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Inmate Alphabetical Profiles

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Alexander Ibarra  #01251011 - Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas34Straight

Greetings, my name is Alexander.

I have been incarcerated for 16 years. I'm currently working on a BA Degree in Biblical Science and I'm looking forward to meeting new people. I am single and have no children, unfortunately. I enjoy working out, reading, learning, playing chess, and being Intellectually challenged.

Ultimately all I have to offer is my loyalty,...

Jose Ibarra #96328 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho34


My name is Jose Manuel Ibarra Jr, but everyone calls me by Manuel.  I’m looking for someone to get to know and talk to.  It gets extremely boring in prison and even worse, it gets lonely.  I’m usually a sociable, outgoing guy, so being separated from what I’m used to has been difficult.  So I decided I’d create an account here and hope for the best.


Matheu Ibarra #253770 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona25Straight

They say people are like books, often judged by their appearance and what’s on the outside, rather than by the story this within the covers.

So before you choose to pass me by and click to the next page, I ask you to get to know me before any quick judgment is made.

My name is Matheu and a little bit about me is; I grew up with a very humble beginning and for the longest time,...

Oscar Ibarra #6213585Primary Picture
Fort Madison, Iowa27Straight


I’m Oscar.  You probably already know, but I’m in prison.  Ha!   I’m here for making mistakes, not because I’m a bad person.

I’m actually a great guy with a good heart.  I like having fun and being goofy, but I am a very mature man!

My body is locked up but my mind and spirit are free as a bird…unless that bird is in a cage too!  I’m...

Victor Ibarra #J87660 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California41Straight

Seeking friendship! I’m a positive person who is outgoing, sincere; I will value your friendship, respect you and anything that you share with me. I’m understanding, a good listener. I’m bilingual, open minded to meet people from different walks of life. If you’re willing to teach me a different language, I’m willing to learn. You can email me through; get their free mobile app to get...

Omar Ibrahim #19977383 - Primary Picture
Umatilla, Oregon24Straight

Hello everybody!

My name is Omar and I’m 21 year old.  I’m from Egypt, Alexandria. I’m a college graduate in Business Administration. I’ve worked on it during my incarceration. I’m a very athletic and ambitious person. I hold good conversations and get along with everybody. I’m a very optimistic person, so if your ever feeling down. I can change that...

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Courtney Iglehart #27940-180 - Primary Picture
Greenville, Illinois35Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello Beautiful,

I pray you are in good health and spirits. If not please pray about it. Prayer does work! My name is Cortney (or K. or husband material). As of now I am 35. My birthday is May 15th. Yes, I’m a Taurus but I’m one of a kind I have to admit I am confident as they say we are; in a good way though. For example, if I were to see you in Walmart and felt attracted I...

Kammy Igo #W100902 - Primary Picture
Dayton, Ohio21Straight


I’m looking for someone to connect with, someone who is ambitious and that has goals. Someone who is successful, intellectual and genuine. I have made significant changes in my life and have come a long way within myself. I want a real, healthy, fulfilling relationship with someone.

Feel free to reach out to me through mail or JPAY.


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Benjamin Ildefonso #13-B-1412 - Primary Picture
Napanoch, New York38Straight

There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will.  I try not to worry about people from my past, there is a reason why they are not here today.  My goal is to meet new friends and potentially build a healthy relationship with someone who shares similar interests.  I truly believe everything...

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Florence, Arizona

I am currently working with the BLM Wild Horses Program and enjoying it very much. I have two years before I am released and am a little nervous about re-entering the real world!

I have two daughters that I miss very much and can't wait to see them! I will be 34 on March 16. I grew up in Maryland and moved to New Mexico when I was 9. I went to Alamogordo High School. I like to draw and...

Ryan Iliff #149186 - Primary Picture
Ordway, Colorado32Straight

Hey there, I would say this is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I am going to give it a shot! I am a simple country boy; I like working with my hands, hunting, camping, fishing, really doing anything outside, riding horses, lifted trucks, watching football, endurance exercise and playing sports. I am a traditional guy; I love my family, my God, my Country and my dog. I am a father and I...

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Branden Imber #A649-329 - Primary Picture
Lucasville, Ohio29Straight


My name is Branden. I’m interested in learning about different people, cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives including yours. Because everything starts with a friendship. Loneliness has no friends. I’m hoping to build a bond that lasts longer than me being in prison. Let us exchange stories.

Here are some things about me. I like to work out, listen to all types of music...

Miguel Infante #BD2728Primary Picture
Tehachapi, California32Straight

I hope at the time you are reading this profile you are in the best of health and high spirits. So my name is Miguel Infante but all my friends call me Mike. I am 32 years old, D.O.B. 2/18/87. My horoscope sign is an Aquarius. I am of Hispanic descent, both my parents are from Michoacan, Mexico. I am bilingual, born and raised in California the Bay area in a little city called East Palo Alto....

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Dmio Ingram #02080899 - Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas28Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello to my readers!

I’m writing from a place where the unfortunate stay as you can see.  But as I write this I must say I’m in search of a companion who matches me.  Pure, genuine, mindful, ambitious and so much more….

(More about me): I must say being a young man coming from a single parent household of 1 mother and 4 sisters,, I know not only about how to treat a...

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Childress, Texas23Straight

Everything we experienced today is the result of choices we have made in the past.  Jealousy, hate, and envy comes with power, money and fame.  So when you're successful, drama is inevitable.  People from our past have tried their hardest to clip our wings and shoot us down….but here we are.  Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime.  The trick is...

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Angie, Louisiana37Bi-sexual
African AmericanBaptist

The Most Bonafide


First and foremost, thank you for taking a moment to stop by and share a bit of your time with me.  I am grateful.  Please know that a picture will be coming soon; in the meantime, I invite you to look into my eyes without seeing my face.

My name is James, but my friends call me Jay.  I stand 5 foot 8 inches tall and weigh 195...

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Robert Inman #1081893 - Primary Picture
Bland, Virginia46

I’m Robert Wayne Inman, go by Rob. I’m incarcerated in the Virginia DOC. I’m hoping to meet some good folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I’m interested in meeting friends to email and get to know.

I’m Sagittarius; a fire sign. I love to have fun. I love the outdoors; riding horses, camping, and sports. I’m the kind of guy that love to make things look better,...

Canon City, Colorado37Straight

Hello, my name is Darrell Kion Innis. I’m 36 years old, born May 26, 1982. I’m Black, Native American Cherokee and Irish. I was born and raised Roman Catholic. I just recently started getting into my Native American heritage. I’m 5’9”, 195 pounds, I have 5 tattoos, like to work out, do yoga and Zen meditation. I’m learning how to play the piano right now and I’m learning how to speak Russian....

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Francisco Inojosa #AH3506 - Primary Picture
Blythe, California27Straight

Dear Friend,

Hello, if you’re reading this introduction then that means my picture hasn’t scared you away :).

I’m 27 years old, been down since I was 19. As a teen I’ve made a lot of wrong choices that got me here. Since then I have made lots of changes to better myself for today and the future. God willing I’ll be home soon. I believe destiny has better in store for me.

Wade Inzinna #00553191Primary Picture
Jackson, Louisiana29Straight

To the eyes that read these words and the mind that grasps this message.

Loyalty is everything. People will often dismiss someone in prison, because they aren’t there at the moment. The moment may bring you temporary satisfaction, but someone that’s loyal to you will stick by you for a lifetime. Life isn’t perfect and people aren’t either. There will be times that are amazingly easy...

Jaimiah Irby #206229 - Primary Picture
Bayport, Minnesota38Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Jaimiah. I'm 38 years old, brown eyes, and an athletic build. I have a mature sense of humor.

I'm on this site looking for friends to connect with and possibly someone special. I wish to connect with a woman who is open-minded, honest, and not too judgmental. I've changed my life and my circumstances for the better, so I'm looking for a woman who believes in second...

Kenneth Irby #42217-044 - Primary Picture
Florence, Colorado40Straight

I love life and I love beautiful sites. I'm a leader and I work out daily. I lived life on both sides of the street. Through it all, I held my morals close. I made many wrong turns, now I'm making some right ones.

A new life starts with new people. This is that part. I asked God to come into my heart and change things. Lots have happened since then. I still...

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Vendai Irick #29515-057 - Primary Picture
Bennettsville, South Carolina28Straight
African AmericanChristian

What’s up, let me get started by saying, I’m looking for friendship before I come home. I’ve been locked up since 2013. I’m looking for a mature woman that knows how to hold a conversation and knows what she wants in life. It doesn’t matter about the ethnicity with me, I don’t discriminate.

I’ve taken numerous classes to broaden my horizons while I’ve been locked up. I’m 6’3”, 185...

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Victor Irizarry #16-B-2753 - Primary Picture
Attica, New York47Straight

I am sincere, not a liar, or out to hurt you. 

I don’t play emotional games.

I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor.  I

 Owned a barbershop, did tattoos, recorded music and am an aspirating novelist.

I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, drug free all my life.

I am 5’10” tall, weigh 205 lbs. solid.

Puerto Rican (your favorite...

Antonio Irrizary #58930-018Primary Picture
Welch, West Virginia52


Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to view my profile. I assure you that you’ve found a very interesting and loyal person.

Here’s a little about myself that might spark your interest. I am very active, I am physically fit. I play baseball. I like to work out. I’m down to earth and not judgmental. I like movies, music, and reading. I like to take long walks...

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