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Michael La Capria #AI4166
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Ione, California51Straight


My name is Michael and this profile is to meet new people of similar age and interests to connect. I recently found myself reflecting on some accomplishments with no significant other to share them with outside of a few close friends. I would like to hear about you. I have been divorced since 1997 and I have no children.

I am big on taking college classes or specialized...

St. Petersburg, FloridaStraight

What I am I looking for I will let your imagination wonder what I am looking for.  The imagination keeps things exciting, so if you want to find out what I am looking for write or email me.  I get out of prison soon.  I am willing to travel anywhere to meet anyone who is looking for what I am.

My mailing info is listed below or set up an email account at ConnectNetwork....

Andro Laboy #R52646
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Sumner, Illinois35Straight

Hello World,

Before you judge by the cover, open up and peek through the chapters of my life. First and foremost, I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes, I’m human. A lot of bad choices and sacrifices to be where I’m at now…lessons learned. I believe things happen for a reason…God’s plan....

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Edwin Laboy #04874-082
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Coleman, Florida43

“Hello from the other side”

Ola, it’s been a long ride behind these walls and now I’m preparing for my release within the next 14-22 months. I’m seeking to meet a new friend. Someone who is understanding, honest, friendly and a loyal person. Someone who is open minded and not judgmental. I would like to hear from you regardless of your age, appearance, race or preference. I welcome...

Dixon, Illinois27Straight

Hi there, let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to read my profile. Hopefully you are my new pen pal :). From the start we both have something in common, we are looking for someone to correspond with and get to know better. I would describe myself as authentic, ambitious understanding and loyal mixed with a sense of humor and while I can be funny at times...

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Enrique Lacallo #156159
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Eloy, Arizona39Straight

I’m 5’7”, 39 years old, and light hazel eyes. I was born on May 14, 1979, in the mean streets of East LA. I’m very in tune with myself and my ancestors. My culture is very important to me. I was born in the day of the Jaguar according to my tonalli (Destiny). I love to study my Mexican culture.

I’m creative and I find enjoyment working with my hands. I like to draw, write poetry, and...

Damien Lacambra #296119
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West Liberty, Kentucky24Straight

My name is Damien. I am 24 years old. I am trying to pass the time in here and stay positive. I would enjoy having some intellectual conversations. I am looking for friendships and getting to know people. I am originally from California. I served in the Army for 2 years and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky. I enjoy computers and anything technical. Some of my hobbies include playing the...

Matthew Lacey #71660
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Indian Springs, Nevada40Straight

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read about me, I hope to hear from you soon so I can learn about you.

I’m looking to make new friends to help this time go by a little easier. I like to laugh and make people laugh. I try to keep a positive mind in all situations. I prefer to look for reasons to trust people; not the opposite. I love music, a wide arrange of different genres. I...

Daederick Lacy #54008-177
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Inez, Kentucky27Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


I’m Daederick, pronounced (Dedrick) though.  Lol.  I’m new to this so I’ll do my best to describe myself and what I’m looking for.  I am 6’ 1, brown eyes, athletic build and very down-to-earth.  Although I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes in life I strive every day to be a better...

Dusty Lacy #AK6856
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Jamestown, California38Straight

My name is Dusty Lacy.  I am 38 years old, and I have been in prison for eight years now. Since I have been in prison I have been working on my education and social and behavioral science, and business. I am currently taking psych, drugs, and human behavior, and I’m on my second trimester of American Sign Language. When I get out I would like to help at...

Edward Lacy #01772002
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Angleton, Texas31Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

What’s up world? My name is Edward but I go by Pharaoh. I’m a single male soon to be released, who is seeking someone to converse with. I’m diverse and I can promise you there will never be a dull moment. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Be Blessed.


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Ashley LaFave #976355
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Ypsilanti, Michigan34Straight

I am 34 years old, 5'2" tall and weigh 135 lbs. I am very outgoing and have a great sense of humor.  I will be here until the end of 2019.  I am looking for a friend because it is very hard to do this time alone.  I am looking for someone who is smart, funny, kind, financially stable and not judgmental.


Jameson LaForest #73870-112
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Lompoc, California27

Hey, my name is Jameson. I’m 27 years old and from Los Angeles, California. I’m looking for a friend, someone who can give me positive thoughts and up lift my spirit. I love to watch sports and play basketball with my free time. I work out to build my mind and soul/ I’m also into reading. I’m a good friend and soulmate, also a good listener.

Thank you for visiting my profile. Please...

Kelvin Lagares #88353-054
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Loretto, Pennsylvania28Straight

My name is Kelvin Lagares, but the people who I love most call me “Haze”. I’m 28 years old, I got incarcerated when I was 19 so I learned how to be a man in prison. I’m into treating my body as my temple and am always striving to improve my mind, body and soul. Every day I challenge myself to become a better leader. I earned my GED a few months ago and am currently working on my Associate’s...

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Shane  Lair #292753
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West Liberty, Kentucky23Straight

My name is Shane Lair.

I’m currently locked up for Robbery 2nd degree and Wanton Endangerment.

Out on the streets, my family owns a logging business that I was in the process of taking the reins of when I got into trouble. I have 2 beautiful children. I don’t want any money, I just want people to write.

Add me on JPay.

Steven  Lake #421726
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Marquette, MichiganStraight

Steven is my name. I have made it 35 years so far, with the last 16 spent within these confines. However, I do my best to ensure that this place does not define me. I view everything I do, everyone I meet, and every day I face as some great adventure that must not be missed!

I am passionate about art, history, literature, and music. Many things move and inspire me. I like people...

Tyler Lake #W108571
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South Walpole, Massachusetts24Straight

I’m looking to meet people to talk to, to get my mind away from here for a little while. I grew up in Maine but I’ve been living in Massachusetts for almost 10 years. I’m a Carpenter by Trade but I’m also a Tattoo Artist. It’s something I really love doing and I love getting tattooed. I see it as a way to express yourself. My zodiac sign is LEO. When I was younger, I was a little bit wild, but...

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Cobey LaKemper #0767480
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Tabor City, North Carolina42Straight

Hi!  My name is Cobey; I am originally from Missouri.  Thank you for viewing my profile.  I hope afterwards you’ll be inclined to correspond and be friends.

My reason for posting this profile, in addition to simply desiring normal social interaction (the “normal” variety being a rarity in prison) is the profound loneliness so often associated with extended incarceration...

Antoine Lakes #1040288
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Pound, Virginia36Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Salute, my name is Antoine. I venture into this voyage in hopes that fate would award me the occasion to escape from the routine to forage the slim pickings of that ever elusive that we all solicit for in our daily unremarkable.

I can see that circumstances fall short of ideal for a proper introduction, but I have found that most true...

Devyn Lakose #1585951
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Huntsville, Texas30Straight

“All honesty & truth!”

I've come to just be able to “build” and “bond”!  on a straight forward level and genuine note without wasting each other’s time because it’s obvious I've done and do enough of that! (real)

I'm at a point...

Sienky Lallemand #03365-027
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Thomson, Illinois48Straight


My name is Sienky and I am Haitian American. My interests include health and nutrition, martial arts training and writing (all forms of literature and music). I am also an avid reader and am currently studying international business and finance. I am seeking to connect with people from around the globe for friendship and assistance in advancing my understanding of social media...

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Diego LaLuz #40843-424
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Phoenix, Arizona40Straight

Hi, my name is Diego. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and my family is from Puerto Rico. I enjoy watching movies, working out, listening to music and I have a passion for cooking. In the outside world we set goals for ourselves and always try to succeed; in here many of us lost these dreams because our freedom was taken from us, we’ve become content to accept our situation.

Hue Lam #1157814
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Jean, Nevada29Straight

Hi stranger. My name is Jennifer (Hue). I'm 29 and single. I'm American/Chinese-Vietnamese. Born on October 6 and I'm from California. I made mistakes in the past, but I'm a better person today than I was yesterday, 1,095 days ago! I like to go to the movies, eat, cook, travel, sing, and dance when no one is looking and have a blast. I have a big heart and am the kind of girl who buys candy...

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Thomas Lam #702286
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Angie, Louisiana28Straight

Greetings, I'm Thomas. During this incarceration I've awoken to a greater awareness and better understanding about life. This journey has led me to vast amount of knowledge, and wisdom.

My job at the facility was training dogs, but I'm in the transition of getting the offender counsel substitute position. This journey has allowed me to discover my passion working with canines, for that...

Jeffery Lambert #W90211
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South Walpole, Massachusetts35Straight


Well, let me start with my name is Jeff, I’m 35. I’m 12 ½ years in on an 18-year bid. I’m from Holyoke, Massachusetts. I’ve had a pretty bad go for the last few years. I’ve lost a lot and I feel as I’m losing a part of me also. Someone gave me some advice and told me I should join a pen-pal site. So, here I am hoping to find someone to build a friendship with. Someone to help me...

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