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Hey there! I’m Chris. I’m looking for positive people to make new friends and genuine connections. If you want to know more, feel free to hit me up.

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Asalam au alikum. I am 28 years old. I am originally from Afghanistan and I am very family oriented. Some of my hobbies are to play sports such as football, basketball, and handball. In my past time I love to read books especially Islamic ones. Some of my favorite things to do is working out and focusing on furthering my education. My future plans are to open a business and my 5 year plan...


I’m 6 ft & 195 lbs. I enjoy distance running, hiking, camping, & live music. My favorite season is fall, I love Halloween. People tell me I am outgoing and have a good sense of humor. I don’t assimilate with a lot of the other inmates. I pass the time reading, running, and playing guitar.

Before prison, I cut hair at a salon. I’m incarcerated because I had a serious heroin...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

I just want to take the time to say, “What’s up everybody?”

I’m happy to be able to reach out and meet new people. I’m from Seattle, I’m 24, and I’m on my way up out of jail.

I’ve taken this time to really think about my life and better myself. I love to laugh, joke, and put smiles on other peoples’ faces.

I’m looking for a friend, somebody I can be able to talk about...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

They call me “Balla”. I’m in the filthy 40’s, was born and raised in Illiana (Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana), but got buckled in Louisville, Kentucky. Life in the fast lane! 

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity! I’ve been down a decade, learned a lot about myself, people and life. But...


Hey, I'm Rob. I am an optimist from Florida and I love surfing. I'm not a stranger, just a friend you haven't met yet. 

I love laughing and at times can have a dark sense of humor. I'm currently learning Russian and furthering my education. I'm not shy and also am an open book.

I'm non-judgmental and loyal to a fault. I'm passionate about marine life and love traveling to...


My name is Coldy Hackworth.

I’m currently serving 6 ½ years in the feds for felon in possession of a firearm and passing counterfeit money. I’ve spent most of my life in and out of prison. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions and chased a lifestyle that was really meaningless. I had a really messed up childhood. In my home and then in 10 years of foster care. I let myself become a...

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My name is Justin. I’m 23 years old, and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I’m 6’1’’, and weigh 185lbs. I enjoy playing basketball and football. I played basketball for three years in middle school and one year in high school. I can play guitar, and I’m currently learning how to play piano.

I’m just looking for someone to talk to, to have laughs and funny conversations with. I...

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Archie.

I’m trying to join the pen-pal correspondence hoping to meet some friends that could help establish past-management and positive contacts on the outside to actually help my rehabilitation stage. I’m wanting to meet new people that may help break the negative cycle and criminal behavior.

I’m a friendly person that loves to make friends. I’m...

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Hello to Everyone,

My name is Chad and I’m 44 years old looking for a long term friend. I’ve been in prison for 16 years, with 8 years left to go.

I’m a country boy through and through who likes to go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or just enjoying the peacefulness of being in the woods.

I’m a kind hearted man who loves to bring a smile to people’s faces and joy to...


Hi, my name is Zachary, I go by Zach.

I’m just here to connect with people and form friendships with people that love to have fun and laugh!

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Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Cedrick, I signed up on this website to meet someone of great influence and very positive. In 23 years of incarceration I worked a lot of fields but only to pass time, accomplishment and achievement of the matter is I only improved in skill and a good work ethic. What I really need is something or someone with a good and beautiful inspirational vibe to correspond and...


SWF, 40’s, beautiful and long curly brown hair, and I've been told soul stealing blue eyes. I have a wicked sense of humor and love to laugh.

A great day would be cruising the backroads with a cold one and then dancing the night away. Riding the day away on a Harley or 4-Wheeler is good too.

I'm comfortable in a nice dress, but I'm a jeans and tank top kind of woman. I love...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

I'm looking for a woman that I can build with.

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My nickname is Mar, I am 21, 5’7", Mexican, native black and white. I’m from Rialto California, I’m family oriented I’m the middle child of 4 sisters and 3 brothers.

I’m new to this but companionship is something that every human needs, I think loneliness is a scary thing but life is also a scary thing and I’m just trying to make it make sense. I lost myself trying to help others find...


I'm now about six months to my parole date and if I'm totally honest, I'm nervous anxious and afraid! However I'm also happy excited and relieved. I never thought I'd be one of those guys who was worried about his approaching release but I've been away for so long that I've forgotten how freedom feels. I'm not familiar with Facebook or iPhones, and the ways of the world passed me up a...


Dear kind world, hello! It's a pleasure meeting you if you're reading this momentarily.

My name is Payton, but many call me Mana which is the Hawaiian translation for good energy. I was gifted this prestigious name by my Pacific Islander brothers because I have the most chilled, mellifluous, uplifting and positive vibe in the world. I'm 21 years old, 5'9", and 165lbs of solid...


Good morning world! There's that smile. How are you doing?

As you can see I'm fresh to this and can't wait to get to know you. I'm seeking to build lifelong friendships that are built on trust, honesty, and respect. I've made some poor decisions in life that landed me where I'm at now. I love to talk about life and learn something new. I enjoy sports and I'm a 200% Momma's Boy;...

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Black/African AmericanMuslim

I’m 22 and reside in Northern New Jersey. I enjoy reading, writing and working out. After my incarceration I would definitely like to travel no doubt. Finally they say the best experience comes with time, so I would definitely like to correspond with someone my senior.



Black/African AmericanChristian

What's up ladies? I'm Lance. I'm 45 years old, stand six feet one inch tall, and I weigh 235 pounds. I have a little over 3 years left on my sentence.

1. What I'm looking for in a woman: Companionship, strength, independent, and someone caring. 2. Does looks matter or age or race: I love a beautiful woman. Its no better feeling than waking up next to a beautiful...


Hello there,

Damian is the name I've always gone by. I was born in Ireland and moved to the U.S. when I was 8. My daughter is my pride and joy; my life wouldn't be complete without her. I'm strong in my beliefs and devote myself to things I'm passionate about. I support our military and commend them for their bravery. Charity work is important to me.

I may be a big guy covered...


Looking for someone who can help me through conversation.

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Hello, my name is Dennis, my friends and family call me Denny. I would like to get to know somebody and make a friend out there. I am a good listener, loyal, honest, and respectful; a good friend. I love animals; dogs, cats, and wildlife, I appreciate them all. I like books and tv shows on science, nature, animals, and cooking amongst other things. I like to cook and I’m good at it. I like to...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Greetings to the universe. I come in good health and peace, searching for positive adventure, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

I don’t like to procrastinate, so dig this like treasure. I’m looking to build something constructive because I’m tired of being a failure, and one’s past does not determine one’s future. I’ve obtained my G.E.D and paralegal certification through Blackstone...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

Hey, my name is Damon but all of my family and friends call me “Zoe”. To describe myself? I’m like an old, ugly, scarred cover book. Easy to judge with preconceived notions, until you open it up to realize the greatness inside. I’m easy to kick it with, great listener and funny when I want to be. I have a lot of range so I’m interested in “mind-melding”. Looking to find friends who are...

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