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Rawlins, Wyoming23Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Taylor Martin.  I am hoping to meet people who’ll not only be willing to be friends and get to know me, but will give me the opportunity to start fresh and one the right path.

I have a strong passion for music, reading, writing, and culinary arts.  I wish to further myself in the culinary arts programs and possibly become a chef. I am 5’8” tall with an athletic...

Travis Martin #21184320
Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon25Straight


My name is Travis Martin.  I am 5’ 10”, athletic, I enjoy working out and staying active.  I am soft-spoken, also can make you laugh.  I have a thin hair  gene called Alopecia, I lost my hair at a young age.  I take no offense because I’m unique.  I got my high school diploma and joined the Army (II-Bravo) Infantry.  I had a successful life...

Tyrone Martin #524991
Primary Picture
Kincheloe, Michigan31Straight

Allow me to introduce myself to all the grown and sexy ladies. My name is Tyrone Martin and I am a Detroit native. I stand 5'9" and my photo completes the rest of my physical description.  I desire to socialize and one day meet a woman of understanding,  class, honesty, and respect. Due to my unfortunate circumstances, I have been able to focus on the value...

William Martin #323948
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Jackson, Michigan47Straight

Please call me Lance,

Hi!  I am looking to write some people who I can build good relationships with.  I love to laugh and have been called witty a time or two.  I dare you not to laugh at me.  Just don’t laugh at me while I’m shreddin’ my guitar.  I’m serious about this because I’m AMAZING!  Ha, ha!

I do play guitar.  I also write my own...

Aaron Martinez #642609
Primary Picture
Kincheloe, Michigan29

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!!

Hi I'm Aaron. I’m currently incarcerated with almost 2 1/2 years to go on my sentence. I'm 29 year old Gemini. I always been and always will be a hard worker, right now I am a prep cook in the kitchen here. I recently lost my mom to cancer, and she was my biggest supporter and best friend. So, I'm looking for a pen pal,...

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Adolpho Martinez #01881874
Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas32Straight


I’m 32 years old, 6 ft tall, black hair, brown hair, light skin, and heavily tattooed. I’m Hispanic, originally from Orange County, California. I have been in Texas since 2010 and am currently serving a 30-year sentence. I’m looking for someone to help me make my time away from home a bit more bearable and less lonely. I am extremely open-minded and very open to new experiences....

Agustin Martinez #01732832
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Kenedy, Texas32Straight

Hi, in an attempt to make a new friend or two, you find me writing this intro letter. My name is Agustin, but my family and friends call me Tuty. My home town is Dallas, Texas. I am a 32 years old, Hispanic, and I was proudly raised in that culture. I stand 5'7" tall and weigh 168 pounds.  I keep in shape both mentally and physically through a daily...

Albert Martinez #56252-112
Primary Picture
Waymart, Pennsylvania41Straight

Hello Strangers,
First and foremost, allow me to get straight to bizz, I'm Albert, better known as HG.  I'm a solid built Mexican, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  As you see I'm currently incarcerated in ‘SMU”.  Yes, I'm being held hostage for now!

I've been looking for a friend only.  I'm a strong believer in friendship lasting forever.  I...

Alex Martinez #01563615
Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas33Straight

Hello to all you beautiful women of the world! First and foremost the pleasure’s all mine in getting this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m in the greatest hopes that you may see me fit to associate yourself with. I apologize that it must be under these circumstances but I promise it’s real on my end. I’m not on here for games nor am I on...

Andres Martinez #02166746
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Huntsville, Texas38Straight

Hello, my name is Andres Martinez. I'm not looking for pity, love, or donations. I am looking for a good pen pal, someone that can learn to like me through letters and vice versa.

I'm a man, I think like a man and currently, I'm a locked up man. I'm 38 years old, single with no children, I weight 200 lbs. If you are the pen pal for me there will be no limit on what we can talk about. I...

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Andrew Martinez #01378722
Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas33Straight

Second chances…Everyone wish upon one when things don’t turn quite well…Hoping for the one “opportunity” to change the end result of previous choices in our life…Truth enough, they’re a rarity, but luckily, I am blessed to be approaching mine upon my release and can’t wait to get there…Attending degrees and knowledge is merely a step in the right direction…willing to become a better giver and...

Armando  Martinez #89991-079
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Bennettsville, South Carolina42Straight

My name is Armando, I am hoping to meet new people & make new friends. To be able to establish positive contacts on the outside.

Would like to think of myself as a very social person. Respectful and fun to be around. My hobbies are reading books, enjoying the view & country, being around animals, watching sports and I love to cook.

Meeting positive contacts will be...

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Aurelio Martinez #02015177
Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas27Straight

Smile and the world will smile with you.  That’s me, bringing a smile on a face to brighten the day (literally)!  It’s nothing but a bonus to know I can be of encouragement and give a sense of well-being when I write, and it’s what I seek, the part of being comfortable smiling in all hopes of you smiling back.  In the simplest way think of me not for my young age but as outgoing...

Carmen Martinez #R88880
Primary Picture
Lincoln, Illinois24Straight

Hello, my name is Carmen.  I’m 24 years old, single, no kids, 5’ 1”, olive skin, Latina.  I joined this website with the intentions of furthering my education, finding positive vibes, build new circles, I’m open to anything.  I’m hoping to find someone who can help me accomplish my goals.  My dream is to be a professional tattoo artist.  I have a passion for art, I...

Christa Martinez #953456
Primary Picture
Ypsilanti, Michigan30Straight

Hello everyone!

My name is Christa, I am new to the website and excited to meet new friends and pen pals. I’m a very beautiful, 29 year old woman from Michigan who is easygoing, loveable and caring. I love meeting new people so hopefully this sounds interesting to you!

Please remember to include your address on the actual letter itself since recently our mail policy has changed...

Christopher Martinez #1853961
Primary Picture
Dilley, Texas25Straight

My name is Chris and I'm 26. I love to work out, read, and enjoy all types of music. I have some college background. I worked as a welder and my hobby is cutting hair. I want to meet a serious female or someone who can be a good friend to write to. My plans for the near future are to further along my education and make a successful transition back into society. I have gained so much knowledge...

Christopher Martinez #02048726
Primary Picture
Childress, Texas33Straight


Super energetic, entertaining, fun, friendly, outgoing man, may cause spontaneous combustion.  Full of joy and delight with uncontrollable laughter and enjoyment!  Please take at your own risk!  Do not mix with medications or alcohol!  Side effects may cause attraction, affection, attachment, and in most cases sexual arousal!

Now if I have your...

Cisco Martinez #AS6391
Primary Picture
San Quentin, California27Straight

Hey there!

My name is Cisco Martinez, sorry about the picture but I hope you won’t judge a book by its cover as it’s the most recent one I had, I’m not really an intense person as it would suggest.

 Certain circumstances landed me in prison at a really young age (18) but I’m still solid, loyal, and devoted family man and friend. I’ve learned that corresponding with real...

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Damian  Martinez #01628108
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Childress, Texas31Straight

My name is Damian. I am 30 years old. I’ve been in prison almost nine years on a twelve-year sentence, hopefully I will be home sometime in 2019.

Since I’ve been in prison I’ve tried to make the best of the experience by going to college and taking vocational courses. I try to surround myself with people who have positive goals outside of prison. Other than taking classes and working...

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Daniel Martinez #1024322
Primary Picture
Indian Springs, Nevada46Straight

I want to start off by thanking you for allowing me your attention for a brief moment. My name is Danny and I am a single father with a soul full of life and a heart of gold. I am very optimistic, goal oriented and very loyal.

I have a Cosmetology License, which is what I used to practice before I ended up in this predicament....

Debbi Martinez #40470-013
Primary Picture
Waseca, Minnesota29Bi-sexual

Hi there!

I’m Debbi, a Denver native. Due to some regretful choices made in my early 20’s I landed here in Waseca, Minnesota for some time. While prison is no picnic, it’s been quite the eye opener and made me realize not only who I am, but what I want out of life. A quirky free spirit, I have an insatiable sense of adventure. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, biking, camping and fishing....

Efren Martinez #321909
Primary Picture
Safford, Arizona22Straight

Please stand by.  My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.  My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please – write me today! 

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

Emmanuel Martinez #360555
Primary Picture
Walla Walla, Washington26Straight

Hello lady, my name is Emmanuel Martinez. I'm 25 yrs old. I'm from Lewis County, Washington. As you can see I got myself in a bit of a pickle, so I'm looking forward to meeting a friend & see where it goes from there.

I love travelling, exploring, cruising & the casino. I also have a thing for Asians, so if you...

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Felix Martinez #T-97423
Primary Picture
Coalinga, California41Straight

I finally finished writing my book called: California and State Raised, Life Exposed.

It has always been a dream of mine to share my story in hopes to help encourage others. Many twists, turns and experiences; exciting.

This is where you come in because I need your thoughts and honest opinions, I want nothing in return but respect and your thoughts.

I also write poetry...

Frederick Martinez #P66401
Primary Picture
Ione, California44Straight

Greetings with much peace and blessings!

My name is Frederick Francis Martinez Junior, age 43.  I was born on May 24, 1974 in Corozal, district of Belize, located in Central America.  I am a Christian seeking friends in the USA and overseas.  I'm willing to write anyone.  I am not smiling in my photo because...