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Jesse O'Brien #408066
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Connell, Washington35Straight

Christian Girl Wanted!

Howdy Beautiful, 

I’m Jesse.  I’m 35 years young and lots of fun to talk to and kick it with.  I’m from Portland, Oregon.  I’m getting out soon and moving to Portland Oregon or Vancouver,...

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Kevin O'Brien #000015082C
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Rahway, New Jersey41Straight

It’s so nice to meet you.  I’m sure there are countless others, desperate for attention and yet you’ve stopped here to check me out.  You obviously have great intuition :) (I like you already.)  There’s no need to look anywhere else- this is where you’re supposed to be.

If curiosity gets...

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Maury O'Brien #F-70946
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Soledad, California39Straight

Hello, thanks for checking out my profile.  It would be nice to hear from you.

I spend my time in prison with 12-step recovery groups, church (prayer, Bible study, songs), and vocational training.  I keep track causally of sports.  I make time for good novels, and a good laugh is always welcome.  Though I keep...

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Michael O'Brien #396846
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Airway Heights, Washington36Straight

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, from a strong Irish Catholic Family. Four things I am passionate about are my kids, family, friends, and spirituality. I am looking for a friend first and foremost, and eventually (hopefully) "Ms. Right." I am not seeking any donations, I have everything I need; I have a loving family that looks out for me. What I...

Robert O'Brien #272196
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LaGrange, Kentucky29Bi-sexual

My future friend,

I have now been incarcerated for close to five years! I've decided to post an ad with the cheerful expectation that we can finally put an end to the overwhelming loneliness associated with long-term imprisonment. I harbor the hope that we will become fast friends and build lasting connections through mutual love and encouragement.

I spend my time working as a...

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Christopher O'Connor #W-105646
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Bridgewater, Massachusetts28Bi-sexual

Hi There,

My name is Chris. I'm a loyal, inquisitive, fun-loving, down to earth and open minded guy with a good sense of humor. I'm hoping to connect with interesting people who have something to talk about and who are looking for friendship first but, might be open to something more serious later if we hit it off.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts but felt more at...

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Lane O'Connor #176583
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Canon City, Colorado23Straight

My name is Lane O’Connor.  I am looking for friends and/or anyone who is interested in continuing to talk once I'm paroled or released.  I've chosen this website to find a pen pal because I've been told of the high success rate.

My hobbies currently include a daily workout routine, also keeping myself focused on those work...

Steven O'Connor #180229
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Ionia, Michigan67Straight

Hello ladies,
I am not very good at talking about myself, but here it goes.  My name is Steve, but my friends just call me O.C.  I am a very quiet person, some may say a little shy.  At times, I have been considered to be old and slow, but the truth is I have never anything to be in a hurry about.  Life is short, so why rush through it and...

Lauren O'Dell #1181196
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Troy, Virginia49Straight

My name is Lauren O'Dell. I am looking for someone who shares my passion for politics, social activism, and education. I have been down for over 20 years and have built a fulfilling life in here, however, I would like to strengthen my connections with like minded people on the outside.

I've done some pretty amazing thing here such as earning...

Charles O'Hara #505963
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Kincheloe, Michigan43Straight

It's strongly recommended I not create a profile of a romantic nature cause those get less responses. But that's what I'm looking for- a woman who's willing to get to know me with the hope of being loved by me. So if you’re on here cause you could see yourself taking a shot on a guy like me. If my high cheek bones and crazy good looks are something you could get used to or even turned on by --...

Jauan O'Neal #R66696
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Galesburg, Illinois30Straight
African American

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my profile.

My name is Jauan- pronounced Jawon- but everyone calls me “Jay”.  I like playing sports, making music, working out, traveling, and meeting new friends.


Rodney O'Neal #00853268
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Gatesville, Texas40Straight
African American

Greetings and the Utmost Respect…

First and foremost it’s an absolute honor to have the privilege to be able to correspond or even have any and everyone to just take a glance at my profile – Thank you.

My name is Rodney O’Neal. I am originally from Los Angeles, California...

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Bryce O'Neil #01257313
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Gatesville, Texas33Straight

This is where I should narrow my eyes and make awkward hand gestures like President Trump to try convincing you that writing me is the best possible choice you could make right now. Unfortunately, I’m not a billionaire.

If writing a prisoner is what you really want to do then you should write me! I love to write and share good, upbeat and humorous banter. I’m not sure...

Brianna Oakes #2039748
Primary Picture
W Rusk, Texas28

I am a raging Louisiana Cajun who lives in Lufkin, Texas.  I am in a relationship; however, I am interested in mentor figures with optimistic lifestyles and views, and job or education prospects.  I attended CGT (Creative Group Teaching) in Decatur, Texas in 2004 and Cross Roads Christian Academy in Lake Worth Texas in 2005.  I also was a...

Sandy Oates #30187-057
Primary Picture
Salter, South Carolina29Straight
African AmericanChristian


If your reading this little ad then you must be open minded or at least curious about me trapped behind these walls.  That’s a step in the right direction.  Your next step I hope will be contacting me.  Your mail will be appreciated.

I’ve grown and changed for the better in this place.  I keep myself busy with positive things, but at the same time I...

Uhurusekou Obataiye #22635872
Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon36Straight

How are you doing?  My name is Superior.  My Government name is Uhurusekon Obataiye.   I like to have fun.  I like to travel.  I love children.  I deal with reality.  I don’t deal with illusion.

I’m just looking for people/friends to correspond with who are loyal!  I am a very loyal person....

Thomas Objio #W110553
Primary Picture
South Walpole, Massachusetts36Straight


My name is Thomas. I’m cool, down-to-earth and I think I have a good sense of humor LOL. I’m on here just trying to meet some new people and hopefully make some friends. I’m a good guy in a bad situation.


Reynaldo Ocampo #Y24893
Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois26Straight

Greetings, and thank you for taking time out of your day to view my page.  With that, let me start off by telling you about myself.
I am an open minded individual, who isn’t judgmental and has a good sense of humor, along with a down-to-earth personality.  Who...

Santana Ocampo #876138
Primary Picture
Clallam Bay, Washington31Straight

Dear Reader,
Hello, my name is Santana Ocampo.  I have never tried to meet people or make new friends via the internet, so please forgive me if I sound like I'm stuttering over this introduction.   Originally, I am from Tacoma, Washington, but now reside in WADOC.  I know it sounds tough, but I take stride and let this experience show...

Edward Ochoa #112548
Primary Picture
Buckeye, Arizona43Straight

My name is Edward but my family and friends call me Eddie.  I am looking for pen-pals to write to in hopes of making new friends.  I speak and write English and Spanish.

I enjoy reading, drawing and meeting new people from all walks of life.  I enjoy the outdoors, camping, listening to music and...

Andres Ochoa Jr #01894198
Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas31Straight

Greetings, my name is Andres Ochoa Jr. I'm 30 years old, Hispanic, 6ft 2 in. tall, from the Dallas area, Oak Cliff to be exact. I'm single with no kids "yet" lol! I'm currently incarcerated at a Texas prison. I have a 10 year sentence with over half of it done, 6yrs to the good.

I am a very active man; for...

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Randall Oden #AK9259
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Delano, California23Straight
African AmericanChristian

 Write me and find out!

John Odgren #W96397
Primary Picture
Gardner, Massachusetts27Straight

I'm a 27-year-old nerd, into sci-fi, writing, heavy metal, and indie rock seeks positive relationship with someone who shares interests. I'm looking for a kind, compassionate woman who will not judge me. I’m eccentric, have a seriously offbeat sense of humor, and I love to make people smile. I can say “My hovercraft is full of eels” in 10...

Guy Odom #M27219
Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


First let me introduce myself, my name is Guy Odom, I’m 28, born July 4th, I’m 6’ and have a dark caramel complexion. I like to keep myself in shape so I work out, I also like to keep my mind in shape as well so I meditate at least once a day. I love to laugh and smile and I love to see other people the same way, especially you women because you look more...

Thomas Odom #265674
Primary Picture
Buckeye, Arizona24

I am looking forward to sharing interesting friendship with someone that is witty, funny and as unique as myself…LOL.

I don’t have much to offer in the form of physicality but I do have a shoulder to learn on, an ear that truly listens but only bite if bitten! LOL As you can tell I like to be open, honest and playful, if you are the same type of person then our...