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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

53 | Straight | Texas

Black/African American | Other

Greetings to the curious,

This is a full-scale presentation of a must-read invitation, Unveiling a Tale of Adventure and Hope, about a devout man that exemplifies a level of intellect and integrity, with an Unyielding Spirit and Insatiable Curiosity from the heart of a riveting yet, tumultuous journey.

Hi! My name is Sir Jimmy Lee O'steen-El. At 53 years young, I have braved the…

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32 | Straight | Virginia

Black/African American | Non-denominational

Hi, My name is Miquel. Despite my current situation, I’m a very intelligent man. While incarcerated I’ve completed several courses to solidify a career once released.

Just a glimpse about me; I’m a father to three children. My future plans are to come home, reunite with my children and continue to build my career.

Currently, I’m just interesting in connecting with a female and we…

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23 | Straight | Colorado

White | Other

Looking for ladies to correspond with. Interests include tattoos, animals, and cars. I've got a big heart, a great sense of humor, and an urge to make people happy. I've got 7 years left until my mandatory release date. I want someone to write to and help pass the time.

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33 | Straight | Texas

White | Non-denominational

During my incarceration, I have realized that you can make good out of a bad situation and also the importance of life's learning experience. I constantly work on these and try to improve myself.

Unfortunately, my current environment can be unproductive and negative, to say the least. I am looking for friendships/relationships that will help me grow as a person, network, and ultimately…

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29 | Straight | Oregon

Hispanic/Latino American | Other


My name is Jose Onofre. I am a Leo, and I'm looking for someone I can befriend who is positive, funny, and with whom I can exchange thoughts and ideas. I'm hoping to find someone with whom I can share the best of me, someone who is broad-minded and enjoys engaging in pleasant conversation.

A quality I appreciate in someone is a sense of humor. I like to read books that…

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30 | Straight | New York

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Hola, Dios Te Bendiga! I'm hoping to meet new friends to help me establish positive contact on the outside.

I've been furthering my education while in prison. I'm trying my best to learn sign language which I would love to further in the outside.

I love the Lord, who guides me every second and who will open the door to exit this place. Hopefully I can impact your life in a…

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23 | Straight | Ohio


Everyone calls me Zay. I'm serving a 3-year bid. I'm loyal, respectful, outgoing, with the best personality. I'm easy-going, adventurous, and easy to get along with. Faithful and promising to my woman. Would like someone I can vibe, communicate, and laugh with, whether you're my friend or my girl.

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26 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Baptist

Nice guy looking to meet a good girl.

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36 | Straight | California

American Indian/Alaska Native | Christian

Hey beautiful, I see I'm the lucky winner. Yes! Lol... Just kidding....

But yeah, allow me to be straightforward. I'm looking to meet some lovely females to talk to on my tablet and get to know. I can text, call, and video chat on my prison-issued tablet. So feel free to get on my contacts, and let's get to know each other.

I'm open to a relationship, but I believe the start of a…

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36 | Straight | Ohio

Black/African American | Muslim

This is a brief description about me. Everything else you would like to know, just tap in with me and find out more. If you don't want to know, still tap in; who knows what this may bring. I'm old but not creepy old, like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons or anything like that. But I do like all old people stuff, like really long socks with comfortable slippers, khaki shorts, and button-up old…

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38 | Straight | Washington

Black/African American

My name is Cuba, well, that's my nickname because I'm half Cuban, half African American. I'm 3 foot 2 (Haha just kidding) I'm 5'8, 190lbs, athletic build.

A little about me, I like to laugh and have a good time. (Fun is my nature) I workout 5 days a week, waiting to start school. I'm trying to make sure I don't come back to prison.

I'm doing this pen-pal ad in hopes of making…

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32 | Straight | California

White | Christian

Hi, my name is Tim O'Hara. I'm currently incarcerated. I'm 32 years old and looking to meet someone new. I like camping, fishing, and riding motorcycles. I'm a welder and heavy equipment operator by trade and love working with my hands.

My current release date is July of 2023 but could be even sooner with classes. If you're interested in getting to know me, add me to my email carrier…

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37 | Straight | Texas

White | Christian

Hello, how are you? My name is Michael Chad and I am looking for new friends.

As a personal trainer, this means that I have a passion for exercise, staying active, and eating healthy. But I also like eating out.

I like to listen to music (alternative, hip hop, EDM,...) and read books (psychology, self-help books...) I'm always trying to improve myself and I think it's never too…

32 | Straight | New Jersey

Other | Other

My name is Kwacey, obviously, lol, but my friends call me Kway. Ask me for the pronunciation before you chop it up and say it wrong, lol. Originally, I'm from Delaware...Wilmington, baby!! I speak one language fluently (English), but I'm currently working on French and German.

I'm a down-to-earth person and a great conversationalist. I have an infectious personality and a sense of humor…

28 | Straight | Washington

American Indian/Alaska Native

My name is Antonio, and I’m just looking for friends to write while I’m doing my time. Prison can be a lonely place, and it would make all the difference for me to be able to talk with someone. I’ve made some mistakes, that’s for sure, but I’m a really loyal friend.

You can write me through the mail, and I do have access to messaging through Securus. Hit me up so we can get to know each…

48 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hello. My name is Martin Ortega, a 49-year-old Hispanic male, single, 5'9", and 190 lbs with an athletic build. I'm from Monterrey, Mexico, serving a life sentence with a parole eligibility in 2030.

I am sincerely searching for the precious treasure of your loving heart and extraordinary soul, which is the unique mystery that is untold. Please contact me, and let's start this journey…

42 | Straight | Oregon

White | Christian

Free to a good home!

A very rare breed. He's kind, loving, and loyal, and despite his huge size, he thinks he's a lap dog. He's kennel-trained and comes with basic obedience commands. He's eager to work and picks things up very fast. He's very confident and ready for his second chance.

If this handsome guy catches your attention, you can contact him on his tablet for a faster…

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26 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American | Atheist

I am the type of man who believes that strangers are nothing but friends who haven't met yet.

I'm not the type to play games; I keep it real. If I feel like I have to be fake to be accepted by you, then I would choose not to waste your time, and I'd rather lose your friendship. That would be a small price to pay for a worthy cause.

So, if you're tired of short episodes of pain,…

27 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

Hello, my name is Jose. I’m an understanding, calm, collected, athletic and an ambitious person who strives to do better. I like to induce smiles and create laughter to the atmosphere of my presence.

I’m looking for someone whom I can establish a great line of communication with a strong minded woman who knows what they want in life, bringing out the happiness of one another,…

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21 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

Hi, my name is Roberto. I am looking for a good time and chill vibes.

Message me on the getting out app. My information is listed below.