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Pound, Virginia48Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello there,

I’m Edward, sometimes when you don't know where to turn you reach out and find someone you think will reach back.  I'm Virginia born, I love outdoors, love to laugh, listen, cook, fish, gardening, animals or just driving into the sunsets….it's all the little things in life.

I'm looking to meet loyal and faithful friends, friends you can build with, motivate to...

Oakwood, Virginia41Straight
African American


My name is Jason. I’m from New York. I’m interested in meeting females/friends from different cities and States. Black, White, Spanish, race doesn’t matter. I’d like to explore our differences and our similarities. I would prefer you be intelligent or sexy or both. I like to read. I want to learn all things that make me a better man. I’m in love with my children. I have 2. I’m...

Amarillo, Texas40

Hello World,

My name is Cameron Marson.  I love writing letters, so I gave this a shot.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people.  I'm very easygoing and understanding, I enjoy reading, drawing, working and exercising to pass my time.

I know everything happens for reason and I can't wait to hear from you.  Don't worry, I will write anybody who takes time...

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Jamestown, California33Straight

For those seeking to form a new and meaningful friendship with an authentic, unique and one of a kind guy, feel free and open in taking the steps to get to know me.  Let's not be afraid to take a chance at the opportunity to experience something and someone new in our lives and let us be open minded to all and any possibilities that may bring on the chance of positive results. ...

Adam Martin #W103189 - Primary Picture
Norfolk, Massachusetts25Straight

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I really appreciate you making the time to read this because I realize how busy life is beyond the wall that holds me here. Despite my age and mistake that landed me in prison, I have a lot to give of myself. I was raised by a single parent and was taught to listen, as well as building a foundation that allowed me to be able to understand the...

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Kincheloe, Michigan34Straight
African AmericanChristian


I would like to say thanks to everyone who takes the time out of their day to reach out to me and help me through this constant struggle I endure daily. Hopefully I will find the right person that will have my back and will be of support for me fully, always and forever that way, I would not need to be on this wonderful website looking for a friend/companion. Until then I'm waiting...

Brandon Martin #481118 - Primary Picture
Angie, Louisiana32Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Brandon. I’m seeking some genuine friends who are seeking a genuine friend to write and talk to, to establish a genuine friendship. If you are reading this then I assume that you have not found that special friend you are seeking. I am a loving, caring, proud father of one and a God fearing man. 

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, working out, playing...

Florence, Colorado37Straight

Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Cole Martin #W111570Primary Picture
Norfolk, Massachusetts20Straight

I’m Cole. I’m 20 years old, currently serving time for manslaughter. I’m here and optimistic I can find others out there that are interested in learning more about me. I’m an “up for anything” type of person. I’ve always been big on learning from others, experiencing new things and growing as a person.

If anyone is looking for a good back and forth, you can reach me by writing or email...

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Ashland, Kentucky54Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

My name is Darin, but please call me Jabril (Juh-breel).

I am looking for a friend who can appreciate a man with aspirations of being successful - someone who won't judge me for the bad choices that I made. I am studying business while I am incarcerated so that I can run my own company with an understanding that I never had in the streets as a hustler. I have really been blessed to...

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Deondra Martin #1001544676 - Primary Picture
Alto, Georgia28Straight
African American

Hi! My name is Deondra but I go by Mesha.

I'm 28 and I'm a Taurus! I just want pen pals and companionship. I'm a very fun person with a great personality, and I love to laugh because it's good for the soul. I love music, fashion, and I want to one day travel the world. I love talking with people from all backgrounds.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Crescent City, California29Straight

How's it going? My name is Dillon. I'm 29 years old and currently serving my time here in California. I've' been incarcerated for a little over five years now and this is my first prison term. My case is a little complicated but I'm open to questions if you wanna write me. I'm not weird or anything like that, I'm just a guy who's prone to making bad decisions, but I'm working on that and I've...

Kenedy, Texas25Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

May this passage greet you well. If you are taking the time out of your day to read it, highly appreciative.

My name is due Djuan Martin. I'm seeking to adventure off into the unknown with expectations, hoping to find a good friend who's not afraid of exploring new things and new people.

Here's a brief glimpse of what shapes me of who I am. I am outgoing, passionate, a good...

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Dwight Martin #J16019 - Primary Picture
Vacaville, California66Straight
African American

STOP! Right there, please allow me this brief opportunity of introducing myself to you.

My name is Dwight Martin, friends know me as Jody. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I was raised in Los Angeles, California. I'm open-minded, very energetic, sincere, a student of law and psychology, seeking female friendship and correspondence. Your ethnic background and/or sexual orientation is not...

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Frank Martin #22676-045 - Primary Picture
Pollock, Louisiana35Straight
African AmericanChristian


Thank you for reading my profile!  I hope that I am able to paint a picture clear enough that I get the proper response.  My main concern is getting to know you as well as offer you a small glimpse of me, so that we can hopefully build and established an open line of communication.

I’m seeking friendly correspondence but I am an open minded person so I will...

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Jarell Martin #0007598360 - Primary Picture
Newark, New Jersey28Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Good morning. My mane is Jarell. I’m looking for a female friend, someone I can build with.

I’m a very passionate person. I like to read, listen to music, and play chess. Anything that stimulates the mind.

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Joel  Martin  #79163 - Primary Picture
Berlin, New Hampshire30Straight

To discard myself; I am a very calm and laid back individual, soft-spoken most of the time, and blunt. I consider myself an optimistic person; personable but humble. Since a kid I’ve always had a competitive spirit, and that’s probably why I grew up to love sports so much. I enjoy conversations or debates with substance and more importantly a good laugh.

I also enjoy writing...

Beacon, New York38Straight

Hello, I am looking for someone to talk to and get to know and share a part of my life. An empty space inside that I'd like to fill. I have an email and you can contact me either by writing a letter or you can open am email account at It's free but each email is 25 cents or so. You can also send 30-sec videos or pictures. I can reply through the email or by letter. I will respond to...

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Kendal Martin #1462597 - Primary Picture
Pound, Virginia26Straight
African American

My name is Kendal, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Lynchburg, Virginia.  I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall and 165 pounds.  I enjoy reading, listening to music and working out in here.  On the outside I enjoy cooking, traveling and going to concerts and events and just living life to the fullest.  I consider myself an adventurous person, I like to meet new people from all walks of...

Kendrick Martin #R56782 - Primary Picture
Robinson, Illinois31Straight
African American

Hi, My name is Kendrick, I’m 31, no kids, and I’m from Chicago.  I’m not here to mislead anyone or play games with you.  I’m a honest and loyal guy, even though I am locked up right now everybody deserves a second chance.  I’m not perfect but I’m also not a bad person, we all make mistakes and I want to get the chance to show the real me.  I know it’s not easy to just up...

Salem, Oregon31Straight

I’m looking for a friend first, someone that is compassionate that I can periodically communicate with and get to know better. Meeting someone that is interested in self-improvement, optimistic, and intellectual stimulation would be great. I like all nationalities; honesty and loyalty are big for me.

I’d like to meet someone who will be interested in video skyping and talking on the...

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Mark Martin #0788677 - Primary Picture
Blanch, North Carolina33Straight


First of all I want to thank you for looking at my profile. My name is Mark but I go by my middle name Avery. I’m 6’1”, 215 pounds from Martinsville, Virginia. I’m definitely a country boy. I lift weights and I love burpees and sprinting for cardio. I love being outside in nature being adventurous. I was a criminal before coming to prison in 2015. Now I’m a Born Again Christian. I...

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Cumberland, Maryland29Straight
African American


My name is Michael, but most people call me Mizzle. I am hoping to meet a beautiful and mature woman who is on this site looking for friends.

I am 29 years old, down-to-earth, caring, loyal, respectful, and 100% real. I am always on man time and have a lot to contribute in a relationship/friendship mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I love to read, write new...

Danville, Illinois47Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Nate. I’m interested in meeting new people on the outside. I’m a humanitarian. I love all people. While I’m incarcerated I’ve being doing my time constructively so upon my release I can be more useful to myself and my community. I love to read nonfiction books. I love classic movies; a few of my favorites are Gretta Garbo, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn. I also like to work...

Chillicothe, Ohio32Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, my name is Rashad. I'm a genuine guy. I don't have any children; I wish to have some one day as well as a wife.

I currently picking up trades and furthering my education. If you wish to know more about me, you can JPay me.

Have a wonderful day.