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Drew Pace #02217274Primary Picture
Plainview, Texas28Straight

**Please include return mailing address as I do not have internet or email access. Thank you.*

Hi everyone, my name is Drew. I'm 28 with two older brothers, my dad lives in East Texas and my mom was the greatest to ever do it but went to be with Jesus in 2016.

I'm single with no kids and I have a huge heart for Jesus. I love playing and watching all sports, working out, reading...

Montusa Pace #1170776 - Primary Picture
Burkeville, VirginiaStraight
African AmericanChristian


How u doing? Nah, seriously; how u really doing? I'm listening... as for me, I'm still breathing so I can't complain. My friends call me Tabann. Can we be friends?... Your race, religion, and appearance, is not important. I'm seeking a GENUINE friendship. A friendship that's built on honesty and sincerity. if you're seeking the same, I would love for us to be friends.

Justin Pacelli #A730-654 - Primary Picture
Lebanon, Ohio29Straight

I am a 29 year old tattoo artist from Toledo, Ohio but have also lived in multiple other States. I am currently finishing up a 4 ½ year sentence, less than a year to go! My reasoning behind this profile is pretty simple, I am looking for a better quality of person to associate myself with. I have fully committed to the betterment of myself and one important part of that is better friendships...

Christopher Pacheco #01780115 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas28Straight

Hello everyone and when I say everyone, I mean girls only! Because if a guy were to hit me up that would just be weird LOL. Well let me just say thank you to anyone who decides to take the time to look at my page or correspond with me. First of all let me say I’m incredibly handsome and I have a body like a Greek God LOL.

But for real, my name is Christopher Anthony Pacheco. I’m...

Jose Pacheco #G14924 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California30Straight

Hey, was’sup with all of you out there? First I’d like to say thank you for touching down on my profile page. This is my first experience with hopping on the internet and being a part of a pen pal membership so I thought I’ll give it a try. I’m 29 years young and currently single at the moment. I’m ONLY interested and looking for a “WOMAN” that I could build and establish some kind of...

Karina Pacheco #21052-041 - Primary Picture
Adelanto, California28Straight

My name is Karina. I'm a very fun and outgoing person. I am looking forward to making new friends while I'm here at this desert resort spa here and Victorville, California.

I have quite a few years left to do. So, I hope whatever friendships I do build will continue once I am out. 

So, if you would like to get to know me more, I'll be more than happy to correspond...

Iowa Park, Texas47Straight

Hello, my name is Bobby Wayne Pack and placing this profile on, a vehicle that requires a key, communication to bridge the gap of space and time and establish friendship that lasts a lifetime. After all we can never have too many, right?

I’m currently working to further my education, personally studying to bring up my (EA) score for testing once completed and seeking...

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Michael Pack #163597 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona49Straight


I’m Mike and I really need a chick to hang out with.  I’ve been locked down in a maximum security prison for a while now so needless to say I’m sick of talking to a bunch of dudes and I’m even more tired of listening to them.  Straight up, I need a woman in my life to help me get my head out of this cell.  I’m always open for anything but right now I’m looking for...

Nur-Raheem Pack #981066B - Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey40Straight
African American

Peace, my name is unique. I’m looking for friends to write and talk to. I have no kids and I am single. My hobbies are working out and listening to music. And I’m in college getting my A.A. – Associate’s Degree.

Thank you for liking my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace unique…

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Dean Padgett #816291Primary Picture
Munising, Michigan26Straight


My name is Dean. I’m trying to build a solid friendship before I come home. Which will be as soon as I am done with my Violence Prevention class that I am currently in now. I’m a country guy. I’m 5’9” about 165 pounds, in great shape cuz I work out 6 days a week. I am also tatted up, but nothing I can’t cover. I race motor-cross and fight in the cage, I have a lot of fights on...

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Angel Padilla #106915Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona41Straight

I’m a simple man with simple dreams. Seeking friendship with someone who understands the true meaning of the word. Someone not quick to judge and loves life as much as I do. I understand I’m not in a very appealing situation and my contributions are limited, but my heart and mind are all yours! I can promise to be everything I say I am. I have no reservations about my past or future, so let’s...

Butner, North Carolina29Straight


How are you doing? I hope and pray that when you read this you find yourself doing well. Thank you for giving a man like myself a chance to introduce myself. My name is Danny Padilla and I’m from del Rio, Texas. I placed this ad in hopes of finding someone special that can make a man like me smile and show me a different side of life. I’ve been on this side of the fence for 7...

Franklin Padilla #AE1765 - Primary Picture
Calipatria, California27Straight

Hello to whoever takes the time to read this.

As you see, I'm 27, my name is Franklin and I'm seeking to meet new people and see how far that takes us... hopefully far. So feel free to grab a pen and paper and write me.

Thank you for your time.

Raul Padilla #Y11663 - Primary Picture
Pinckneyville, Illinois22Straight


My name is Raul, but a lot call me lil A.  I am from Chicago, IL.  I am 22 years old with a strong mentality. 

On the service, I am looking for a unique friendship, someone special to communicate with on a strong basis.

Usually I enjoy listening to music, drawing, playing soccer, working out, reading books and dancing.  I have a beautiful and...

Lovelock, Nevada26Straight

Hello there.

First of all, my name is Guillermo and I'm looking forward to meeting someone I can vibe with outside these walls and establish an easy flowing connection. I'm interested in learning languages. I speak fluent English, Spanish, and a little bit of French. I'm into fitness. I love listening to music, especially Hip Hop and R&B as well as other genres. I enjoy being open...

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Iowa Park, Texas26Straight

I have been in prison since the age of nineteen and have not experienced a lot in life. I would like to get to know someone from a different walk of life.

I am a book worm. I love to read everything and anything. I do take time apart from my recreational reading to read things that will enlighten me. Currently, I am reading college course psychology books. Psychology is something I am...

Luis Pagan #299585Primary Picture
Suffield, Connecticut32Straight

Hi, my name is Luis, although most people know me as “Lou Rock”. Unfortunately, I am incarcerated & it’s obvious that I’ve made mistakes in life, but I’ve used this opportunity to become a stronger & better man. I am posting this profile in hope of finding a friend I can correspond with.

I am Puerto Rican, 5’7” tall, light skinned, brown eyes, long black curly hair, slim build...

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Matthew Pagan #00839692Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas43

I can only imagine what you’re thinking while viewing these ads as I myself am feeling more than I ever thought possible trying to find someone I hope to call friend.

Incarcerated 22 years, people tend to ignore and turn the page. I’m not rich, I’m not getting out next week, yet I do have the biggest heart one could hope for and it’s ready to burst in hopes of finding real true...

Clinton E Page  #01382450Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas49Gay

My name is Eddie. I’m a gay man seeking long term friendships with anyone who enjoys being a pen pal.

I’m a tech geek but also an outdoorsy type who likes to work with his hands. I love reading, science fiction, fantasy, espionage and historical fiction as well as nonfiction. I enjoy role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons too. I’m very artistically creative and work in various...

Newport, North Carolina60Straight

I was born in a small town 20 miles from Myrtle Beach, S.C. I love being around water; either the beach, the lake, or even a small pond. I love the swimming fish. I hate cold weather; cold rainy days are the worst. You can only imagine how much I hate being locked up at night.

I'm a good-hearted person who loves to help anyone in need. Material things don't matter to me much...

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Darves  Page #M16313 - Primary Picture
Canton, Illinois27Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello and good day, I’m Darves. Don’t fret if you say it wrong on the first try, it’s different. Okay, I’m on this site because I’ve heard amazing things about it and the amazing people that friends of mine have been fortunate enough to cross paths with and befriend. So I hope I’m fortunate enough to experience what they have.

I hope to find individuals who are like minded and want to...

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Patrick Page #N-21564 - Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois54Straight

As we go through life it is hope that allows us to live out each day…without apprehension of what lies ahead of us tomorrow. Without such hope what would our lives be? How would it feel to wake up in the morning and think to ourselves, “There is nothing left for me to hope for…nothing in life left for me to look forward to”? Try to imagine just what a miserable existence this would be. I can...

Vencen Page #14799980 - Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon32Straight
Multi-racialNative American


To whoever is reading this, I hope my words find you in a good place spiritually, physically and emotionally.

With that being said, here’s a little about me. I’m 6’3”, athletic, I’m Native American mixed, I enjoy pow-wows, I sing and drum. I love art whether it’s poetry, drawing or painting and do it all. I’m on this site to hopefully meet a nice person who’s got time...

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Shirley, Massachusetts53Straight
African AmericanMuslim

My name is James. I am seeking to meet sincere, non-judgmental, and good people who are caring, grounded, fun, compassionate, and honest. 

I'm outgoing, caring, and sweet. Please feel free and be yourself and speak your mind. 

I am incarcerated for a crime I did not commit and as time goes by it can be very lonely and hard at times. But I consider myself a well-...

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Raiford, Florida70Straight
African AmericanChristian


To whom this may concern.  I am seeking a lady friend to establish a long-term friendship who's looking for a male friend to build an everlasting friendship.  I am honest, friendly, compassionate, kind, gracious, lovable, respectful, loyal and would love to meet a lady friend with these traits to get to know and cherish forever. 

I'm seeking a friend that...

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