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Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi, my name is Miguel. I’m hoping to meet new and positive friends on the outside.

Here’s a little about me since I’ve seen incarcerated, I have gotten my diploma and currently taking college classes for an Associate's Degree.

Here’s how you can reach out to me by email. GTL/

Hispanic/Latino American


My name is Christian Ibarra.  I was born May 21st, 1993 and I'm a 27 year old native of Houston, Texas.  I am 6 foot tall, weighing at 208 pounds with black hair and eyes.  I am also a Hispanic male.  I'm currently doing a small bid and while doing so, I was hoping to appeal you through this ad. 

I'm looking for someone that could look past the...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello to all the females out there, I'm looking for a good and loyal girl. My name is Cristian Ibarra, age 28. Hispanic, about, 5'11", black eyes, and black hair. I'm from Sacramento, Cali. I'm currently serving a 14-year sentence. I have 7 years left until I am released.

At this point in my life, I'm looking for a relationship long-term or short term depending on the situation, I...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

I’ve had an alright life. I served in the Marines and got good grades in school. Of course, I’ve made my mistakes too.

I’m 34, and I’ll have 10 years in prison next year, which would be half my sentence. I’m not sure why I’ve been denied parole so many times (6). But I do know that I’ve matured tremendously in here. I have learned a good trade and learned a lot about God. I do hope I...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Jimmy. I hope to meet positive people on the outside, a good friendship. I’ve made mistakes in my past. I’m working on moving forward with my life and leaving the negative behind. I like sports (football and boxing). I enjoy working out, and anything outdoors...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hey whats going on everybody? I wanna to start this off just by saying I appreciate you taking the time to check me out. With that said I'm going to start with a couple things about me. I'm a strong, smart, confident, and very outgoing person who can appreciate the little things in life that we all tend to thrive off of and that keep smiles on our faces, and new company can only be appreciated...

Oscar Ibarra #6213585Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino AmericanOther

Hi, I’m Oscar.

You probably already know, but I’m in prison! I’m not a bad person, I just made mistakes.

Don’t let my tough prison looks scare you. I’m a fun guy, that’s as nice as a puppy! I can act goofy and make you laugh, or be mature and have serious conversations.

I’m a great guy that just happens to be in prison right now. My body is locked up, but my spirit is...

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Black/African American

Hi, my name is Edison to all who may view my profile. I hope that your day is going well and that your good spirits. I love sharing my blessings and bringing out the good in people. I’d like to give you some insights on myself.

First and foremost, I value and believe strongly in honesty, loyalty, and respect to all people. I’m a very positive chill person with a great sense...


I love enjoying the little things. My favorite things in the world are anime, ice cream, and pizza pizza pizza.

Message me on JPay. My SBI number is: 479549E.


I am a down-to-earth, easy-going guy who likes to laugh a lot and get along with any and everybody. I am willing to get into something long-term and serious if it's the right thing to do or I am up for some friendly company to make new friends and or just past the time.

FYI: Only five page letters wrote on one side of paper allowed.


Hey, my name is Jessica Idlett. I am 26, my birthday is September 22, 1993. I am 5’3”. I have dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I am in prison for 10 years for drugs but that hasn’t always been my life. I grew up riding horses, playing sports and doing competition cheerleading. I started going to college to be a nurse, then my life took a left turn and now here I sit in Federal prison....


My name is Idrees.

I’m interested in meeting all types of positive people from all over the world. I love to read non-fiction and have a deep passion for philosophy. I would like to get to know people from a friendship point of view.

I’m a chill, laid back type of person. I’ve been down for almost 11 years and still have more to go. So, I thought, “why not sign up for such a...

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Black/African AmericanChristian

What’s up love?

I pray that Covid isn’t messing your life up too much. I know I would rather be quarantined with you. I bet I can come up with a few things to keep us from being bored. 

I love to cook. I can see myself cooking for you. I get pleasure from pleasing.




My name is Nora. I’m 43 years young, born and raised in Europe. I left for the States when I was 18 years old in search of a better life and opportunities. Unfortunately, unexpected events and choices I’ve made brought me to prison and I’ve been incarcerated since 2008.

I am on this website because my friends from the free world couldn’t handle the relationship with...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hello, my name is Rob and I’m looking forward to meeting someone that I can correspond with and hopefully establish a friendship. I am currently incarcerated in the Arizona Dept. of Corrections, but I’m a native New Yorker from Brooklyn.

I’m far from a bad person, I’ve just made bad choices which has left me in my present situation. I’m an educated Cuban man that’s honest, trustworthy...


Hey ladies, how y'all doing? My name is Sekou Imani, I'm 43 years old and I'm on here looking to meet someone extraordinary.

I woke up in my dream and realized I was missing something... maybe it is you. If you know what I'm talking about then download the JPay app and tell me something about yourself.

Sekou Imani #575-988 Religion: Kemetic Yoga Ethnicity/Race: Washitaw Muur (...

Asian AmericanOther

Hi, my name is Stephen.

I’ll keep this short and sweet! I am looking for a genuine connection. Someone I can laugh with but have the capability for in-depth conversations. I am a very good listener.

I am a big goofball and have a fun sense of humor. You can contact me the old fashion way by snail mail - alternatively, email is available at

So pick me...


Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

My name is Dakota. I’m interested in connecting with people who share similar interests and have the same life goals as myself.

I’m a fun, energetic, outgoing person who just enjoys a good laugh and likes to smile.

I enjoy riding horses and motorcycles, as well as camping, fishing, mudding, and pretty much anything that...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanOther

Dear visitors,

My name is Julian Alberto Inclan. I’m originally from Tucson, AZ, but grew up for the most part in Mesa, AZ. I have a mom, dad, and two younger siblings, so that makes me the oldest.

My hobbies include but are not limited to staying in shape, going out, having a good time, movies, club, bar, dancing, skydiving, and anything that involves us catching a good vibe...


Thank you for taking the time to view my page.

My name is Cameron Inge and I’m from Spokane, Washington. I’m 25 years old, I’m looking for someone to build a positive connection and friendship with. I’m 6’0 ft tall, mixed with Islander Native and Black.

If you think we can make a connection and you want to reach out to me, you can Jpay message me on the JPaymobile DOC#...

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My name is Jason.

I’m hoping to meet someone who is smart, sweet, loving, and caring. I’m definitely looking to build a friendship around people who keep positive energy in the universe. I started cutting hair as a barber when I was 16 years old. I am looking into another career choice, which is why I’m going to school for CDL truck driving school, then once I am...



My name is Daniel. I’m hoping to meet some folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside and help my time go by as fast as possible, as well as help me in furthering my education.

I love to write letters and to draw when I have the down time to do so.

Hispanic/Latino American


In hopes of gaining a smile, I just wanted to say; “the fates have chosen to interwine our paths this day in favor of becoming the greatest pen-pals to ever walk the earth”.   (clears throat)…..or…..more likely, your curiosity and/or boredom just happened to be my luck today, and here we are!  LOL   (smile)

Now but, seriously I'm just looking...

Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello to my new best friend and “Thank You” for taking the time to read my profile. Now before I go any further let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Bruce Ingram and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I’m down-to-earth, open-minded, respectful, and loyal. I am currently looking for a friend who I can correspond with and get to know on a much deeper level. Some of...