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Jovan Ibarra #AH1621
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Crescent City, California29Straight

Hopefully when you’re reading these lines I find you in the best of all.  Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your day.  My name is Jovan and I am looking for a friend who wouldn’t mind writing me and developing a new friendship.  It’s been said that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet (smile).  I...

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Matheu Ibarra #253770
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Florence, Arizona24Straight

They say people are like books, often judged by their appearance and what’s on the outside, rather than by the story this within the covers.

So before you choose to pass me by and click to the next page, I ask you to get to know me before any quick judgment is made.

My name is Matheu and a little bit about me is; I grew up with a very humble beginning and for the longest time,...

Oscar Ibarra #6213585
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Fort Madison, Iowa26Straight

 I'm in prison but I'm still ME!  A genuine guy who’s fun to be around.  A goofball that’s always trying to put a smile on your face or make your day better!

My body is locked-up but my mind and spirit are free as a bird…Unless that bird is in a cage too, lol.  Prison has made me appreciate life and to enjoy the small things.  I have become a better, stronger...

Omar Ibrahim #19977383
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Umatilla, Oregon24Straight

Hello everybody!

My name is Omar and I’m 21 year old.  I’m from Egypt, Alexandria. I’m a college graduate in Business Administration. I’ve worked on it during my incarceration. I’m a very athletic and ambitious person. I hold good conversations and get along with everybody. I’m a very optimistic person, so if your ever feeling down. I can change that...

Kammy Igo #W100902
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Dayton, Ohio20Straight


I'm Kammy.  I'm 20 years old with brown eyes and brown hair.  I have an awesome personality.  I'm spontaneous and really down to earth.  I'm looking for someone to connect with and support me in every way!  I enjoy trying new things and living life to the fullest.  I'm good hearted and genuine.  I

f you would be interested in getting to...

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Benjamin Ildefonso #13-B-1412
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Napanoch, New York38Straight

There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will.  I try not to worry about people from my past, there is a reason why they are not here today.  My goal is to meet new friends and potentially build a healthy relationship with someone who shares similar interests.  I truly believe everything...

Jonathan Infante #02085138
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Hondo, Texas26Straight

Well, my name is Jonathan.  I’m Hispanic, 5’5” tall, weigh 155 pounds, with an athletic build.  I’m a very outgoing person with an amazing personality when you take the time to get to know me.  I love to draw, tattoo, listen to music and most of all, cooking; food in my culture.  I must say I truly love creating things with my hands.  I am...

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Skyler Inge #1111671
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Jarratt, Virginia36Straight

My name is Skyler, but I go by Ski. I'm 35 years old - born June 14th, so I'm a Gemini. I'm from Gloucester, Virginia but would like to relocate upon my release.

I'm single, never been married, nor do I have any children - though I'm hoping to change all that in the near future. Becoming a father is something I...

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Nicholas Ingersoll #960508
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Jackson, Michigan25Straight

Hi, my name is Nick. I am 6’1” tall, weigh175 lbs. and 25 years old. I enjoy the outdoors and playing sports to stay active. I am currently taking college classes to work towards my general studies degree.

I joined this site looking for women to communicate with via Jpay or letter mail.  I am not looking for...

Chaderick Ingram #AX5085
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Jamestown, California38Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello cuties,
How are you doing out there?  I hope all is well.

As you see, my name is Chaderick and I'm from Oakland, California.  I'm full of fun, laughter, and excitement.  I'm short timing and don't plan being imprisoned for too long.

I'm seeking...

Elliot Ingram #01978119
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Childress, Texas22Straight

What’s good?  I’m Elliot, I also go by “Royale”.  I’m currently serving a 10 year sentence in the facility listed on my profile for aggravated robbery.  I’m a very blunt person but I respect what you have to say.  I’m real with everybody I cross paths with.  Regardless of the way I choose to go about it, I’m addicted to making money and being able to provide for mine....

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James Ingram #454631
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Angie, Louisiana36
African AmericanBaptist

Greetings world!!!
As your eyes scan the words on this page I hope there is something that grasp’s your attention…

My name is James Ingram, but my friends call me J-Rock or Jay.  Being in prison sometimes brings a person to areas in life they normally will not visit.  It can either bring the best or the very worst out...

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Leroy N. Ingram #39693-083
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Adelanto, California43Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello World,

First, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you today who took the time out of your schedule to click on my webpage to view my profile. I really appreciate that small gesture. Thank you! At this time please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name...

Michael Ingram #1400312
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Victoria, VirginiaStraight

I’m looking for a pen-pal to discuss all kinds of topics. A day never goes by when I’m not laughing, joking and having fun with friends, but I also study often, always learning something new and keeping a healthy balance.  I've stayed busy over the years with random jobs in here, but right now I have the best you can get, training rescue dogs to...

Ernest Iniesta #01469245
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Iowa Park, Texas31Straight

Hi everybody,
I want to start off by saying I'm grateful being able to have the opportunity to meet and correspond with someone positive.  Just being able to meet someone gives me the good feeling of hope to start a new day.

It’s sad to say but it took being in here the time to grow mentally and value life...

Sergio Iniguez #G-65079
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Delano, California40Straight

Hello, I will begin by describing myself. I’m 5’11”, 210 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. I was born September 18, I have a mature mindset and good positive thoughts. I try to keep my spirits high and strong even though it’s more difficult than easy most of the time in this place. I write these words in hopes of meeting someone interested in starting a friendship with...

Ashley Innes #1015238
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Jean, Nevada31Straight

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ashley.  I am 31 years old and a super sweet BBW. I am a No Drama kind of girl and real laid back. I've learned through the years that if life deals you lemons, throw them at life and don't make the same mistake again. I roll with life's punches and will be using this "time" as an opportunity to better myself.

I have a great...

Francisco Inojosa #AH3506
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Blythe, California27Straight

Dear Friend,

Hello, if you’re reading this introduction then that means my picture hasn’t scared you away :).

I’m 27 years old, been down since I was 19. As a teen I’ve made a lot of wrong choices that got me here. Since then I have made lots of changes to better myself for today and the future. God...

Wade Inzinna #00553191
Primary Picture
Jackson, Louisiana29Straight

To the eyes that read these words and the mind that grasps this message.

Loyalty is everything. People will often dismiss someone in prison, because they aren’t there at the moment. The moment may bring you temporary satisfaction, but someone that’s loyal to you will stick by you for a lifetime. Life isn’t perfect and people aren’t either. There will be times that are amazingly easy...

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Vendai Irick #29515-057
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Bennettsville, South Carolina27Straight
African AmericanChristian

What’s up?  My name is Vendai but you can call me “V” for short.  I was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and moved to Raleigh when I was 15. I have one brother, who is younger than me.  I've been locked up since 2013 and I'm looking for some friendship before I come home.  I have around 3 years left.  I've taken a lot of classes to broaden my...

Victor Irizarry #16-B-2753
Primary Picture
Attica, New York47Straight

I am sincere, not a liar, or out to hurt you. 

I don’t play emotional games.

I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor.  I

 Owned a barbershop, did tattoos, recorded music and am an aspirating novelist.

I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, drug free all my life.

I am 5’10” tall, weigh 205 lbs. solid.

Puerto Rican (your favorite...

Winston Irons #08281-055
Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida45Straight
African American

My name is Winston “Ironman” Irons.  I am 6’0” tall, weigh 220 lbs., muscular and athletic.  I enjoy sports, beaches, water sports, water parks, amusement parks, festivals, fast cars and long drives.  I love to travel!  I am a dep thinker and an aspiring scholar concerning finance and business. I am...

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Antonio Irrizary #58930-018
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Welch, West Virginia51


Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to view my profile. I assure you that you’ve found a very interesting and loyal person.

Here’s a little about myself that might spark your interest. I am very active, I am physically fit. I play baseball. I like to work out. I’m down to earth and not judgmental. I like movies, music, and reading. I like to take long walks...

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Gregory Irvine #AG-3980
Primary Picture
Lancaster, California43Straight

Hi, my name is Greg.  I'm a 275 pound active white boy from Shasta County.   I'm not in prison for any kind of sex crimes. 

I'm only looking for female responses please.  If I wanted to talk to men, I wouldn’t be on any websites.  I'm really just looking for some friendly conversation in female form.

When I'm out there, I like working for my family...

Christian Irving #105567
Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho27Straight

“Hey, my names Christian.  I’m a sheet metal worker from Boise, Idaho. I’m looking to meet new people and make new friends. Some of my hobbies include fishing, camping, and anything else associated with the outdoors. I love music, literature, and all forms of art.”