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Frank D'Agostino #0032883
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Carson City, Nevada56Straight

Hi, my name is Frank.  I'm a 55 year old Italian born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I've been in Nevada for over 30 years now. I was on Death Row but am now a Lifer. I have 2 chances a year at getting out and starting over, which I believe will be happening shortly. I love to laugh and always have a smile on my face. I have a personality of pure gold...

Grant Dacalio #124299
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Boise, Idaho29Straight

My name is Grant. I am currently serving a 5 year sentence in Idaho. I am originally from Hawaii. I moved to Idaho in 2016. I am looking to find some friends to talk to while I am down and as well when I get out. I enjoy the outdoors and activities such as hunting, fishing, surfing etc. I am a very funny and outgoing type of guy. I am fit and enjoy working out and...

Margaret Dacey #1489007
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Troy, Virginia23Straight

I am interested in writing new friends, and hope to meet some new people. I am currently in college pursuing my degree in business. I plan to apply to law school with hopes of becoming an attorney. I am bold and outgoing; meeting people from different places is what makes life exciting. I also enjoy humorous people. Feel free to share your humor with me!

Crescent City, CaliforniaStraight

Greetings! First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris. I'm 29 years of age, and I was born and raised in the desert of Southern California. I would say that I'm an upbeat person, who keeps an optimistic outlook in all things. I haven't, as of yet, had the opportunity to venture out further than my home state, however, I'm always interested in learning about the world.


Emmanuel Dade #02079200
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Pampa, Texas23Straight

My name is Emmanuel but I go by Pablo. I am a mixed breed, Puerto Rican on my dad’s side and Iranian on my mom’s side. I am currently looking for positive people to interact with in this hard time of my life. During my time incarcerated I’ve been working on myself to become a better man and change my behavior and thought patterns. I have made mistakes in my past but my past will not be my...

Brendan Dagg #A653693
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Leavittsburg, Ohio26

Hey, I’m Brendan and I'm looking for companionship.  I have a year left trying to stay on the right track.  I am very motivated, funny, smart, handsome, and enjoy a good time.

I’m looking for support while doing my time.  I'm very open and honest.  I have many goals when I get out and I'm...

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Devin Daily #S07922
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Sumner, Illinois34Straight

Hey There!

My name is Devin Michael Shane Daily….just call me Shane.  I am 33 and single.

I grew up on a farm in Central Illinois.  I enjoy being outdoors.  During my free time...

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Montrille Daily #0994584
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Marion, North Carolina28Straight
African American


My name is Montrille but all my family and friends call me Trille. I’m 27 years old and currently incarcerated for trafficking heroin. I’m looking for a woman of any race or religion to build a strong foundation with and is supportive. I like to travel and have fun. I also enjoy writing books, urban novels as...

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Hannah Dalton #20658-041
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Waseca, Minnesota27Bi-sexual
Native American

My name is Hannah.  I'm looking for friends to write and communicate with via phone or video visits.

I'm a chill type person who likes to laugh and enjoy myself.  I like trying new things, meeting new people, and visiting new places.  I'm easy to get along with that enjoys shopping, casinos, and love spending time...

Jordan Dalton #01653653
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Huntsville, Texas26Straight

I was once asked what is the price of companionship and at the time I wasn't able to answer. Now, nine years into my sentence, I can answer with certainty! Companionship is priceless!

There is nothing more valuable than a bond without conditions or judgments because such a bond as that is rarer than diamonds. What diamond can shine without first having been mined?

A bond takes...

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Kimberly Dalton #214527
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Pewee Valley, Kentucky44

Single, White, female, 40’s, seeking someone with a taste of adventure. I have long, brown, curly hair and camo-green eyes. I’m thicker than a Snickers and all about that bass. I like to go four-wheeling, dancing and fishing, but I’m also fine with spending a quiet evening at home with someone special.


Tyrell Damper #20677847
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Ontario, Oregon26Straight
African American

Never fear Tyrell is here.  Lol.  I’m one that loves to meet and greet new ppl.  I am very sociable.  I take it one day at a time cause tomorrow isn’t promised.  I’m caring and very hysterical.  The convo won’t go by without me making it as fun as possible. 

I have 4 years 8 months but with good time my release date is 2020.  Looking for a funny...

Adam Dandach #67945-112
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Bastrop, Texas24Straight

My name is Adam Dandach. I'm 24 years old and I'm 6'4” tall. I'm of Arab/Armenian descent and my family is from Lebanon. I was born and raised in Orange County, California.

Shaun Dandridge #K02141
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Vienna, Illinois40Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello,  I’m Shaun,

It’s such a pleasure to introduce myself and have this opportunity in meeting and making new friends.  I am an open-minded, sincere and genuine man who embraces learning and likes to meet people.  I am sociable, down-to-earth and honest.  My prior lifestyle of selling narcotics and making fast money...

Stephen Danforth #4980971
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Salem, Oregon60Bi-sexual

Prison is a Place

Prison is a place where the first person you see looks like an All-American college boy and you are surprised.  Later you are disgusted because people on the outside have the same prejudices about prisoners that you use to have.

Prison is a place where you go for years without feeling...

Huy Dang #01419682
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Lamesa, Texas32Straight

Hello!  Howdy y’all, how ya doin’?!? Hahaha!  I’m a Vietnamese guy born and raised in Houston, Texas, and yes, it’s a rumor that we’re all cowboys!  I’m a city boy at heart!  I’m intelligent, very open minded, good hearted, sensual, blunt, and honest.  I’m 5’10” tall and weigh 195 pounds.  I’m...

Brandon Daniel #02025849
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Beaumont, Texas32Straight


Hi! My name is Brandon. Thanks for stopping by to view my profile. Here’s a little about me…

I’m 6’ tall, dark hair, hazel eyes, with a muscular build. My birthday is February 21, which makes me a Pisces. Like most Pisces, I am creative, funny, spontaneous, loyal, fun to be around, and a great listener.

My hobbies include going camping, sports such...

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Joe Daniel #29574-076
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Terre Haute, Indiana33Straight

A country boy from Tennessee looking for someone to talk to... I have about a 10 year or so sentence. I'm a great guy just got caught up in the wrong kind of entrepreneurship!


Kendall Daniel #01426304
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Snyder, Texas40Straight

Hey There! Good day to you all! My name is Kendall, and I am interested in writing you. My friends say I am goofy and a bit eccentric. I just enjoy Life!  Mostly, I am a peaceful soul. One who lives a simple existence. I am into mindfulness and meditation. I love exercise and yoga. And look forward to these new ways of working out such as cross-fit.

Cameron Dion Daniels #195982
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LaGrange, Kentucky38Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

*Wanted*  *Position Available!*

Starting a New Life……..No Experience Required!

Looking for an outspoken, sincere, and family-oriented woman to fill the missing void in my life.  What to expect and do will be detailed later.

Please apply by...

Eric Daniels #27347-001
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Edgefield, South Carolina34Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Greetings! I'm Eric Daniels, a 34-year-old man of color from Gadsden, Alabama.

I've been lock down in federal prison since 2007, and right now I'm acknowledged to be released in August (2019).

What I did to get here is not important, but it’s what I did since being imprisoned that compels me.

Since being incarcerated I've gained the opportunity to strengthen my physical...

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Jason Daniels #y26432
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Hillsboro, Illinois34Straight

Hi, my name is Jason Daniels.  I am looking for someone to write me while I am in here.  I am 6’4” tall, brown hair and blue eyes.  I did not commit the crime I am accused of but I plead guilty because I didn’t want to go through the trial and hurt others. I can further explain when you contact me.


Jessie Daniels #02025559
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Colorado City, Texas36Straight

Hi, thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I made this profile to connect with people from the outside, to pass the time I have left in here and make some new friends. I hope to hear from you soon.

You can write me at the address provided below or you can email me through, and please include your name and return...

Michael Daniels #02070343
Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas48Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Michael is seeking the companionship of women in the form of written correspondence. He is not immediately looking to get married but if the right woman came along would be open to dialogue at that time. Naturally, the closer the better to possibly evolve the relationship to contact visits if possible, but not a requirement. More than anything, just genuine dialogue...

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Michael Daniels #02645-089
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Coleman, Florida57Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Michael.  My deepest inner thoughts can only be expressed by the quotes of my favorite author, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu.  “Day by day as you go on, as you gain momentum, as your inspiration deepens, as your plans crystallize, as you gain understanding, you will come to realize that this world is no dead pile of stones and...

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