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Christopher Martinez #02048726Primary Picture
Childress, Texas33Straight


Super energetic, entertaining, fun, friendly, outgoing man, may cause spontaneous combustion.  Full of joy and delight with uncontrollable laughter and enjoyment!  Please take at your own risk!  Do not mix with medications or alcohol!  Side effects may cause attraction, affection, attachment, and in most cases sexual arousal!

Now if I have your...

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Christopher Martinez #1853961 - Primary Picture
Dilley, Texas25Straight

My name is Chris and I'm 26. I love to work out, read, and enjoy all types of music. I have some college background. I worked as a welder and my hobby is cutting hair. I want to meet a serious female or someone who can be a good friend to write to. My plans for the near future are to further along my education and make a successful transition back into society. I have gained so much knowledge...

Cisco Martinez #AS6391Primary Picture
San Quentin, California28Straight

Hey there!

My name is Cisco Martinez, sorry about the picture but I hope you won’t judge a book by its cover as it’s the most recent one I had, I’m not really an intense person as it would suggest.

 Certain circumstances landed me in prison at a really young age (18) but I’m still solid, loyal, and devoted family man and friend. I’ve learned that corresponding with real...

Damian  Martinez #01628108 - Primary Picture
Childress, Texas31Straight

My name is Damian. I am 30 years old. I’ve been in prison almost nine years on a twelve-year sentence, hopefully I will be home sometime in 2019.

Since I’ve been in prison I’ve tried to make the best of the experience by going to college and taking vocational courses. I try to surround myself with people who have positive goals outside of prison. Other than taking classes and working...

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David Martinez #19299-111 - Primary Picture
El Reno, Oklahoma38Straight


My name is David.  Being that this is my first time posting a profile I figure that being honest of what I am looking for would be a good place to start.

I am seeking to meet new and interesting people to create friendships that, while built upon in here, can eventually expand beyond my current conditions.  I’ve always been someone who thinks outside the box and...

Debbi Martinez #40470-013 - Primary Picture
Waseca, Minnesota29Bi-sexual

Hi there!

I’m Debbi, a Denver native. Due to some regretful choices made in my early 20’s I landed here in Waseca, Minnesota for some time. While prison is no picnic, it’s been quite the eye opener and made me realize not only who I am, but what I want out of life. A quirky free spirit, I have an insatiable sense of adventure. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, biking, camping and fishing....

Eduardo Martinez #02009018 - Primary Picture
Navasota, Texas33Straight


Well let me start by telling you that I am not too great at this whole opening letter thing… so I will just tell you a little about myself; I go by Edward outside of here. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, never been married, and I am a single parent. I have 1 beautiful little girl who is my whole world.

I enjoy spending time with my kid, working out, and watching sports. I love...

Edward Martinez #38043-007 - Primary Picture
Beaumont, Texas41Straight

Thank you for taking the time out to read this profile. If these walls could talk, they would tell you of my tenacious spirit. My inability to put a limit on my hopes, my dreams or my future…These walls would tell you that I would never allow them (prison walls) to define me. They would tell you that I view every adversity as a challenge to be defeated. I enjoy laughing endlessly if possible....

Efren Martinez #321909 - Primary Picture
Safford, Arizona22Straight

Please stand by.  My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being.  My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please – write me today! 

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Coleman, Florida30Straight

Hello Ladies! I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am interested in meeting honest and down to earth women with understanding and a great personality. I am interested in other cultures and would like to learn about anything outside of these walls. I don’t care about race, age or looks. I am not judgmental and I hope to find someone who feels the same.

A little about...

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Felix Martinez #T-97423 - Primary Picture
Coalinga, California42Straight

I finally finished writing my book called: California and State Raised, Life Exposed.

It has always been a dream of mine to share my story in hopes to help encourage others. Many twists, turns and experiences; exciting.

This is where you come in because I need your thoughts and honest opinions, I want nothing in return but respect and your thoughts.

I also write poetry...

George Martinez #M51951Primary Picture
Sumner, Illinois28Straight


My name is George.  I lived in Elgin, IL all my life until I came to prison.  Elgin is a suburb northwest of Chicago.  I’m funny, easy to get along with.  Some of my hobbies are; reading, working out and writing my family.  I’m looking for a friend, buddy, pen pal, someone I can write to tell her about me and she can tell me about herself.  I’m a great...

Gilbert Martinez #161840 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona43Straight

Hello, my name is Gilbert, and I'm looking to build a connection with someone kind and caring. As you can tell by my photo I like to play around, and I don't take myself too seriously. I have many interest including; reading, writing, sports, drawing, poetry, music and philosophy. I'm very artistic and a big time dog lover. Honestly, I feel like there’s something missing and would like to...

Gonzalo Martinez #98011 - Primary Picture
Olney Springs, Colorado38Straight

I got locked up 10 days after my 17th birthday. I am now 38 years old and still have 5-6 more years till I'm eligible for parole. I lived most of my life locked up as a juvenile and tried as an adult on 3 counts of Attempted Murder in a gang-related shooting. Please check out my documentary season 1 "I almost got away with it" to know more of what I've been through.

I'm simply just...

Jackson Martinez #01552933 - Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas29Straight

What’s Good,

I’m from Houston, Texas and I’m looking for a grown woman that I can talk to and get to know. Someone I can share my ideas and opinions with. If later on we can build a real solid connection that really means something then I’m cool with that because at the end of the day that’s what I’m looking for. A woman to let me know her likes and dislikes, tell me about your hopes...

Jared Martinez #161705 - Primary Picture
Olney Springs, Colorado29Straight

What’s good,

My name is Jared. A little bit about myself. I’m 29 years old, mature Latino, single, handsome, very outspoken, outgoing, challenging, ambitious, understanding, intelligent, independent, self-educated, strong minded individual who’s very committed and loyal to my future. I believe we create what we want in this world and my values in life run deep. I’m very honest,...

Jason Martinez #05072-017 - Primary Picture
Jesup, Georgia41Straight

Hi there!

My name is Jason.  I’m 41 and unfortunately at the moment I’m an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institute listed on my profile.  I have around 26 months to go on a Violation of Probation.  Yes, I’ve made some mistakes and seem to learn my lessons the hard way, but I’m not a bad person. 

I’m hoping you’ll take a chance and get to know me. ...

Coleman, Florida29Straight


My name is Jesus, I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully someone who likes to laugh and have a good time.  I love life and want to live it to the fullest.  I hope I can make new friends and it doesn't matter if they are from another country.

I stand at 6 foot even, 195 pounds, and have...

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Joe Martinez #02051336 - Primary Picture
Lubbock, Texas28

Hello, My name is Joe. I'm hoping to meet positive people who are productive in society, successful, and self-motivated to always setting new goals in life; to be the best they can be.

I have been educating myself thru the education programs they have available and thru self-help books. I came to realize that there is so much more for me then to continue in a life of crime. That is why...

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Johnny Martinez #F28640Primary Picture
Soledad, California

I'm seeking to have mature, honest, and deep discourse with like-minded women (age, ethnicity unimportant) seeking to expand friendships and explore the limitless possibilities we have in life. I am in a committed and open marriage.

My motive is to find others to discuss having open relationships and build friendships. I am an honest and compassionate person. I look forward to learning...

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Jose Martinez #144806 - Primary Picture
Sterling, Colorado28Straight

Well first off I’m not that great at introduction, so please bear with me…. Ha Ha

Then my name is Jose Martinez, I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  I’m 28 years old, single with no kids, but I am very big on family…
As for what I do to keep myself busy is pretty much a little bit of everything, but it’s hard to stay fully motivated.  I love sports, movies...

LaMesa, Texas41Straight

My name is Jose but my friends call me Lupe. I’m 41 and from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I’ve lived mostly in Houston, Texas for almost 30 years. I speak fluent English but I’m more comfortable writing in Spanish. While I’ve been locked up the past 5 years, my daughter has enlisted in the Navy and she lives in San Diego, California.

I’m looking for a new friend to go with my new future. I...

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Jose Martinez #02000327 - Primary Picture
Richmond, Texas32Straight

Hey, search no further, I am the one you have been looking for. My name is Jose Luis Martinez A.K.A. Chop. I am a Hispanic American male. I am looking for a nice, smart, loyal female friend to correspond with. I’m a very outgoing person who enjoys simple things like working out, drawing, BBQ, and most of all, dancing to Bachata, Cumbias, Country, and Hip-hip.

I keep an open mind on...

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Jose Martinez #F91716Primary Picture
Crescent City, California30Straight

Stop, Stop, Stop!!!

Ok, now that I have your full attention, you have finally found the right guy who will make you happy. My name is Jose Martinez, chances are you haven’t heard of me before but when you finish reading this you’ll be glad you did.

By now I’m sure you have seen the photo of me with some luck I hope to spark some more interest in truly finding that special...

Rusk, Texas42Straight

Hi! My name is Jose N. Martinez, but everyone calls me “Noe”. I’ve been incarcerated now for 24 years and have spent all my life on Death Row but now serving a life sentence with the chance of parole in 2035.

I’m posting this ad because I’d really like to meet and get to know someone in these sheets…of paper and all I ask is for that someone to be open minded and honest. That aint too...

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