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Reco Manning #13004-062
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Beaumont, Texas35Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Reco; a down-to-earth guy that’s on here for friends to write me.  I'm in good shape because one of my hobbies are working out, plus I like reading to pass time and it keeps me busy.  I also like listening to music, in which I like all different types of Rap, Jazz, R&B, Classic, Country and Rock & Roll.  So it’s safe to say, don’t nothing get...

Walter Manning #A256-383
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Grafton, Ohio46Straight
African AmericanBaptist

A diamond in the rough... Here I stand a 6'8" man that has been maturing in the rough for many years. I am very intelligent and educated. I enjoy the things that bring joy not only to myself but to others.

I am in search of friendship with those who are serious about life and who aren't only existing but living it. Searching through these intros you may find a lot of different and...

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Sterling Manning Jr #A674-077
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Toledo, Ohio22Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Chase and I’m born and raised in Cleveland. Also, I’m 22 years young and in the process of getting my diploma. On my free time I like to shoot around, read intellectual books, cook, watch movies and work out.

I’m a laid back type guy who’s misunderstood in this conflicted world and someday hoping to find someone who understands me. Usually I don’t get the chance...

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Anthony Manousos Jr #406725
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Suffield, Connecticut36Straight

Hi, my name is Anthony. I have four children that are my world and I spend as much time as I can with them and talking to them.

I'm setting up this profile to be able to reach out and meet new people where they can get to know me and vice versa by writing and maybe a phone call here and there if possible. I'm hoping...

James Mans #08250
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota32Straight
Native American

So, after close to nine years, I can finally see the finish line. One thing that I’ve learned on this journey is the quality of relationships that I need in my life, whether it be within my own family, my friends, or with any close, personal intimate relationship I encounter in the future.

I’ve used these years to improve on any fault I may have. I’ve even...

James Manson #1434562
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Waverly, VirginiaStraight

Today, like every day, is a beautiful day.  And I thank you for taking time out of this beautiful day to read this.  I'm hoping to meet honest and truthful people.  Every life is a blessing and special.  So even if you just need someone to talk to or vent to, I'm here to listen.  Listening to others situations sometimes can save lives.  I'm a...

Manuel Mansur #01939984
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Tennessee Colony, Texas43Straight

Hello to all, I am writing in hopes of finding a new circle of friends. I’ve come to a point in my life where change has been the key to me moving forward. As I sit here, I rarely look back at who I was, and I thank God for whom I’ve become. There was a time where I made the wrong choices, and it finally put me in a position where my freedom became...

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Dylan Mantz #01837846
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Midway, Texas24Straight

Hello, my name is Dylan.  I’m 24, with brown hair, hazel eyes and I’m 6 foot 2.  I am very outgoing and easy to get along with.  I’m from a small town called Stephenville, it is in Texas.  I am down to earth and can have fun doing anything....

David Manuel #06384-091
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Atwater, California45Straight

Greetings, I’m David, a Texas resident currently serving time in Federal Prison. But, please don’t let my life choices discourage you from reaching out. I’m looking for positive people to build friendships with and possibly more.

I try to spend my time wisely by taking different classes to better myself which is really difficult in my current environment, but I...

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Al Mapp #0000841886
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Jackson, Georgia41Straight
African AmericanChristian

What wave pushed you my way Ms. lady?  My name is Rico.  I’m 6’ 2” tall, 197 pounds, brown skin, light brown eyes, tatted up, Gemini.  I’m very much into fashion, I create clothing and also create music.  I also write books, cut hair and draw.

I’m very focused on creating a better way of life for myself.  Also I am very passionate about everything I do. ...

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Chevron Mapp #A622-195
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Mansfield, Ohio25Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Chevron. I'm hoping to meet some good people that believe in giving people incarcerated a second chance.  There’s good people incarcerated that just made mistakes due to bad decisions.  I take full responsibility form my actions and just look forward to moving on and starting fresh with my life.

I'm interested in furthering my education while incarcerated....

Bobe Marcello #386331
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Cheshire, Connecticut27Straight
Multi-racialNative American

Hey people, how’s life?  I hope well.  As for me, I've been told I'm an easy going guy.  I try to keep things in perspective and see the bigger picture at all times.  But sometimes I feel like I'm on the outside looking in, trying to make sense of things that seem senseless.

And this often leaves me in a serious state of mind....

Ricardo Marchan #Y11209
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Menard, Illinois34Straight

Friends Wanted

Have you ever heard the saying “the only way to have a true friend is to be one”?  What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling within two bodies.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I can’t say the same.  I’ve made many attempts in my 34 years of life and yet been unsuccessful.  To quit would be taking the easy way out; however, quitting isn’t an option...

Scott Marchand #BC0238
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San Luis Obispo, California41Straight


I’m Scott and currently incarcerated in California. There are a myriad of things in prison that aren’t exactly wonderful, but the worst part is not having contact and the loneliness of it all. It wears you down, but I always try to stay positive.

Paying my debt to society is inevitable but along the way I am working on change. I’m enrolled in college, I try to help others...

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Greg Marcinski #12582-050
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Otisville, New York42Straight


This is Gregory and he had done some bad things in life.  He knows he irreparably hurt a lot of people and has much guilt and regret for his actions.

Although he knows that he can not fix what had happened he has tried to live a life of service to others.  He wants to learn from his mistakes so that he can strive to become a better man and in some...

Steven Marcum #270459
Primary Picture
LaGrange, Kentucky25Gay


My name is Steven. I am 26 years old, 6’1, 165 pounds, hazel eyes and brown hair. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and open to new relationships.

I’m very soft spoken, love to cut hair and do makeup; went to cosmetology school. I’m looking to see the parole board in 2019. Don’t have any serious plans for the future, but would like to start thinking about it if I...

Little John Marcus #18125717
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Salem, OregonGay

I am a gay boy looking for sincere pen-friends.  I am innocent of my alleged crimes and really only guilty of being too open and honest about myself.  I am working my way through the appellate courts now.

I love most people and fall in love pretty quickly.  I love playing outside, mostly swimming, bicycling, hiking, camping, and stuff.

When I am not outside, I...

Tina Marek #02017105
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Gatesville, TexasStraight

Hi, I’m Tina! Thanks for visiting my page.

I’m looking for an intellectual or just downright good conversation! I love to be outdoors; hunting, fishing, sailing, you name it. I’m also a history buff so World War II, early Egyptian culture, and Mayan life/ruins interest me. I am a Braille transcriber for the blind. God and family are my mantras. It is my dream to live on a boat and sail...

Christopher Mares #01977138
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Iowa Park, Texas29Straight

As I patiently count down the time (13 months) till I walk beyond these walls that surround me, I’m looking for friends to get to know and grow with to include in my life on the “outside” as well. I’m just a laid back guy with a full life ahead of me. I love comedy, cold beer and BBQ like every true Texan should. I live in the Houston area and consider myself a cut up...

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Shawn Mariano #407896
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Somers, Connecticut30Straight


My name’s Shawn, I’m 30 years old and I’m looking for a friend that I can build with and get to know. Someone who’s passionate, funny, understanding, can hold a conversation, and someone who would like to get to know me before judging me.

My hobbies are working on cars, riding motorcycles, tattooing and I’m great with my hands (Hey ladies!! LOL)

I love working out,...

Kyle Marin #6989362
Primary Picture
Anamosa, Iowa32Straight

Although you’ve probably read quite a few profiles to get to muah, if those pics arent’ enough for you to read on then picture me with a wagging tail (the kind that knocks big glassware to the floor) with watery “Friend!” eyes, living in an animal shelter in need of some love…Exactly.


Juan Marines #1386500
Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas33Straight

Hi there,

My name is Juan and I’m currently incarcerated and looking for a new friend who I can write, share and exchange thoughts with. I’m 5’11”, 210 pounds and I love to work out and keep myself healthy. People always tell me that I have a great personality because I always bring a positive vibe with my aura. I love to smile a lot and make people laugh because I like to see people...

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Joshua Marino #A721-034
Primary Picture
Lima, Ohio38Straight

Hello, my name is Josh.  I am looking for friends to write to me and I have heard is simply the best pen pal website on the internet.  I feel I am a unique individual who has much to offer.

A little about myself; I am an intelligent, strong, loyal, and independent man.  I'm easy-going and...

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Ayman Marji #05A6281
Primary Picture
Stormville, New York37Straight

My name is Ayman, Aim for short.  I was convicted of Murder in 2005.  I’m still working on obtaining my freedom.  As bad as it gets, I’ll never stopped counting my blessings.  I have the best family and support system anyone can ask for.

I was born in Jordan.  It may not look like it, but I am full blooded Arabic, and Catholic at that.

I moved to...

Cindy Marks #01159260
Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas51Straight

I would like to meet new people, learn, and experience new things in life; share life experiences with others. Correspond with someone who has a positive attitude towards life, has good integrity, and a good sense of humor. Can be dependable, loyal, honest, willing to correspond regularly, be available for possible phone calls, and visit occasionally.