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American Indian/Alaska NativeCatholic

I’m in the dog training program. I also have a private industry job.

I love to draw and I’m a diehard Chefs fan. I love my family.


Are you a sucker for a good conversation and a pretty girl? Is there room in your life for a bad-ass federally indicted princess who's lost everything but her sense of humor? Well if you’ve come this far and I still have your attention, I think it’s time to take a chance on me. I’m from up north where there’s nothing to do but ride motorcycles and make bad choices.

When I’m not busy...

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I am looking for a friend to talk to, I've been incarcerated for over a year which made my marriage of 20 years come to an end. She couldn't be faithful. I am new to talking to girls because I was married for so long, I'm a little rusty at this lol.

I enjoy boating, fishing, and camping. I like to travel and go to the beach. I have a 15-year-old daughter. I had a successful...


Hello from Alaska.

My name is Shawn and I’m a born and raised Alaskan.

I’ve been holding off on submitting this for quite a while now, but sometimes in life you have to just jump in rather than test the temperature. My reluctance has mainly been due to having a difficult time believing these pen pal sites aren’t some kind of gimmick sham.

A really good friend of mine...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanSpiritual

Hi - I'm sure you're thinking the same thing as I am as we find ourselves here seeking friends in this kind of way. Never would I have thought to try. Our motivations for being here may be similar yet different. Simply put, sharing my thoughts and to have someone share their own thoughts while developing a connection together is what I'm really looking forward to.

With depth, are we...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi! I'm Julio. I'm here in hopes of finding my special person, but I'm open to friendships.

A little about me, I'm Latino and 5'10". I'm a romantic at heart and I secretly love to cook for the people I love. I'm a hard worker; my brain never stops so I like to keep busy. I'm loyal and love my family.

Tell me about yourself. I want to know what you do for fun...

WhiteNative American

I've been known to be a bad boy but I have a really good heart. I have a big smile and a huge sense of humor, too. I'm 31 years old, blonde hair with blue eyes, and covered in tattoos.

I've been in prison 16 years straight. I do my best to not let prison define who I am and I definitely don't want it to. My goals, my dreams, and aspirations are way bigger than anything that could fit...

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Hey, single dad looking for a friend that doesn't judge but has no filter. I'm a tattoo artist, so if you have them show them off!

I'm looking for someone who can help put a smile on my face and wants the same in return.

Hit me up on JPay and I would love to see where this thing goes.

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STEP RIGHT UP--COME ONE, COME ALL! (smile) I'm in dire need of some sort of UNINCARCERATED normality. NO DRAMA, no worries, straight up can't wait to open the next letter time would be a dream, but to be honest I really need consistency (In my life).

Someone who will take the ACTUAL time to create a FRIENDSHIP. I can offer numerous SMILES, loyalty, and mail on a...

Steven Nall #888160 - Primary Picture

If you're looking for an average prison pen pal, I am NOT you're guy. I've been incarcerated since 2004 at the age of 16. I now have less than 15 months remaining on my sentence and I'm ready to go home. What makes me different? I'm an author, founder, and president of a business I've created during my incarceration; please check out

I try...

Black/African AmericanChristian

Looking for a pen pal to talk to.

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

Hello, my name is Elton and I’m interested in meeting new people and making new friends.

My hobbies include working out and watching sports. I also enjoy good music and good movies. I am very interested in day trading and freight brokering.

I have a great sense of humor, like to laugh and have fun, and am very understanding and open-minded, as well as a great listener.


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Black/African AmericanBuddhist


My name is Lamont and I’m looking to meet some positive people to vibe with, have some real and deep conversations with, laugh a lot and create some good moments. I’m looking for someone to be good friends with.

I’m outgoing, very down to Earth, understanding, sincere, a deep listener and thinker, respectful, as well as open about myself and where I’m going with my life...

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Black/African American

1)Geography: I was born in Washington DC, but I've lived in MD, VA, NC, ATL, NYC, and LA

2)I am in prison for 488 grams of crack cocaine, that's it and the racist law has me still in prison 27-years later.

3)Educational background: I finished high school and attended community college for a year on the street. After coming to prison, I've taken over 18-years of...

Black/African AmericanChristian

My name is Todd.   I'm 29 years old from Ohio.    I'm looking forward to meeting someone that I could build a connection with and hopefully you're a smart, independent, and spontaneous person.     Got to have potential and a good head on your shoulders and live an interesting and fulfilled life.   You’re looking for a good conversation and...

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Black/African AmericanMuslim

My name is Terrence Napoleon. I'm 5' 7", pure muscle, and light brown, more like a golden sweet honey color.

I'm single and ready for all the sweet and loyal real women who are very mind, body, and soul ready for a real King!

I love to probe strong minds. I'm about maximizing my Queen to the fullest! I'm all about minding my own bizz and staying loyal to my inner well-being....


I've come to the understanding that every day will be the first day for the rest of my life. Coming to understand that this is where I soak in the knowledge and wisdom and not allow negativity to bring me down.

Wake up every day with growth. Preserverenss, trust, honor, hospitality, self-reliance, and loyalty. I'm trying to push myself as hard as possible.

So where you at......

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

A little about myself… I am single, have tattoos, work out, and I do programs in here to better myself.

I’m looking for a female friend, someone that’s wanting to know more about me and see where it can go, as I am respectful and have a good heart.

I’m still fighting my case on appeal and will be out soon. So, if this is you, get at me.

Hispanic/Latino AmericanMormon


My name is Jose Narvaiz. I’m interested in meeting some new people to help me in making positive contacts on the outside. I’m also interested in furthering my education too.

I’m currently in prison for my poor choices and I am doing my best to change myself for the better but you know with time comes maturity. I’m an easygoing, fun loving, kind of guy that enjoys the...

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Black/African AmericanChristian

I am a gentleman all around!

I am very family oriented and love helping out when and where I can!


My name is Charles Kelly Nash and I’m looking for a pen pal in the United States. I’m single, love church, BBQ on Sundays with family and friends. I’m all about outdoors such as hunting on our own family owned land, camping out and building big campfires. I love fishing and running trout lines.

I’m looking for a girl pen pal who likes the same things as I do and got to like dogs...

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Black/African AmericanSpiritual

I love reading and learning new things.

The greatest thing you can give someone is your time. I’m nothing but good energy and shout out to my god!

He never makes mistakes.

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Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Houston. I will start this introduction by being as open as possible.

I love to laugh and my day isn't complete without it. I am family-oriented, loving, and importantly, loyal. I'm open to meeting new people from all walks of life, ethnicity doesn't matter to me.

I am currently incarcerated at the moment, but my faith allows me to see my situation as...

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Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Robert.  I’m 5’ 9” in height, slim built.  I'm very passionate, spontaneous, honest, thoughtful, and attentive.  Somewhat funny at times.

I'm writing this introduction with the hopes of being able to connect with someone on multiple paradigms, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I'm not seeking an intimate relationship, but, however I...

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I am a straight man looking for a woman to email and write to. I am not into head games or drama, I just want good women who want the same things I do. I like to fish, go for long walks, love nature, and being out in it.

I am a Christian but am open to anyone. I like movies and quiet nights at home, I love kids and have several nephews and nieces who really love their Uncle Chris. I...