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Rahway, New Jersey27Straight

I am seeking friendship and to meet someone who can help me be a better person than what I once was. I am a positive, happy individual with high goals in life such as once my incarceration is finished, I would like to open a business in a restaurant, barber shop or HVAC company. I am very family oriented and love to play different sports to keep active such as football, basketball, handball,...

Jonathon Hadden #M43424 - Primary Picture
Danville, Illinois26


I’ve come a long ways.  I’ve grown from an immature adolescent into a young man of character.  I’ve taking huge strides to build myself up into the man I am.  I decided that while my body is behind bars, my mind is free and that I should exercise both.

Though my journey is still continuing, I yearn for a friend to travel this road with me.  We may...

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Adrian, Michigan30
African American


My name is James L. Haden, Jr. and I’m seeking a friend to write and stay in touch with. I have a great sense of humor, I have good sense, and I am down-to-earth.

I have integrity and much respect. I am in great shape, mentally and physically. I work out constantly to take care of myself health-wise and I read constantly to learn new things and to keep my mind open to...

Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin37Straight

Seeking good company to discuss many topics. I'm a very eccentric fun-loving person.

I like drawing, writing, imaginative creativity, the outdoors, learning reading, comic books, music, rock music, and cooking.

I'm very open-minded to new things and I'm very family orientated.

Rahway, New Jersey50Straight

Hello, my name is Troy. I am very social, easygoing, fun, with a great sense of humor. I enjoy being around family and friends and meeting people. In my spare time I like various types of music, sports and traveling.

My work history and educational background consist of industrial consultant in construction fabrications, I have completed a social psychology degree.

I’ve made...

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Forrest City, Arkansas34Straight
African AmericanMuslim

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A fine, handsome gentleman on the search for friendship

Hello ladies! My name is Aamir Hafiz. The profile bio gives you the basic about me, let me tell you who I am. First and foremost I am a God fearing man and family man. As you can see I have a sense of humor. I enjoy music, traveling, comedy (love to smile). I stand on the principles of love, loyalty...

Adrian, Michigan31Straight

Hello, friends call me Danny and I’ve come to this website to experience something new. I’d like to think I’m a stand-up guy with qualities possessing moral courage, honor, integrity, and ambition to pursue my goals or just offer the simplicity of being a good friend.

I’m at a place in my life where I would like to meet new people in hopes of building a bond beyond these walls. I’ve...

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West Liberty, Kentucky40Straight

Hello, my name is Tommy and I’m 40 years old. I’m a Christian and I have one child, a son. I grew up in West Virginia, U.S.A. where I graduated high school and attended college as a criminal justice major, ironically enough. I’ve been incarcerated for nearly 17 years now and have 8 more years until parole.

I’m a huge fan and practitioner of martial arts (MMA especially). I routinely...

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West Liberty, Kentucky34Gay

I'm now about six months to my parole date and if I'm totally honest, I'm nervous anxious and afraid! However I'm also happy excited and relieved. I never thought I'd be one of those guys who was worried about his approaching release but I've been away for so long that I've forgotten how freedom feels. I'm not familiar with Facebook or iPhones, and the ways of the world passed me up a...

Rosharon, Texas57Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Thomas R. Haggins, and I'm from Dallas, Texas.  I am 57 years of age, I'm 6 foot 1 inch tall, I weigh 221 pounds of muscular build from weightlifting and African American.  I am a veteran of the US Army/trained under (Army Rangers).

My hobbies are; basketball, reading, working out, jogging and spending time with that (special someone), and listening to...

Ionia, Michigan33Straight

Hello, my name is Zach. :) I love music, literature, nature, and traveling. I'm a bit of a goof ball, playful, and a dreamer. I've always wanted to learn how to dance.

I'm hoping to find someone to share, learn, grow, and have adventures with. I've been incarcerated for almost five years now with a little over a year left. I've taken this time to go back to college and stay a full...

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St Clairsville, Ohio43Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

First and foremost, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Lance but friends and family call me L.

Before I go any further please download JPay in the app store. You can find me at Lance Hague 768440. I'll be waiting to hear from you.. anyways, I'm a big sports fan. My favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and LeBron James. Yes, I'm team LeBron all day baby lol. I'm Ohio born...

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Gatesville, Texas32Straight
African American

Hi there,

My name is Tiffany. I'm a Red Hot not rageous person, looking for Mr. Goodbar who is willing to Snicker with me.  Someone who will pave my Milky Way during this Sour Patch.

I'm a little Laffy Taffy but I assure you I will make your Starburst.  Looking for someone who will share my Jelly Beans and sail with me on this Jolly Rancher.  I'm not a simple...

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Aberdeen, Washington40Straight


My name is Aaron, thanks for stopping by my ad.

First things first, I'm a Christian.

I've been sitting in prison since 2008 due to my poor choices.  However, I'm not rotting away.  I keep my mind and body active through exercise and education.  Prior to prison I didn't have many skills, now I can drive a forklift, roof a house, side a house, hang...

Clallam Bay, Washington29Straight

I'm 29 years old, I'm Sicilian and Black, I'm going home in two months, and I'm just looking for someone to connect with. I'm able to talk on the phone and through letter. But I can't use email.

Some of my interest on the streets include shopping, swimming, street racing legal and illegal, traveling, and going to the beach. I enjoy trying new things and I'm open to almost anything. I...

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Tyler Hainsworth #1750147 - Primary Picture
Jarratt, Virginia27Gay

Hello, my name is TJ. I'm 26 years old and I'm looking for a new friend to talk with. I love to joke around and laugh and I really appreciate someone who can laugh with me but can be serious and have a real conversation too.

Back home I love the outdoors; whether I'm hiking or kayaking. I also like to cook and just spend time with good friends. While I'm here I lift weights, read...

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Lovelady, Texas33Straight

I am Matthew Hairgrove seeking pen pal friends, enjoy the outdoors, motorcycles, drawing, and dogs.

Welder by trade and Mr. Fix It. Father of two, daughter and a son. Value family and friends, they remain my rock through good and tough times.

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Vienna, Illinois28Straight
African American


My name is Joseph Hairston. I’m 28 years old, I’m African American, I’m open-minded, honest, loyal, caring, outgoing and understanding. I love to cook, shop, write, play sports and watch movies/TV shows.

I’m looking for friendships/relationships. I also love helping others out. Since I’ve been locked up I’ve been doing hospice adult comfort care.

Things I look...

Youngstown, Ohio31Straight


Thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I am open for conversation and ultimately looking for support mentally in this time of my placement. I don’t care what race, creed, sex; I only ask that your character reflect nonjudgmental, un-bias, and impartiality. Once we get to know each other you will see the light in my darkness I’m faced with.

I’m looking for someone...

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Oakwood, Virginia26Straight

I'm 26 years old, brown eyes and hair.  I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I was raised in Buckingham, Virginia.  I'm a country boy, I love to hunt, fish and  ride 4 Wheelers.  I'm laid back, I have a good head on my shoulders.

I am looking for someone that is loyal, honest and faithful.  I'm tired of games and being cheated on.  I am mature...

Robert Haithcock #A687-153Primary Picture
Lancaster, Ohio41Straight
African AmericanBaptist


My friend introduced me to this so I thought of giving it a chance and hoping to find a new friend in my life.

My name is Robert AKA Bugg. I’m incarcerated in Ohio for a robbery charge I’m serving 13 years, I only have 7 left. I’ve been away from the free world almost 6 years. Just hoping the next 7 can be a lot smoother but let me give you a little about myself.

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Pekin, Illinois38Straight

Before prison, I was involved in the church as a deacon and later employed as a maintenance man for First Presbyterian in Joliet. I am a hands-on kind of guy and Michael's is my Vice.

I am very creative and artistic, drawing, ceramics, making decorative bottles, and crafty projects off Pinterest. I love fitness, working out, and reading self-help books. I'm currently in a business...

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St. Anthony, Idaho35Straight

Ahoy ladies! My name is Josh, but you can call me Mr. Right.

Now that I hopefully put a smile on your face, allow me to introduce myself. I am a father of 1 handsome young man, he is my motivation to succeed in life. I am 36 years young and enjoy traveling and exploring the world. I believe women are the most beautiful creations on this Earth, no matter your race, size, or what...

Joseph Halenkamp #02064928Primary Picture
Lubbock, Texas32Straight


My name is Joseph. I am 6 foot tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and in shape. I am a fun loving guy looking to make new friends and hopefully gain some relationships through W.A.P. I made some mistakes when I was younger and I'm reminded of them every second in here. I have a few years remaining of my incarceration where as I have learned and grown so much for the better....

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Abilene, Texas33Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Hey there,

I hope as you read this you have an open minded heart full of understanding. I chose to sign up for this with the goal of building friendships where there are none. With the help of creating a mental bond with someone who understands being alone inside a room full of people. A person who knows about pain and sorrow or someone who just needs to vent to someone. (I'm a great...