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Llewelyn Gabalis #H30614 - Primary Picture


Let me take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. My name is Llewelyn. I’m 53 years young and single! I’ve never been married nor do I have any kids.

I’m in search of mental relaxation and interesting conversation. I’m looking for friendship with the option to go further if the opportunity presents itself. Spontaneous and adventurous, someone I can lift up and...

Tyrone Gabb #K56693 - Primary Picture

Hi, my name is Tyrone. I am seeking friendship. Simply being honest with you will make a great and lasting friendship. I love to study law. As you can see in my photo with the law books behind me. The reason for this big smile is, receiving my Prison Law Library Certificate. There are many good things in life that I love to do, but being in prison hampers that ability.

I am very...

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Just looking for friends to correspond with. I'm 29 years old and only have a couple of years left to finish my sentence (here in Louisiana then Mississippi). I have tattoos on both of my arms, chest, and back. I like to hunt, fish, workout, weld, laugh, and listen to music.

I love my God, who comes first, and I love my mom. I am from Mississippi and doing time in Louisiana for now....


Hello! My name is Anthony.

I’ve been incarcerated since 2013 and have until 2022. I’m an easy-going and fun-loving person. I love snowboarding, skiing, boating of all kinds, and swimming; really anything outdoors. Life is short so I plan on enjoying the rest of mine.

If you want to know more contact me and let’s get to know each other.

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Black/African American


My name is Damien and thank you for logging on to my page. Let me start out by letting you know a little about myself. I’m 38 years old and I was born in Morristown, New Jersey. I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina when I was incarcerated. I have one child (he’s 15). What I like to do? I like reading, working out and eating LOL. When I say reading, I only like to read books...


Hi, my name is Nick. I am 25 years old and enjoy working out, reading and crocheting. I’ve been crocheting for quite a while now and actually make and sell custom hats, scarves, stuffed animals etc. I’ve been in prison for about 3 years now and have been in Ad-seq (solitary) since I got in a fight last October.

I would really enjoy getting to know you and chatting about anything you...

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Black/African AmericanMuslim


My name is Islam.  I’m mixed race.  I'm seeking friends of the opposite sex to correspond.

I'm an outgoing person, I love traveling.  I've traveled to Malaysia, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, Kenya and Germany.  My second home is London, United Kingdom.  I lived there for 4 years.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Black/African American

Hello ladies. I am a single man who is seeking friendships first and relationships second.

I am very social, and at times, trusting of others; which tends to be my biggest downfall at times. I just like giving everyone a chance until they prove me wrong. Meeting people of different cultures and ethnicities has always been very interesting for me.

I have a Christian foundation...

American Indian/Alaska NativeChristian

Allow me to introduce myself in hopes that you’re intrigued enough to get to know each other better? I won’t waste your time trying to paint portraits to taint your perception of who I am and what I stand for.

My name is Travis Gaddy. I’m of Native descent, from the Dine (Navajo) Tribe. I’m 26 years old. I’m a simple man that’s not caught up with vanity but definitely a fan of...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to give. As you can see I’m currently in a situation where I have nothing to give, only my honesty, loyalty and friendship which I take very seriously. My name is Kirtrel, I’m looking forward to finding something special. I’m looking to connect with someone and create something real whether it’s a friendship or...

Black/African AmericanOther

Looking for a female pen pal only. I'm affectionate, loving, and understanding to my family and friends. I'm an uplifting person, that gives words of encouragement. I'm very strong in passion and compassionate. Communication is key to a strong relationship.

I believe in the same energy you put out the same energy you receive. I'm optimistic and open-minded. I always keep a positive...


What's up! My name is Dillon. I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I move to the U.S. in 2010 for college soccer. I went to school outside Richmond, VA but transferred to the University of Texas at Brownsville a year later. That's how I ended up in Texas.

My hobbies are sports (Soccer, football, boxing, and a few Irish sports - hurling and gaelic football). I love history; I was a social studies...

Black/African AmericanOther

Seeking friendship with women only. Thank you. I appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to read my profile. I'm looking for a pen pal to build a friendship with.

Here are a few words about myself: I am 5'10" and really big on family. I think that loyalty and trust are everything when you are getting to know someone. But I am looking for someone to build with and if it turns...

Black/African AmericanOther

Hey, what’s up?

My name is Anthony but my family calls me JJ which is my middle name. I know you probably are wondering what the two J’s stand for, well in my case, nothing. I don’t know what my parents were thinking. Okay now that we have got that awkwardness out of the way, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m 29 and my Zodiac sign is the best ever, “Scorpio”....

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Black/African American

Hello World!

Of course, you know my name. I like to keep things plain and simple and straight to the point.

I’m 33, 5’4”, 165 pounds, dark-skinned, and an athletic build. I’m very loyal and family oriented, especially when it comes to my kids. I don’t like to play games, hear lies, or fairy tales. I’m just a straight forward brother, plain and simple.

Loyalty, honesty,...

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Hey there! Caught you looking! Hope you find my profile pleasing to the eye and ear. 
I'm a fun-loving, energetic, funny (at least I think I'm funny,) charismatic man, who loves to take time out to really get to know people. Prison can be a lonely place and I am hoping to make friends to help pass the time. I'd love to find a friend to write. Hit me up, let...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Lloyd but friends call me LG.  I am 28 years old, 5’ 9” tall, black hair with brown eyes.  I am a very active person in sports to keep my mind and body fresh.  I love to read autobiographies of great people, and also writing in my spare time. 

I am looking for friends to correspond with.  I'm very interested in meeting someone to share...

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Hey, my name is Joe. I'm 6 feet tall and 230 lbs.

I've played sports most of my life, but in between lived through a lot of hard and crazy times. I work out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I also run 3-5 miles 4 days a week. Running serves as a type of meditation for me and keeps me grounded. I have a strong faith and I'm really into my spirituality at this point in my life. I have...

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I can easily say I’m an exceptionally special man. I stand out in my current environment. Somehow, I’ve become a leader in this small community. I’m a spiritual man that shares my knowledge and love of nature with everyone. My connection to the Earth and the people that journey upon her is unshakable.

Though I’ve struggled with addiction, I’ve now become a role model for recovery and...

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So a little about myself…

First, I am an admirer of both sexes, but there is nothing like a beautiful woman. I am very outgoing and always ready to begin a new adventure. I try to stay busy at all times. I love music. I enjoy life and I try not to let any opportunities be wasted.

As for what I’m looking for by being on here is someone who loves to live life like...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Anthony. I’m hoping to meet some positive people on the outside world in order to make my transition back into society as smooth and productive as possible.

I’m a God-fearing, hard working man. I have aspirations to contribute to the community upon my release.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile here on WriteAPrisoner. I look forward to...

Black/African American

Hello, world! My name is Dwayne, but I go by Wayne.

I'm a 30 year old male from Detroit, Michigan looking to correspond with a beautiful, intelligent, down to earth woman, to start an everlasting friendship, possibly more!

Feel free to email me @ inmate #722545.

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Black/African American

Leetavious!   Seeking that special friend…..

I am entering this ad with hopes of connecting with someone who is willing to look beyond me being incarcerated.  I am currently doing time in the Feds and I will explain that part to you once we get to know each other.  I am a very honest and straight up guy and don’t play any type of games.

Now I am going to...


Is this where I tell you that I like taking long walks around the prison yard and looking up at the moon through barbwire fences?

My apologies if my attempt at humor fell flat. Reality is I’ve wasted so much of my life on hate and anger that I no longer have time for either. The next chapter of my life should be titled “Love and Laughter”, as that is all I care to experience. For...

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Black/African American

Hey there, my name is Shasprine but I go by Shay... Hello, can I have a moment of your time? You may overlook me due to my pending situation, but please note things are subject to change and you just might miss an opportunity of finding your best friend, future lover, or even soul mate.

If you want to take on the enticing thrill of all time, get N'Sync with my mind, and understand my...

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