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Well first off, let me just say thank you for stopping by and checking out my profile.

My name is Jimmy and I was born and raised in San Francisco, California.. I’ve been locked up since I was 16 but during my time I’ve accomplished a lot. I got my GED and been working towards my AA degree. A few things I enjoy doing is working out, listening to music, reading, drawing, and trying to...

American Indian/Alaska NativeChristian

My name is Larry. I'm hoping to meet some people to reconnect me to the outside world. I enjoy listening to music and exercising. I also enjoy reading classic novels and watching good movies.

Up until last year, I was serving a life sentence when senate bill 1437 was enacted, my life sentence was vacated and by the grace of God, I am going home in a couple of years. I've been...


My name is Matt and I'm 38 years old. I am looking for someone to talk with and get to know.

I am new to this pen-pal experience, so please have some patience with me. I have been incarcerated for 3.5 years; I have 2 more to go. The things I like to do in here are read and workout.

When I get released I want to get my business back on track. I like to travel, go to the beach...

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My name is Arlen. I am 27 years old and my bday is April 18th. I have blue eyes, I'm 5'9", and athletic.

I am looking for someone to talk to to build a connection with. I did get into some trouble but I've learned from my mistakes I strive every day to be a better person. I'm from Brighton, MI. I'm easy & fun to talk to. I'm open to finding love or if you just want to be...


Hello there, I’m looking for anyone willing to give reason to my life and share a conversation with meaning behind their words. I figured I’d give this a try due to these wretched circumstances the world is going through, everyone can use a friend. I believe everything happens for a reason; few people have such an unchosen privilege to begin a new life. So,...


My name is Matthew Scott Nagel, and I am 30 years old. I love working out and getting tattoos. I am also interested in art, music, getting to know new people, and the things they are interested in. I am very open-minded, and love to compare thoughts about spirituality. My favorite color is blue. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican food. My goals are to get...


My prison experience has opened my eyes to possibilities, my mind to creative ideas, and my heart to love. Taking nothing for granted and having a profound appreciation for human interactions and personal relationships is what has inspired my profile. I want to connect.

I'm looking for light-hearted casual correspondence, but I'm also open and hopeful for deeper meaningful...


To my potential prayer partner, friends, and sisters in Christ: Grace, peace, and love from our Father God and Lord Jesus Christ be unto you always in our Lord Jesus’ name amen.

As stated in my profile, I am seeking a sister (only) in the Lord to talk with, pray, and has time to do both. I am not looking for someone to put money on my books, nor to send me food boxes or clothes boxes....

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Drawing is my outlet and passion. Looking for a pen pal to write to.

I’m outgoing, funny, nice, and I like to workout. When I get out I’m going to pursue a career in tattooing.

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic


How ya’ll doing out there? My name is Raymond but most people call me Ray. Either way whichever one you wish to call me is cool with me. So I’m on here to find someone to pass the time with, share a few laughs and overall to make a good friend! I’m easy to get along with, love watching sports and once I get to know you, I’ll be a loyal friend. So message me, I look forward to...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi my name is Rito but everyone calls me Junior.I am looking for friends and we can see where it goes from there.

I love to ride quads down in the river bed and love to have fun. I am a hard working man. For vacations I love to go to Rocky Point, Mexico. I'm down to earth & can't stand drama. 

You can Email (emessage) me thru JPAY/Securus Or send me a letter by mail....


STEP RIGHT UP--COME ONE, COME ALL! (smile) I'm in dire need of some sort of UNINCARCERATED normality. NO DRAMA, no worries, straight up can't wait to open the next letter time would be a dream, but to be honest I really need consistency (In my life).

Someone who will take the ACTUAL time to create a FRIENDSHIP. I can offer numerous SMILES, loyalty, and mail on a...

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Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

Hello, my name is Elton and I’m interested in meeting new people and making new friends.

My hobbies include working out and watching sports. I also enjoy good music and good movies. I am very interested in day trading and freight brokering.

I have a great sense of humor, like to laugh and have fun, and am very understanding and open-minded, as well as a great listener.


Hispanic/Latino American

Hey my name is Frank. I'm an easy-going and humorous person. I always like to maintain a positive vibe and smile regardless of my circumstances. I enjoy in depth conversations and I'm a very understanding person. I like to pass time by reading, listening to music, and of course joking around. I would love to meet someone who shares similar interest and can share a good laugh with me as well....


My name is Devin, I’m 28 with 2 kids light-skinned tatted from the neck down.

I’m a very outgoing and caring person I show nothing but love to everyone I can definitely make you laugh and smile. What I’m looking for is someone to have conversations with but if it leads to more than that then whatever happens happens... we’ll see when the time comes.

Add me on jpay my number is...


Hey, my name is Georgino (Gino). I’m a Libra and I’m 33 years old. I’m originally from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. I’m a singer/songwriter and I enjoy writing all genres of music. My guilty pleasures are Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. I also like dancing; sometimes I feel like I probably was a stripper in a past life or something LOL. I have a great sense of humor and I love to...

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Hello, my name is Clayton. I'm 27 years old.

I’m fun, easy-going, smart, and looking to meet new people. I am not looking for anything serious right now, just developing some friendships and we can go from there.

I like to listen to music, follow The Red Wings, and fishing. You can write me through Jpay or regular mail.


I’m an Idaho inmate placed out of state, so you can reach me on under Idaho.

My name is Michael; I’m from Long Beach, California. I’m 5’11’’, 195lbs, and very athletic. I keep myself busy with working out my mind and body, as well as creating masterpieces with my art. I’m a very open-minded person with an ambition to learn more every day.

I understand the nature of who...

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Stop! Can I please have your attention?

Hello! Let me start by saying thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend a few moments with me, it means a lot. I do understand how fast things move out there, so your time is very much appreciated. First, let me assure you that my reason for being on this site is sincere and genuine. What you see is what you get, or in this case,...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

My name is Alejandro Naranjo, I’m 5’7". I’m 173 pounds, 27 years old, and Mexican. I keep god in my prayers, so I can understand myself & see life from a different view. I have a good sense of humor & like to enjoy those moments of laughter. I conduct myself with respect along with trying to be a better gentleman as the days pass. I’m blessed.

Unfortunately, at this moment...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hey everyone!

My name is Katherine, but I go by Kathy. I'm a mature, fun, and charismatic brunette with a passionate heart. You can lean on me in times of need. I'm true in my words and am non-judgmental. I enjoy working out, dancing, road trips, watching movies, listening to music, swimming, and much more. I'm petite with almond shaped eyes and hair to match.

I was an exotic...

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Hey, how’s it going, my name is Mario. I’m a college student pursuing a degree in Behavioral and Social Science although my passions and most interests are more deeply rooted in art. I’m 6’2 ½, fit, medium athletic build. I play football, basketball, sometimes soccer and like to train (box) whenever I can.

Lately schoolwork keeps me pretty busy, I’m 2 credits shy of a “full time”...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanMormon


My name is Jose Narvaiz. I’m interested in meeting some new people to help me in making positive contacts on the outside. I’m also interested in furthering my education too.

I’m currently in prison for my poor choices and I am doing my best to change myself for the better but you know with time comes maturity. I’m an easygoing, fun loving, kind of guy that enjoys the...

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Hello, my name is Joseph Naseef. I made a severe mistake so now here I sit with a pen in my hand looking for a friend. My hobbies include cars, music of all sorts and caring for animals (dogs over cats) :). I am 34 years old, 5’11” tall, have green eyes and dark brown hair. I am of Armenian background and grew up on the North side of Chicago…

I am open to talking to anyone and seeing...

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Correail Nash #R33374 - Primary Picture
Black/African American

Greetings to the world beyond these walls! 

First off, thank you for your time and attention if you’re reading this right now! My name is Correail; I am 33 years young from Chicago. Here’s a little about myself: I’m a loyal, loving, and caring individual. I love lifting others spirits and trying to bring laughter to anyone I cross paths with. I am honest, therefore no questions...