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Donald Olson #415805
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Winnebago, Wisconsin36Straight

Please stand by.  My profile isn’t posted yet so has put this one up for the time being. My profile will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please—write me today!

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

Raymond Olson #185267
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Florence, Arizona36

HEY YOU…that’s right, I’m talking to you, don’t pass me by. Let’s get right to the point, what am I looking for? Friendship first and foremost, but I am open to all sorts of possibilities, all we have to do is take the first step and let fate decide the rest. I’d like to think that the guy looking back at me in the mirror is a handsome guy but I will let you be the judge of that…

Ellu Omar #171624
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Denver, Colorado26Straight
African AmericanMuslim

Looking to explore all walks and talks.

Eustaceo Onofre #01214191
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Amarillo, Texas36Straight


My name is Eustaceo, but you can call me Steven!  I’m a fun, outgoing in a crazy kind of way.  I’m a good listener and I’m willing to give and take good advice.  I’m seeking friendship, someone to communicate and share my thoughts with.  I like to spend my time exercising, reading, drawing, writing and...

Rigoberto Onofre #T82494
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San Luis Obispo, California38Straight

Hello everyone, I have been incarcerated most of my life and have been stuck inside of a bubble, so to speak... this is the first time that I am attempting to burst out of the norm and get to meet new people and hopefully make some good new friends.

I enjoy writing, exercising, listening to music from alternative rock to Spanish to...

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Tylor Onstott #121395
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Saint Anthony, Idaho23Straight

To start off I’m a very honest and straight forward person. This is my first time doing something like this. My hopes are that the outcome is amazing!

My name is Tylor Onstott. I’m 5’11 with an athletic build. I’m currently 23 years old with a birthday coming up on July 11th and looking forward to it!!

Just a bit about my charge. I was involved in grand theft of a 45 foot fifth...

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Edward Ontiveros #C-79902
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Jamestown, California56Straight

Hello There,

My name is Edward, welcome to my personal ad where I’m hoping to open a lasting and honest dialog. I’m originally from Oakland, California. I’ve been incarcerated since 1983, currently I’ve been without any correspondence and would appreciate your friendship.

About myself, I come from a well respected family in the “Bay Area” where I was raised with respect for...

Joseph Onzik #LF4664
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St. Petersburg, Florida40Straight

Hi, my name is Joe as you already know I am incarcerated at the moment and am looking for new friends to help carry me through this rough time. I am 6’ tall, black hair, brown eyes and built very nice. I love to work, listen to music and of course work out like a maniac. I am a kind, caring and dedicated man with a heart of gold. I enjoy reaching out and helping people in need. I love the...

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Jesse Ooten #230584
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Burgin, Kentucky26Straight

 Just trying to find some good people to talk to and hopefully make some friends.  You can also email me at 

Marjorie Orbin #250060
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Goodyear, Arizona57Straight

Growing up in Miami Florida, the sunshine and water were a big part of my life, playing on the beaches, diving, surfing, sailing, playing beach volleyball.

The little girl in ballet class was the start of a lifelong love of dance.  I had quite a career as a professional dancer and choreographer.  From Disney World to cruise ships in Las Vegas shows.  Paris, Japan,...

Joel Orcasitas #01404226
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Beeville, Texas30Straight

This Is For You

To whoever has taken an interest in me. There really is no such thing as a coincidence. Nor is there “No Purpose” when two strangers suddenly cross paths. Since life has shown me this to be true, and because it’s you who reads this now? It’s you I would love to meet.

Joseph Ore Jr #235468
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LaGrange, Kentucky46Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Joseph Ore. I'm from Barbourville Kentucky, and recently moved to Corbin, Kentucky. I'm currently serving my time in a state penitentiary in Kentucky. I'm a single white male 6'3” tall, 250 lbs. I try to stay fit and in shape; I work out every day. I recently shaved my head bald. I'm serving time for Tampering with...

Allan Orellano #01317352
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Rasharon, Texas38Straight

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Allan Orellana.  It would be an honor to have someone to talk to and get to know.  I like to play soccer, going fishing, music, riding horses on the beach or at the farm. 

I am looking for someone who is open minded about the good things life has to offer.  I like to...

Michael Orient #846421
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Ionia, Michigan47Straight

Hi, I am Mike. I am new to this so I’ll try my best. I am 6’, weigh 220 pounds. I’ve got hair just past my shoulders but most of my life I have had short hair; especially when I was in the Marines. I usually have it the way the person I’m with, hence short hair all the time He He. I am looking to talk to anyone between 18-55 that’s the only requirement for me. I like all types of music. I like...

Richard Ornelas #BE4816
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Blythe, California39Straight

It's nice to meet you. It's said that the first 5 seconds when you meet someone leaves the best impression, so I hope these first few lines hold your interest long enough for me to get to know you.

Right now, I pass the time with college and my artwork; both are very rewarding it's showing me that there is more to life than a stone wall and chain link fence. I have been to prison more...

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Raymond  Orosco #AN-6538
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Delano, California30Straight

Allow me a brief minute to introduce myself, in the best way possible.  I am a 30 year old, from the city of San Bernardino, Southern California. I have more tattoos than the average person, which tends to bring judgment real fast. Nowadays, never do I let my appearance define who I am and will be. Don't let it discourage you either. If you allow me a chance, then you will find out who I...

Alexander Orozco #M14378
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Hillsboro, Illinois26Straight


My name is Alexander, but for the most part, people simply call me Alex. I am looking for a person to write who can challenge me to grow and has a good sense of humor. Life is so dull without laughter. I would describe myself as funny, loyal, honest, open minded and easy to talk to.

I have a genuine love of knowledge and learning new things. A few of my interests include...

Samuel Orozco #519627
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin32Straight

Hello there,

I am looking to meet new people with whom I can establish a strong foundation for a lasting and beautiful friendship.  I am open minded, honest, understanding, a good listener, and sincere.  So I am looking to meet people who I have something in common with and share some of the same qualities, and that way we can have an amazing friendship.

I am not...

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Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704
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Pontiac, Illinois38Straight


I ring your doorbell and you answer wearing something sexy, I surprise you with a dozen beautiful roses, complement your beauty as the goddess you are, embrace and kiss your hand, enter your extravagant home.  I’m fresh out of prison and take no time undoing all doubts between us, undressing our distrust and secrets, taste your sweet acceptance and kindness, caress your...

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Aaron Orr #555561D
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Trenton, New Jersey35Straight


My name is Aaron. I’m hoping to meet someone who would appreciate standards of great conversation…who not only knows the values of and reciprocates the foundation of loyalty…but could also match wits with the likes of my sense of humor; which encourages more smiles than one could ever ask for. This may be a bit much to request; especially for purposes of pen palling…but I was...

Rhonda Orr #1507163
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Gatesville, Texas44Straight

Hi, my name is Roni. I’m looking to meet people and make some new friends. I like to read; mostly fiction and biographies. I also enjoy football, current events, and listening to music of all kinds. I am interested in quite a bit so I can talk about whatever comes up.

I’m pretty low maintenance. I just like to have fun and get to know someone.

I hope...

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Billy Orrick #436766
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Ionia, Michigan34Straight

Hi, my name is Billy and I'm originally from South Bend, Indiana.  I'm looking to meet some new people, so I figured I’d give this website a shot. 

Let me tell you a little about myself.  My friends would tell you I'm down to earth, trustworthy, and I'm always laughing and trying to see the good in life.  Life is way too short to be focused on the negative all the...

Andre Ortega #V-45161
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Delano, California33Straight

Hey there, long time never met.  Let’s change that.  I man 33 year old urban artist.  I love to draw, tattoo, and keep myself engaged in conversations of all types, with the gentleness that only a female can provide.

I'm simply trying to keep up with the times and putting myself out there in this unconventional way in...

Ione, California34Straight

Isn’t attraction incredible?  Imagine we’re on a date; you’re relaxing into my strong arms, holding you so firm you can feel my heart beat.  You feel safe, appreciated, and loved.  As we’re sitting in this gorgeous outdoor restaurant, overlooking the beach as the tides grow tall and create the foamy white waves.  The sound...

Chaylen Ortega #68926-018
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Alderson, West Virginia28Straight

Hey Yall!
I am currently incarcerated in a federal facility. I am a 28 year old mother of two beautiful twin daughters. I am looking for someone to help support me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I am using my time to help better myself by taking different parenting classes, exercise classes, and art classes. Please do not let my mistakes get in the way of...