs, Nevada31Straight
African American

To all women with integrity; value and self-worth.

I hope I can uplift you and put your mind at ease while introducing you to something special.  Is important to me that I uplift you as a woman. 

I want to establish a friendship and build a rapport that is built on honesty, trust, loyalty.  I would like the opportunity to appreciate you as a woman and encourage...

Carson City, Michigan22Straight

I am 22 years old, single, and have no kids. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have several tattoos and plan on getting more.

I am a Christian and love my family. I enjoy working out it has become a very important part of my life.

If you would like to get to know me more you can Jpay me.

Stay Blessed

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Kincheloe, Michigan31Straight
African American

Hi, I'm D'Angelo, I'm 31 years old & a Scorpio. I'm from Muskegon, MI. I'm currently doing time for armed robbery & felonies assault. As to update whoever is reading, I'm open-minded, funny, love sports, great personality. I try to make others smile, brighten, and lighten your day. I believe as I am living this journey & still trying to grow & find myself, I...

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Lincoln, Illinois25Bi-sexual

Hello Everyone! 

I'm excited to meet some new people and I'm hopeful that I will grab someone's attention through this website. 
Currently I am taking college classes and making the most out of my situation. 

To describe myself, I would say I'm sweet, social, and easy going. I really enjoy being outdoors, trying new things, and having a good time with...

Travis Caguana #Y26551Primary Picture
Pinckneyville, Illinois25Straight


My name is Travis. I’ve been incarcerated for some time now and I’m hoping to meet some new people to build up a friendship with. Your age, religion, location, and nationality won’t make a difference. I have a great personality. I’m honest, smart, funny, and more.

Thank you for your time.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Brendon Cain #W110953 - Primary Picture
Walpole, Massachusetts25Straight

What's up stranger? Name's Brendon...if you've come this far, chances are I look like someone who interests you. If this is true,then don't be a stranger, I just might be the friend for you!

I'm looking for a person I can write too and build a friendship with. We all have our ups and downs, so friendly conversation never hurts in these times. I've been in for over five years so I'...

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Jamal Cain #M-02467 - Primary Picture
Sheridan, Illinois28Straight
African American

Hello ladies, my name is Jamal. I’m 28 years old, I’m from Chicago, cool guy, smart, strong minded and down to earth. In reality I’m just real. I have about 20 months left on my sentence and I’m looking for friends to correspond with for the rest of my time and even longer. I would like to meet a friend that’s honest, dominant, experienced, down to earth, a little wild side and most...

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Shelby Caine #B73346 - Primary Picture
Kewanee, Illinois41Straight

Hello world,

My name is Shelby Caine and I am so honored to meet you. I stand 6’ tall and weigh 250 pounds solid. I am light complexion, wear a bald head and beard.

Along this journey of incarceration I can honestly say that I have developed a true understanding of myself. I acknowledge the errors of my ways and have taken steps to prepare myself to become a productive citizen...

Antony Caldara #J40981 - Primary Picture
Lake City, Florida30Straight

I'm interested in establishing new relationships, preferably ones that will be meaningful and long-lasting. I've taken time to reevaluate my life, find what's truly important, and implement positive change. I enjoy helping others and I take pride in bettering my community. I'm originally from Florida, and my nationality is a mix of Italian, Cuban, Mexican and Portuguese. I'm prior military,...

Alexander Calderon #G08995 - Primary Picture
Susanville, California32Straight

On May 4, 2019, with a huge, radiant bleeping smile I am very much happy to inform you I am going home!! YES!!! After twelve years I am down to my last year. I am finally counting months. It all feels so good I can’t contain this goofy smile displayed on my handsome face. I’m excited and seriously anxious to rediscover life.

Can you imagine what it’s going to...