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Bronson Blake McCarty #01988065 - Primary Picture
Lovelady, Texas29Straight

Hello, my name is Bronson. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Tyler, TX. I love the piney woods and country living, definitely an outdoorsman. Unfortunately, I'm in timeout right now due to some lawless activity. I'm not making a career out of this, just passing through. Life lessons and lesson learned.

I am currently in a state of extreme boredom and would like to get to know some new...

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Jessy McCarty #1776321 - Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas28Straight

Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.  My name is Jessy, I am 28 years old and I’m from Amarillo, Texas.  I am outgoing and adventurous, I have an open mind and a kind heart, I have a great sense of humor.  Once I get to know you there won’t be a lot of dull moments but there will be a bunch of laughs because my personality is a blast.

Although I’m only 28...

Baker City, Oregon35Straight

I am 9 to 15 months away from getting a second chance at life.  I plan on living it to the fullest, while never taking a moment for granted.  Regardless of what's been thrown my way throughout life, I'm ever the optimist, always seeing the glass half full.

I have a big heart, I'm family oriented, and I'm thankful/blessed that they've been by my side throughout this...

Brian McCarvill #11037967 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon66Straight


My name is Brian. I am looking to correspond with single females. I do not care about age, race, looks or politics. What I do care about is listening to your real world life. I want you to confide in me without reserve. I want to hear about your good times and bad, your frustrations and your achievements.

I’ve no agenda other than I would like to be able to learn about...

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Pikeville, Tennessee27Straight

Hey everybody, my name is Michael. I’m a prisoner in an East Tennessee prison and I’m looking for some copacetic conversation. I’m originally from Massachusetts and was a single dad while I was stationed at Fort Campbell. Yes, I’m an honorably discharged Army Veteran. That’s how I ended up in Tennessee. I’d prefer to be living back in Boston, however, I’ll have to make do where I’m at for now...

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Coty McCauley #470586 - Primary Picture
Newberry, Michigan31Straight

My name is Coty. I'm looking forward to meeting someone I can hold a conversation with, someone that I can count on to help me continuously grow and better myself. I'm extremely focused and determined with an amazing sense of humor. I'm looking for a friend, but if any relationship becomes, I'm open. I love animals and anything that has to do with life. I draw and plan to use this skill...

George McCauley #1150228 - Primary Picture
Pound, Virginia48Straight

Everyone calls me Ray. I’m 6’2”, 255 pounds, blue eyes. I’ve been incarcerated over 2 decades. I don’t blame anyone for my situation except me. I’m looking for friendship via email, snail mail of any variety. I’m an open book, ask what you will, I’ll answer any and all questions. If you decide to email me go to and they will explain how to get on my email account. It’s very simple....

Mario McClain #1027538/326493C - Primary Picture
Bridgeton, New Jersey34Straight

Born in New Jersey, Mario McClain A.K.A. Baby is a poet, model, artist and aspiring journalist birthed to two very culturally diverse parents. Mario has a unique ability to communicate and connect with everyone who has had the chance to meet him. Fused with the American culture, his Dominican, Japanese and Black roots proves to be a distinct melding of what makes him so one of a kind. His...

Antonio McClellan #M04108 - Primary Picture
Menard, Illinois29Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Antonio but you can call me Tone. I’m visiting this pen pal website because I’m looking for a friend, someone to keep me company. I am so bored and lonely. I’m 28 years old and I need a female friend that can be 100 with me and can keep my mind off this jail situation. Look, I don’t care what race you are, the only thing that matters to me is that you’re willing to...

Brandon  McClelland  #1055535Primary Picture
Windsor, North Carolina29Straight

I am an optimistic man with a great attitude and seeking some pen pals.

I’m a very outgoing and exciting person. Proud father, cell phone tower professional, and plumbing professional.

I enjoy outdoor activities; swimming, cliff diving, ATV’s 4 wheelers, hiking, music, sports, reading, and writing. I am 6’ tall and 195 pounds.

I’m currently in need of some pen pals....

Kenyon McClelland #T19229Primary Picture
Lancaster, California39Straight
African AmericanOther


I’m Kenyon, I’m incarcerated in California and thought I’d attempt to find someone genuine that I can live life to the fullest with and share memories despite the status. I’m a firm believer that there’s somebody for everybody despite the circumstances, without risk there’s no gain. I’m a man of genuine moral principles who seeks a virtuous companion, I’m not focused on the...

Abilene, Texas22Straight

How are you doing? Hopefully in good spirits and health. As for me, blessed trying to stay positive and focused. Here’s a few lines about myself.

I’m a strong believer in loyalty and honesty; lies are only told to soon be exposed. I’m very open minded and blunt, also I love working. I’m very motivated. I grew up faster than others. I tried to become a man early and provide for my...

Grafton, Ohio32Straight

Hello ladies, My name is Anthony.

I am here searching for that one woman who I can build a profound and meaningful connection with. I am charismatic, ambitious, self- motivated, and always looking for an opportunity to gain. I am a genuine man looking for a sincere woman with a beautiful personality.

This may be that one opportunity to discover that which has yet to be found,...

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Bennie McCloud #A723-423Primary Picture
London, Ohio24Straight


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bennie. I am 25 years of age, I am bi-racial, I have some tattoos as well. I am a stocky build kind of guy who likes to have good conversations, joke about life and get to know people on an open and personal level. I am friendly, funny and very outgoing. I am looking for friends who can simply help me pass my time. Just because I...

Corona, California42


My name is Julie McClure. I am a sexy, sweet and beautiful lady with a great sense of humor who loves to laugh. I am a positive, outgoing person and fun to communicate with as I will never run out of interesting things to say. In my life I have done many things such as ballet, dancing, horse jumping competitions, just to name a few. I am an animal lover and into outdoor activities...

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Leslie McClure #261606 - Primary Picture
Ionia, Michigan40Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi, my name is Ray! I like watching and playing sports. I like to workout to keep my body in shape! I like to go to church. I’m currently looking for a lady friend to correspond with.

You can send me some picture and write me thru JPay!

(Please remember, when you write me include your mailing information in the body of the correspondence so I can write you back!)

Craigsville, Virginia32

I'm looking to meet new friends and build relationships. I have about 2 years left.

I'm looking to have new fresh experiences in life. I'm definitely a healthy risk-taker. I like people who are not afraid to test the limitations of life. Family is very important to me. Self-discipline is a cornerstone to success, so it's definitely a character trait I practice and look for in people....

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Shawn McCollum #167754 - Primary Picture
Stillwater, Minnesota45Straight

Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time?

Now that you are here – I hope you’ll be willing to go a little further and write/e-mail me to get to know me.

Who knows, we may have a lot in common, you’ll never know until you write.

So shoot a line, have a couple of laughs at my expense and hope to hear from you.



Jacob McComas #A712-683 - Primary Picture
Lucasville, Ohio22Straight

I signed up for this website because I want to meet new people. I'm looking for somebody to kill some time with and keep my mind on the streets. I go by Jay. I'm 5'9", intelligent and ready for something new in my life. I hope to hear from you soon. 





Jamie McComas #W101851 - Primary Picture
Dayton, Ohio43Straight

“Keepin’ It Real”

I’m 43 years of age, 5’6”, 150 pounds, 32” waist, brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m a very outgoing, blunt, compassionate, energetic, open minded, outdoorsy and love to have fun woman. I’m a Scorpio so meeting new people is great. Most of all making you smile and having you laugh is awesome. I want to find someone to share secrets and even thoughts with, who...

Davion McComb #A719-708 - Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio22Straight
African American

I'm interested in meeting a wonderful woman who is true, confident, genuine, and seeking a solid friendship like myself.

I love to workout and read mostly business books, I love learning and making every day count, I'm a great listener and enjoy meaningful conversations and laughter.

I appreciate you for taking time to read my profile.

Hopefully, I hear from you soon....

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Mikel McConnell #01742264Primary Picture
Pampa, Texas31Straight
African AmericanBaptist


I’m starting by telling you a little about my features; I’m black and Creole and I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but I’ve been living in Ft. Worth, Texas for 11 years.   I’m 6’ 0” tall and 190 pounds, very athletic built and I work out a lot and take pride in my health and appearance.

I’m a nice, loving, caring person and I’m very funny and down to earth....

Orofino, Idaho26Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Tanner. I’m currently in Idaho prison. I would love to have someone to talk to, hopefully you! I’ll give an explanation of myself, as fully as possible in the brief space provided. I hope you enjoy this enough to write me!

I’m 25, a Cancer, born in Idaho, we moved immediately to San Diego, then I lived in Vegas and California throughout my life. I’m 5’8”, dark hair,...

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Jameice, New York36Straight

Hello Friends!

My name is Eric and I’m from New York. 

If you are reading this we already have something in common.  (smile)   Listen, I don't think these words or pictures will come close to really describing who I am but it's a start.   So if you come this far you might as well go all the way because something brought you this far and I believe...

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Conner McCowan #892497 - Primary Picture
Ionia, Michigan25Straight

I'm using this platform with hopes of finding a new friend to write. I'm a certified personal trainer and bodybuilding specialist. I'm passionate about physical health, fitness, and sports. I have a great sense of humor and am always making others laugh.

If you choose to correspond over email, you can use the JPay app or If you choose to correspond via snail mail, please...