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Inmate Alphabetical Profiles

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Andres Fabela #01906649
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Iowa Park, TexasStraight


I go by Andy. I’m really just seeking positive people to correspond with. I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. I make sure not to listen, watch, or speak negativity.

I love to listen to music and I love to draw and paint. I listen to anything from Rap to Country, Rock to Regatone. As far as my artwork, I can proudly say it’s very good and I do all types.

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Jacob Faber #01949848
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Childress, Texas25Straight


My name is Jacob as you can see.  I am looking for someone who doesn’t just want to write, but who wants to be a genuine friend.  God is a huge part of my life and who I am, so expect respect and caring if you do decide to write.  Wanting!

I am a huge nerd who loves to read, write, cook and talk to people who get the gears in my head turning.  I’ve...

Jose Fabian #23204-078Primary Picture
Three Rivers, Texas27Straight

My name is Jose. I'm 5'7", 175 pounds, and I have lots of tattoos. 

I like to exercise. I listen to Rap, Country, and Spanish music. Also, I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, fishing, 4-wheeling, and I can speak English and Spanish. I'm open to any race and religion. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jose Manuel Fabian

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Kailee Fabian #W099870
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Dayton, Ohio25Bi-sexual

Hey, my name is Kailee, I’m 25 years old.  I’m looking to build some close supportive friendships with down-to-earth good people.  I need support in every way.  I enjoy a good conversation with an intelligent, levelheaded funny person.  I’m hoping to make a connection with someone real.  I’m looking for someone to write, to talk to, and help me through this journey....

Alec Faccone #AT6552
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Corcoran, California26Straight

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."

Hello and thank you for your consideration to become a pen-pal to a prisoner. I've been incarcerated since age 19. Young and scared, I ran from my home in Seattle to California; I was homeless, addicted and desperate. Prison has been a blessing to me in getting clean, getting my GED and gaining skills that will generate opportunities...

Valentino Facey #W93004
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Shirley, Massachusetts34Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

First off…thank you for taking time out of your precious day to read my profile. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for in a friend after reading this! (smiling)

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Valentino Facey.  I’m 33 years old, my...

Lamar  Facine  #15397-006
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Adelanto, California36Straight
African AmericanMuslim

I love my state (Alaska)! I spent half my life raised in the woods by wolves and wrestling bears (smiles). I'm a jokester at heart; love a good laugh and a sense of humor. Life is too short to not have fun to me.

At the moment I am incarcerated, but that hasn't stopped me from loving life. I should be released in 2024 and from there I plan to travel. I would like to meet people to...

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Joey Francisco Facundo #AI-6854
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Delano, California25Straight

Hey, I'm Joey.  I'm 25 years old and from the Bay area.  I'm Mexican and Pilipino with a twist- I'm not your average Joe.  I'm really looking for a friend, someone I can share conversations with, and someone that’s on that level of wanting to grow and see life from a different perspective.

A little bit about myself; I've recently reverted to being a Muslim.  I spend...

Chevaughn Fagan #000836233E
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Wrightstown, New Jersey23Straight

Hi, my name is Chevaugh. I am looking for a friend to write to me. I’m shy but it’s worth a shot.

I plan on being a graphic designer. I like traveling. I enjoy laughing. I’m a Libra. I play soccer. I’m a really nice guy.

Randy Fagan #01658332
Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas38Straight

Hello World!

My name is Randy, thank you for taking the time and looking at my profile.

Now allow me the opportunity to tell you about myself. I am 38 years old, I stand 5’8”, I weigh 191 pounds. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I love to work out to keep my body in solid form. I love kids, outdoors, camping, fishing, and listening to music. I love music…I love making people...

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Mark Failey #2005362
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Big Stone Gap, Virginia27Bi-sexual


My name is Mark.  I’m looking to make new friends that have positive attitudes and overall good vibes.  I’m all about staying away from negativity and being constructive.   I believe everyone is unique in their own way.  I’m just someone who can see the good in every one.  I love life, I love to live and being free!  I’m just the type to try...

Yasmin Faili #1050168
Primary Picture
Las Vegas, Nevada42Straight

Hello Everyone,

I’m the one you’ve been searching for…I’m a beautiful Persian Princess. I have everything a man could ever want and need in a great woman. I have those dreamy big brown eyes that can hypnotize. Just one look and you’d be hooked. But it’s my inside beauty and amazing personality that makes me shine. I’m one of those truly rare breeds of woman that aren’t easy to find...

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Stephen Fair #587943
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St. Louis, Michigan31Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, ladies.

I am on here seeking to meet a friend to build and correspond with. I prefer a real woman who isn't afraid to take a chance with a man who is focusing on changing his life. Like to start as friends and see where it takes us.

Thank you for viewing my profile.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Quashawn Faircloth #1043702
Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey33Straight

Dear Reader,

I am a unique individual that has come from a dark past determined to have a bright future. As such I was forced to become an adult at a very young age. While growing up under a roof that deprived me of love. In spite of this I was lucky enough that I was blessed with the ability to learn fast. 

As a result of having three younger brothers to look after I...

Noaese Falaniko #AV1488
Primary Picture
Susanville, California26Straight

Hey world :)

My name is Noaese Falaniko. I’m currently serving time for some mistakes and bad choices I’ve made. I have been informed about this site from a friend and how met a lot of his good friends, so I just thought I would give it a try.

A lil something about me; I’m Samoan and 25 years of age, I enjoy sports as much as I watch it. I really enjoy taking care of...

Shaquille Falcon #72605
Primary Picture
Omaha, Nebraska26Straight

Hello, I'm Shaq and I'm 25. I'm currently locked up in a Nebraska Correctional Facility. No matter what, I still have fun and make the most of life. Life is too short to not have fun but also too valuable to not take seriously. I appreciate having solid people around me and I value loyalty above all else. I’m very honest and despite being in a bad situation, I don’t believe that I’m a bad...

Khary  Fambro #A538-440
Primary Picture
Lebanon, Ohio40
African AmericanOther

My name is Khary Fambro. I’m from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, known as the Walnut Hills projects. But please don’t let where I’m from define me. I’ve done thirteen years with seven to go. I am able to come home on an early release, if granted in the year 2021.

Me being convicted of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery, has been a gift and a curse. I’ve received the gift of...

Duane Fane #A743-971
Primary Picture
Lebannon, Ohio19Straight
African AmericanChristian

Duane Fane.

I'm looking for a young lady that has some extra time on their hand that would like to write a nice young man that will be out in the world very soon.

Write me and you will be blessed.

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Wendy Fannin #02118978
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Lockhart, Texas32Straight

My name is Wendy, 32 years old, and I have an amazing 16 year old son who is my world and my best friend.  I am very laid back, driven, fun and a family oriented Christian woman.  I love to laugh, meet new people, read, hike, travel, fish, always down to try something new, I work hard and I play harder.

I have a passion for helping people and I’m excited to get out and do...

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Jesse Fanus #12724162
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Ontario, Oregon39Straight

Oi, Oi to all.  My name is Jesse, I’m single, white, 39 year old male who has been locked up for quite a while.  I’m serving life without parole.  I’d like to meet some new people, make some new friends, have some fun.  I play guitar (poorly), speak German (also poorly), and can’t draw at all, but at least I have a sense of humor.  I would like to write overseas or...

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Mohamed Faraj #48851-039
Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana35Straight

I’m not a Muslim born in America, I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  I was raised on family values, love/loyalty/respect and honor.  I am currently serving a 24 year sentence for a marijuana charge.  The good thing about my charge is there are millions of people fighting to legalize marijuana.  And if that happens I’ll be home sooner than expected (God willing).


Adrian Farias #01600197
Primary Picture
Hondo, Texas29Straight

What's up world,

Well, I appreciate you reading these few lines and I hope all is well with you. But yah, as for me, I'll keep it real. I'm just looking for someone to ride with and get to know each other in the process, like a relationship is cool and all, but a friendship is something that is needed no matter what position you're in and that's what you find me seeking.


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Jesse Farias #K01358
Primary Picture
Represa, California44Straight

Greetings to any and all who read this profile. My name is Jesse, I’m 44 years old, currently serving a life sentence here in prison. I’ve been incarcerated since 1995. As you can see I’ve been removed from the free world for most of my young life, nevertheless my mind remains free and positive which brings me to the purpose of this profile. I’m searching for new potential friends; anyone who...

Manuel Farias #AN4389
Primary Picture
Calipatria, California27Straight


My name is Manuel Farias. I’m 27 years old and originally from Fontana, California. I’m divorced/single and a proud father of an 8 year old son. I like to consider myself a real down to earth person that really enjoys the simple things in life. I’ve decided to sign up with Write A Prisoner because I’m trying to meet some new people that I can get to know and start some new...

Teddy Faries #01960936
Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas39

Hi! My name is Teddy and I’m an inmate in a Texas correctional unit. I’m lonely and want to make a lot of new friends from all over. I would like to make new friends in the U.S.A. and overseas as well. I’m very funny, big hearted and serious about making pen pal connections. I always write back and take this seriously. Don’t need money or help or trying to use people...