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Mamoudou Kaba #27756031
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Atchison, Kansas22Straight
African AmericanMuslim

I'm a French-speaking, African-born man. I'm full of compassion and I love a little humor. Have some conversation with me and let's see where it goes!

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Arren Kackley #A697-679
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Chillicothe, Ohio28Straight

A little about myself, I am 6’, 175 pounds. I am a very outgoing person, have an awesome personality, very polished person inside and out. I love the outdoors, going fishing, four-wheeling, mudding; all the get out and have fun stuff. Very athletic, listen to every type of music; Rock, Rap, most of all gotta have the Country. With music comes dancing. I love...

Nabeel Kaddah #232902
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Newtown, Connecticut53Straight


If you're reading this ad then you must be open-minded, and compassionate toward someone who is trapped behind these walls.

Here's a glimpse of the man behind the pen. My name is Nabeel. I’m a mature, charismatic gentleman with a sense of humor and always honest. One of my best assets is the...

Joey Kadmiri #1161336
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Carson City, Nevada29Straight

I am trying out this website to see out of curiosity if I can meet new and interesting people.  I am looking for serious people who take friendships and relationships seriously.  I am looking for people I can trust, who cherish honesty and loyalty.

I believe in change and second chances. I made my share...

Robert Kahler #19201867
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Ontario, Oregon26Straight

My name is Robert.  I’m 26 years old, about 5’ 11” and weigh 185 pounds.  I’m looking for new friends to surround myself with.  I am a very active person who enjoys working out and playing sports.  I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, jogging to name a few.  I enjoy music a lot, I would have to say I listen to Country music...

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John Kaho #01806654
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Iowa Park, Texas25Straight


My name is John, I’m going to be honest. I’ve been locked up all my adult life so there are a lot of things I have yet to do or experience but if prison has taught me anything, it’s that “LIFE” is a precious gift, something I took for granted. I’m looking for someone that enjoys the little things in life because it’s those little things that can mean the most. I only have 250...

Carl  Kahoon #A542-931
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Levittsburg, Ohio56

Living for the Lord

I am brand new to this whole pen pal thing so please bear with me, I am kind of nervous.

My name is Carl, I am 56 years old, 6’1” tall, 235 pounds, I have brown eyes and a bald head (by choice). I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I had a near death experience when I was 16 years old that proved to me that Jesus is real. It took me a while to get my...

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Tramaine Kale #83858-004
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Coleman, Florida34Straight

What it iz sexy ladies?  My name is Tramaine and I go by Maine, but you can call me Bae, Papi, or my favorite Zaddy :)  I'm from Miami, Florida, aka Coral City Myrtle Grove.  I'm now living in Orlando, Florida against my will.

I'm very funny, outspoken, loving, and say what comes to mind.  My hobbies...

Timothy Kamplin #107099
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Boise, Idaho33Straight

I'm Tim! 32, a father of two, and under normal circumstances I'm pretty conventional. I love my Mom and apple pie :P I'm an avid kayaker, and always trying to be more outdoorsy than I actually end up being. I love everything from country to hardcore to reggae and classical (piano or cello are my favorites). Tattoos and body modifications are great on me or others, but...

Michael Kane #AX8702
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Susanville, California51Straight

Hello everyone, and what’s up?

My name is Michael Kane.  I am seeking an interested pen-pal who would be “down” form some satisfying and pleasurable correspondence.  I’m definitely about lively conversation.

To begin with, I’ve had an amazing life filled...

Hope Kantete #64511-050
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Ft Worth, Texas48Straight

I am African.  I love good conversations with good friends.  I enjoy cooking for friend, I am spiritual, and I also like meeting new friends and experiencing new cultures.  I use to travel a lot and try new recipes.  At home I loved to entertain friends.

I'm looking forward to meeting new friends. ...

Christopher Karaffa #A726-048
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Lucasville, Ohio34Straight


My name is Chris. I am currently serving 2 ½ years for carrying a concealed weapon and having contraband on my person, known to manufacture methamphetamine. As well as breaking and entering and theft. I have been searching for my true being and I believe I have found my cause to be in society and be productive. I want to become a heavy equipment operator/crane operator.


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Mark Karasek #364819
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Walla Walla, Washington25Straight

Are you looking for a mutually beneficial connection that will empower you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?   I am the one.

I am an open minded individual who's looking to make the most of his time.  I love to expand my mind.  I work out and meditate daily.  And I would love to put some of my...

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Allan Kari #96854
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El Dorado, Kansas42
Native AmericanSpiritual

Hi,  If you're reading this then you’re like me in knowing the feeling of loneliness all too well; of wanting a friend to help fill that empty space with some laughs; shared moments you can create together, or just an ear that’ll care and listen to what’s on your mind.  Why not see if we can be that friend that we both crave?

Sean Karl #1915428
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Beaumont, Texas48Straight

Hello everybody and God bless you!  I’m a 47 year old white man of German and Irish decent, currently serving a 12 year sentence and up for parole in 2019.  My max date is 2025.

I’m from the Galveston, Texas area.  I love the beach and enjoy sunny days...

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James William Karr Jr. #189197
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Jackson, Michigan51Straight

ANY GOOD LISTENERS OUT THERE?  I need one!  I read dozens of Write-A-Prisoner ads for insight formatting mine, but that just convinced me not to sound like anyone else, and what I didn’t see was “radical honesty” or “someone to undemand me”, my2 true desires; can you do cold hard truth?   Good!  Start by choosing me based on appearance.  I'm serious!  If you...

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Scott Kastan #H32909
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Corcoran, California45Straight

My name is Scott Kastan.  I’m 6’5” tall, grew up in Thousand Oaks, Ca, and I’ve been in prison since I was 18, and I’m now 45.  Since I haven’t been free since 1991, I’m not exactly up to date on all of this, but I’m looking to meet someone that I could hopefully begin a relationship with....

John Kasten #0702707
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Taylorsville, North Carolina39Straight


My name is John.  I am 39 years old, currently single, and I am seeking new friends and relationships.  I have been incarcerated for 8 years.

Before I was incarcerated I enjoyed snowboarding, playing golf, going to concerts,...

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Alexandros Kastrinos #1441821
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Independence, Virginia32Straight

Dreams are dreams until you create a plan to put them into fruition. Time away from my family and loved ones, and the life that I had has only strengthened me and made me realize the good world that I left behind. Nevertheless, that was 8 years ago and I consider myself having been a boy to what I have mentally grown into today.


Joshua Kaszuba #R-13047
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Galesburg, Illinois36Straight


Hello, my name is Joshua….

My purpose for this letter is to say I’m tired of feeling like a caged lion, and tired of riding solo.

Now I understand I broke the norms of society with me posted up on them blocks selling drugs.  My henchmen ready for whatever in them streets of Chicago as my stomping...

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Patricia Katchur #OZ3899
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St. Petersburg, Florida11Straight

I am a white female in search of friendship, maybe more. I would love to correspond with an honest, caring man who may be looking for a new friendship or more. Over 50 preferred, but all letters will be answered. Let’s start this summer off in a new direction. I'm looking forward toward your letters, hurry!


Evan Kates #01826385
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LaMesa, Texas27Straight

I am an individual interested in finding people who I can keep it real with and who can benefit my overall success when I come home. Whether or not I have a strong support system or not when I get home is very important. I am an open minded, spiritual, fun, outgoing, focused and determined individual. I do like to have fun and I write poetry in my free time in order to express myself. That’s a...

Dustin Kaufman #02131692
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Lovelady, Texas34Straight


My name is Dustin, I’m a Libra, a dog person and I like long walks on the beach…Just kidding, those things do sound great though. I like to laugh and joke (seriously, I do).

I enjoy having friends tell me stories, I consider myself a GREAT listener. I read, mainly humor and nonfiction, doing puzzles is also a current pastime of mine. I’m a very positive person who...

Burgin, Kentucky35

My name is Steven Kaylor. I have been incarcerated the last 2 ½ years and during this time I’ve had time to think and figure out some things. So now I’m at a turn around point in my life and I just want to better myself in every way possible. I need to make changes and I wanna start with new friends. So I’m on here looking for some. I’...

Jonathan Kazior #Y15645
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Centralia, Illinois25Straight

My name is Jonathan, I’m from Chicago, Illinois and my friends call me Jon-Jon. I’m 25 years old and have 4 siblings, followed by a mom and dad who have been married for over 25 years. I have a GED and I’m transferring to a correctional center with an Associate’s degree program so I can further my education. I want to start surrounding myself with more older and mature individuals because they...

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