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Jesus Ortega #336236E
Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey31Straight


My name is Jesus Ortega. I’m 31 years old, 5’7” tall, slim build. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. My birthday is 6-13-87. My zodiac sign is Gemini. I’m Latino, from Peru.

I am humble, respectful and open-minded person. I love to learn and build up my mind. I’m currently taking college courses hoping to further educate myself, earn a bachelor’s degree and be prepared...

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Jordan Ortega #01493972Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas31Straight

Hello world,

I believe every situation contains the possibility for something positive, an opportunity!  Turn something meant to bring you down into something that lifts you up and makes you stronger! 

I’m looking for someone who wants to help me overcome this situation.  Someone who will stand with me even when things are not great, someone who will help me stay...

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Jose Ortega #T-60444
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Calipatria, California44Straight
Hello there... my name is Hose A (Jose).  I checked in with the state after my adolescent indiscretions at age 24. 
I am a proud father of a beautiful 22...
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Mark Ortega #G55974
Primary Picture
Corcoran, California34Straight

Hello, my name is Mark and I'm from Fresno, California. I'm 35 years of age.

I'm on here looking to meet a friend or pen-pal. I'm basically just a guy that's lonely and would greatly enjoy some company. We can communicate through my tablet using emails. To connect with me you have to download the JPay mobile app at or you can write me at my address below.

I'm just...

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Nicolas Ortega #724524
Primary Picture
St. Louis, Michigan26Straight


My name is Nicolas, I’m 26 years old.  I’m excited to meet new people and start friendships.  I am looking for someone that wants to get to know me for who I am not for where I am at.

I love to listen and can’t wait to hear about your day.  I am a loyal and down-to-earth person.  I like to make people laugh, talks some crap.  You know, all the...

Uriel Ortega #16405-023
Primary Picture
Herlong, California30Straight

Hi, my name is Uriel Ortega, I’m 29 years old, 5’7” tall and slim. I am multi-racial, creative, outgoing, happy and understanding. I have some time to do here in the Federal system. Times can get a bit lonely, so I’m here looking for a friend. I will do my best to always be supportive, be a good listener and respond with an open and kind heart. I do not judge or discriminate. Again I can...

William Ortega #1383292 
Primary Picture
Pocahontas, Virginia31Straight

Hi, my name is William but I go by Billy.

I've never been listed on any of these websites but I thought I'd give it a try. Prison is not the most positive experience, so anything to break up the monotony will be most welcome. I'm halfway through a 7-year sentence for a technical probation violation. I was on probation for prescription fraud. I'm a non-violent offender basically serving...

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Klee Orthel #J90338
Primary Picture
Delano, California51Straight

Eligible Bachelor seeks mature female for romantic life relationship. Life prisoner began my first (and last) prison term at the age of 26. Now I’m looking for a new start and possible parole in 2020. Interested ladies are encouraged to contact me either through or via the J-Pay App at Orthel, J90338.
Bio: Born in 1967 to teenage parents who would later divorce after...

Armando Ortiz #224002
Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona30Straight

Hi. My name us Armando. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. I'm interested in talking to people from different walks of life, cultures, ect. I'm Mexican-American, born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. 

My favorite music is Rap and R&B.

Unfortunately, I have spent a significant amount of time incarcerated all of my twenties except for a few months when I was 22-23...

Armando Ortiz #P-15154
Primary Picture
Corcoran, California40Straight


I’ve been incarcerated for numerous years, and I’m very lonely!

I’m looking for someone who seeks friendship, with the same likes and interests in life.  I want someone that I can discuss current events, hobbies and aren’t shy to share beautiful smiles and laughter with.  Someone that’s open to share feelings when we are experiencing happiness or...

Beaumont, Texas25

Greetings World,

My name’s Arturo…but some of my closest friends call me “Super Star”. If you take time to know me you would say the same. Some say I’m “a dreamer”…well I can agree. As a child I always daydreamed of becoming a Rap artist and a businessman…a top entertainment professional/film producer in film making; Music entertainment, productions, the music and entertainment...

Carlos Ortiz #01986854
Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas41

Hello there!
Well, I hope upon using my pictures you will have seen something in my eyes that tell you, "I'm someone special."  As they say, "eyes of the windows to the soul."

If you will allow me to present opportunity at a beautiful and meaningful friendship, then I promise you I will not disappoint.  Believe me when I tell you that, "I am one-of-a-kind."


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Christian Ortiz #AW3718
Primary Picture
Susanville, California25Straight

Hey, my name is Christian and here's a bit about me. I consider myself a straight forward and positive person. I love sports, music, reading, exercising, and good conversations. I'm looking forward to meet someone I can converse with about anything and also share a few laughs/smiles with as well.

Hopefully, I've said enough to capture your interest. If you'...

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Christian Ortiz #48991-048
Primary Picture
Lompoc, California35Straight

Better late than never! LOL 60 months ago this wouldn’t be a thought in my head, but time makes for a change and here I am reaching out to hopefully make some new friends and positive connections.

A little about me; I’m 35 years old, Mexican American, and from Los Angeles, California. I would say I have spent my incarceration time wisely. Since I have been down, I have accomplished a...

Edgar Ortiz #210910C/1021278
Primary Picture
Newark, New Jersey38Straight

Please stand by. My profile text isn't posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don't need to wait for it. Please -- write to me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

Edward Ortiz #02072427
Primary Picture
Midway, Texas47Straight

My name is Edward.

I'm looking for friends and someone to help make my time fly by. I've traveled the world a bit and am looking forward to hearing from women from all over. I am curious to know how other people live, work, and enjoy life. I've enjoyed island life in Puerto Rico. I've walked the castles in Germany and I've had cervezas in Mexico.

 I am a 45-...

Edwin Ortiz #01985737
Primary Picture
Childress, Texas25Straight


My name is Edwin Ortiz. I’m 25 years old, 5’11” weighing 170 pounds, brown eyes and red hair. I’m athletic, adventurous and well educated. I’m confident but not arrogant and I have a good sense of humor. I also have a degree as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant and I speak English and Spanish.

My hobbies include sports mainly soccer, wrestling and mix martial arts. Other than...

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Emilio Ortiz #373281C
Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey35Straight

My name is Emilio. I’m in my 30’s and looking for a woman who I can not only talk to, but also listen to. Not someone who is perfect. Just a lady who is interesting and able to engage my mind.

I love honesty on both sides of the spectrum and I am very much willing to share my ambitions, future, and dreams. I am seeking an experience that I can live and learn from, but mainly I am...

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Gilbert Ortiz #02130579
Primary Picture
Kenedy, Texas21Straight


My name is Isaiah, I’m 20 years old…and as you can obviously tell I’m incarcerated, which I don’t regret, because this time has allowed me to realize some valuable lessons!   “Small setback for a major, come back!”

We’ll, let me introduce myself a little bit more proper like….by sharing some of my interests.  I like to be around friends, I like to show...

Harrison Ortiz #W108502
Primary Picture
Shirley, Massachusetts29Straight

The myth is true! There’s actually good men in prison. Unfortunately time isn’t at my disposal due to my ambition to better myself. Physically I may be limited to the things I’m allowed to do, but the mind travels as far as you take it. Real friends are hard to come by. Everyday has a void that needs to be filled, whether it be friendship,...

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Joshua Ortiz #01928255
Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas35Straight


My name is Joshua Ortiz and my alias is Rico.  I am a 35 year old half Puerto Rican and half Mexican but 100% American man from the North side of Dallas Texas USA.  I am 6 feet, 210 pounds solid.  I have an incredible physique and athletic build.  I am a workout-aholic.  I am also an avid reader of nonfiction and I enjoy all the genres of music....

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Yolanda Ortiz #50279-177
Primary Picture
Ft Worth, Texas25Straight

My name is Yolanda and I am a young, full of energy Latina!  I’m 5’2” tall and weigh 120 pounds.  Some of my interests are riding horses, extreme outdoor activities, traveling, and of course attending church and any class to help enrich my faith.  I love to dance; music is very important in my everyday life!  I also love to learn, so books can never fail....

Emilio Ortiz-Coca #40332-083
Primary Picture
Mendota, California42Straight


My name is Emilio and I’m from Dallas, Texas but would like to meet someone from anywhere in the world. I’m very easygoing with a great sense of humor. I like to make people laugh (smile). I’m outgoing and very positive. I like all types of music and enjoy working out. I don’t have too much longer to go, this is my last year so I wanted to start this profile in hopes to make a...

Conrado Ortiz-Reedy #18499650
Primary Picture
Lakeview, Oregon27Straight

“I want to stand up a 100 feet tall because fear will never lead my way. I’m ready to run 100 miles strong, I will never be the same…Waking the lions in me, I’m waking the lions in me.”

Hello, obviously I’m currently in prison and that seems to be okay with you. Wow, I think we’re getting off to a great start, LOL! I know from all appearances it may seem like I don’t have much, but...

Jessie  Osalde #813800
Primary Picture
Clallam Bay, Washington39Straight

What I'm looking for in a pen-pal is a person who understands that presence is more than just being there. A person I can share a few laughs with.

My purpose is to establish a friendship based on understanding, thoughtfulness, and honesty. I have been in prison since I was 19 years old and I'm 39 right now. I get out in 2 years and I've done everything I can to change myself from...

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