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Blythe, California26Straight


My name is Benjamin Ma, but you can call me Ben. Hopefully we can write or talk with one another so we can become friends or more and I will be able to get the privilege to know who you are.

I have been incarcerated for some time now but I don’t allow that to keep me from being disconnected from the society or meeting new people. I live one day at a time and I hope for...

William Maag #A417-503 - Primary Picture
Lima, Ohio55Straight

My name is William, but my friends call me Willie. I’m 54 years young, 5’10”, 190lbs, green eyes, and I’m in decent shape.

I’m divorced and sadly have never had children. My likes are being outdoors enjoying warm sunny days and sunsets, reading a good book or watching an interesting movie. I like anything that makes me use my brain, but I also don’t mind people who can share a joke or...

Freeland, Michigan52Straight

Hello! My name is Scott Maarleveld. I am currently at the tail end of my incarceration and I am seeking new friends with like-minded, positive individuals. Each day I continue to take advantage of all opportunities to better myself. I am starting my third year of college and I will be graduating with my Associate’s degree in Business Management in April of 2020. I enjoy sports, reading, hobby-...

Menard, Illinois23Straight


My name is Ron.  I'm hoping to meet new friends that I can talk to and laugh with.  I am a musician and play many instruments.  I have a huge heart and care deeply for my family and friends.

On the outside my occupations consisted of Tattoo Artist, lead guitarist and vocalist signed to a local label. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my...

Adrian, Michigan29Straight

Hello, my name is Gary Maccune. I'm a 29-year-old kind hearted loving man lost in this corrupted prison system, serving seven years with 4 left; scared and alone.

I never knew the pain lost inside me until I experienced the loss of my loved ones and not being able to be there for them. At the beginning of 2019, I lost my grandpa. At the end of 2019, I lost my dad. Now it's 2020...

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Cuero, Texas40Straight

Thank you for reading my profile.

I am a father of 3 boys ages 9 to 19. I miss them and my family more than you could imagine. I am lonely and just looking for a friend to exchange letters with.

I enjoy building things, fixing things, and watching sports. My favorite is football, I am a diehard Cowboys fan.

Please send me a few lines... I will write back! If you would...

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Iowa Park, Texas29Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Christopher Mack. I'm 29 years old and 5' 10" tall.

I've decided to get on the website in search of a pen-pal/friend who I can be honest with. Someone who I can express myself to without having to worry about past judgments or participating in criticism while criticizing others.

I'm a very open-minded person. I'm also blunt, but very passionate and...

David Mack #641332Primary Picture
Fox Lake, Wisconsin21Straight

I am 21 years old, 6’3”, and 185 pounds. I am physically fit and a very active person. I am very adventurous and love the outdoors. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring different cultures. I am very open minded, optimistic and an outgoing person.

I mainly pass my time in here by writing letters, drawing, or reading self improvement type books.

I believe everyone...

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Henry Levon Mack #B53412 - Primary Picture
Canton, Illinois49Straight
African AmericanChristian


I’m Levon!   I am a 49-year-old Scorpio, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Upon going off to college in 1990, this allowed me to see many other states, road tripping to other colleges after I pledged the Greek fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma.  I fell in love with traveling.   After college I took time off to visit everywhere I had relatives.   ...

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Indian Springs, Nevada23Straight

This is my first time doing this prison thing and using the time to work on and better myself.

Looking for good vibes and good conversation.

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Pikeville, Tennessee50Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

My name is Delmar L. Mack Jr., I'm incarcerated at the facility listed on my profile.  My birthday is September 3rd, 1968.

My length of sentence and release date are undetermined due to a post conviction petition motion hearing this year.

My religion is Christian (a title given to the followers of Yeshua/Jesus) (Hebrew name/Greek name) by Roman gentiles in Antioch; ...

Pound, Virginia33Straight
African American

Hello everyone, my name is Jermaine (Jay). I’m looking for friends that are open to getting to know me and the man I’ve become since my incarceration. I love reading, learning, and playing basketball. I’m 6’3” and 230 pounds so I love staying in shape.

I am very ambitious and goal-driven. I have goals that I’ve completed and some I’m in the process of finishing. One of the goals I’ve...

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Beeville, Texas36Straight

Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read my bio. 

People always ask how can I be happy and smiling after being locked up for 18 years. See, I know it could have been worse for me, but I am blessed with life and good health and for that I'm thankful, which leaves me happy. And in order to make others happy, you have to be happy with yourself. 

Well, I'm...

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Dustin Mackie #238377 - Primary Picture
West Liberty, Kentucky33Bi-sexual

Hello out there,

My name is Dustin.  I’m a very outgoing and caring individual.  I’m always trying to help others out even if I need help myself.  But I feel that these are good qualities that I have. 

I’m also into sports.  I do my best to stay active although prison limits my activities.  I do enjoy playing pool, softball and baseball.  I’m...

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St. Louis, Michigan47Straight
Native AmericanNative American

My name is Dustin and I was born and raised in Northern...

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Coleman, Florida32Bi-sexual

Hello Everybody and thank you for reading my profile. I look forward to your correspondence! I am open to pen-pals from all over the world!

I'm about 25% done with my sentence and will be completing much programming throughout my time including the Residential Drug Abuse Program. I am VERY out of place here in this environment and still struggle to find my way in this prison life...

Fredonia, Kentucky55Straight

Velvet And Steel

Incredibly strong, undeniably gentle, passionate, charming, vibrant, genuine, green eyed woman! Full of love and laughter, a woman confident the best is yet to come. Life is an adventure meant to be welcomed and meant to be shared. I’m a widow with a dreamer’s heart and soul. I’m spiritually grounded, providing the compass in my life.

I love the outdoors,...

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Ordway, Colorado26

Tarah was born intersex during a time when doctors chose the likely gender and then reinforced that decision, oops!!   Well, nobody is perfect…..yet.    She struggled through childhood and adolescence, occasionally making choices.  (I mean who wears plaid pants under the age of 70?)   Turns out prison was the unfortunate outcome of her actions.


Kincheloe, Michigan43Straight
African AmericanProtestant

Hello, my name is Anthony. I am an African American male age 43. My religion is Protestant. I am a straight man and my hometown is Detroit, Mi.

I attended Northwestern High School for 4 years and completed 4 years of college receiving a bachelor's degree in business.

I have been incarcerated since 2014. You can view my profile and write me on Jpay.

Waverly, Virginia35Straight

Hello, my name is Daniel. I’m in hopes of seeking someone who enjoys life and has a love for life. I have been incarcerated since the age of 15. Acting a fool to be “Respected” and “Cool” led to trouble and in a lot of segregation. I have gone through loneliness and depression. I have a new love for life after going through it. It’s sad to say change for the better is not uplifted by the...

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Mical Tahari Maddox #0253557Primary Picture
Maury, North Carolina45Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello Beautiful!

Of course I’m speaking to you, so smile! How do I know you’re beautiful? Because by you blessing me with your presence in taking a moment out of your lovely life to share some time with me by viewing my words, clearly shows and proves that your heart is one of a kind and beautiful beyond measure. My name is Tahari, I’m 6’1”, 180 pounds, single, straight male who truly...

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Iowa Park, Texas36Bi-sexual


My full name is Zarcon Volcanic Maddox. Yes, that’s my real name but my friends just call me “Z”. I’m 5’7” and about 130 pounds. I enjoy riding motorcycle/ATV’s, spending time with family/friends, traveling, drawing and tattooing. Since being incarcerated I’ve gained a significant amount of wisdom that inevitably comes with age/experience that’s made me re-evaluate the course of...

Springfield, South Dakota40Straight

Looking for a Real Friend?

Friends are there when times are good, but when the times get tough, most disappear.  During my last 8 years in prison only a few of my “friends” remembered me and now I realize who my real “friends” are.  My hope with this is that I find more real friends and maybe even find that someone special.

I'm not perfect and I do not expect you to...

Chillicothe, Ohio39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Before I begin, I would like to open my profile and say peace and I hope all is well with those who have taken the time to view and read my words.

My name is Nathaniel, I'm 38 years of age, tall, slim and a laid back person.  I enjoy reading books on various topics from mental health to psychology.   Now don't think I'm some dweeb, it's just I'm interested in those...

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Taran Madison #00724586 - Primary Picture
Angie, Louisiana23Straight
African American

My name is Taran (Tee), and I am 22 years of age.  I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 16.  The time that I’ve spent in prison hasn’t been wasted.  I am an aspiring author, a boxer and a college student as of now.  I have gotten the opportunity to get to know myself for who I am as a person while maturing into a man.

I enjoy sports, intellectual conversation,...